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5 Telltale Signs You Have a Bigger Purpose Here on Earth

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We are often told that. You hear your best friend say it all the time. We are here for something bigger and better than just going to work, paying our bills, and then dying. There is definitely way more to life, your life, than you are seeing. You can feel it, you know it's true, but you can't put your finger on it. Do you ever just feel that tug, that pull, that angst, if you will, that life wants more out of you than you are actually giving it at the moment?

If you are like me, then you know exactly what I'm talking about but you have yet to act on it or try to figure out what on earth you are here for. I am of the mindset that because this is the only life I am given here on earth I will do my absolute best to make it the most worthwhile not only for me, but for my family and for as many people in the world. I knew years ago that I had a gift that I could share with millions and I took all the necessary steps to make my gift known and shared. I keep moving forward with a new delight and passion as I reach more people every day.

karmaYou have what it takes too and if you have any of these signs then you really shouldn't put it off any longer. Live your purpose and your passion.

1. You feel love and appreciation at a deeper level than most.

You love everything and everybody and you love without condition or judgement. You understand that we are all here for a bigger purpose and we are all here to experience love. You feel that at the very core of your being. You share your love wholeheartedly with everyone and don't think twice about it. You are most likely a natural healer. You have a great gift to share. The world needs more healers.

2. You don't like the conventional 9-5 work week and a re frustrated at any job like this.

These kind of jobs, the office or business Monday to Friday 9- 5'ers aren't for you. You are a creative thinker and you are busting at the seams to get out and show yourself to the world and share your gift, your knowledge. This being stuck in a concrete building 40 hours a week is driving you bat shit crazy. It's just not your gig.

3. Your head is constantly swimming with ideas about how to make the world a better place.

And sitting at a desk clicking on a keyboard isn't one of them. Your head is often in a cloud and you have such trouble focusing on your task at hand, your job. You have bigger plans, bigger visions of how you should be spending your time, how you want to be spending your time. Things that you can do to save the world, make a difference, spread peace. Your mind never shuts down from these thoughts. It's that important to you.

4. You don't see or think about any of the negative stuff going on in the world, you only see the beauty.

Sure, you know awful stuff is happening but you choose to not watch the news or read newspapers because it's just too depressing. Instead, you will take a stand by reaching out to help any way you can right now, be it at a nursing home or homeless shelter. Anything to help someone somewhere. You know sadness is everywhere but you are more concerned with spreading joy and love.

5. When you're in your zone nothing else in the world matters.

Whatever that zone is for you, be it sewing, volunteering, arts and crafts, singing, when you're there you could do it forever and you would even do it for free you love it so much. You know that your talent, or gift, reaches and touches people in a special way. This makes it so worthwhile for you. You wish you could do this all day every day because you know the world would benefit from your gift.

If you feel or have any of these signs, it's time to take your life and your gift to the next level. T here are many blogs and books available on the internet to help people get started living their dream life and kicking their 9-5 to the curb. If you are serious a bout your gift maybe it's time to take some action. Don't wait too long. The world is waiting anxiously.

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