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5 Surprising Signs Of Low Self Esteem

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Self esteem isn't always so easy to have and or maintain. Sometimes even the littlest things can set us back into the vortex of low self worth and we wonder when we will get back on track. To have a healthy level of self esteem denotes that we don't worry what others think of us and we are quite happy and confident in who we are.

So many things factor in to this, our self image. Body language, the way we dress, walk, talk and even the way we speak to people.   Throw into that mix if by chance you had an upbringing where you weren't raised with any emotional love, support, encouragement or confidence building skills, well let's just say, we're almost doomed right out of the gate.

self_esteemFor some of us, as we got older, we worked on our self esteem issues and sometimes feel we have it all under control. Chances are, you probably don't have it all sorted out. For others, recognizing the signs that indicate we have low self esteem might not be so easy. Below are just a few signs that may resonate with you.

1. Sorry sorry sorry.

You are always saying sorry. Big things, little things, things that aren't even your fault. You are quick to apologize for things you didn't do and even sometimes things that others did. You just always feel bad and don't want to upset anyone. People with low self esteem will constantly apologize for fear that if they don't, others will not accept them, think low of them or any other made up belief they conjure up their minds. Try going a day without constantly apologizing for anything you didn't do and see what happens.

2. Shop til you drop.

You are always looking for that one item or thing that will make you feel good, look good, be accepted, fit in. You buy things you don't need because you think they will fill a gap. There is always something missing and you believe that buying things will fill that. Things won't make you happy or fill any voids.   It's time to find pleasure and acceptance within yourself. You are enough and you don't need useless items to satisfy you or justify your existence.

3. Your comfort zone is home.

You rarely leave the house because it means get ting out and either meeting or dealing with people. You are still afraid that people won't like you. Their opinions matter in your mind. You still believe you are socially awkward and have a hard time keeping up with trying to meet the demands of others to fit in. Go back and read #2 . You are enough. You do matter. You have just as much right to enjoy life as the next person. Get out there.

4. You prefer Facebook.

Really you do. It's easier to be liked and accepted on social media than it is in person. Hiding behind a screen, whether it be your cell phone, iPad or laptop makes you feel like you have increased, and wonderful, self esteem but in reality it's just masking the truth which is, it's low. As powerful and mighty as you feel on social media, you should try and practice that in the real world. Test it out, and then watch and see how your self esteem will gradually increase. Be confident. You are a good person with a great personality. Believe that.

5. You are very indecisive.

You don't trust yourself to make decisions. You constantly question yourself. You would rather not have to make any decisions at all about anything and when you do have to, you stress about it tirelessly, doubting and questioning yourself every step of the way. Make the decision. There is no right or wrong. The right one will bring you something you might want, the other one will bring you adventures. Get out there, again.

Self talk is a brilliant way to help us in our battle with self esteem and all the other selves, worth, value, confidence, love, respect. Remind yourself how awesome you are. Tell yourself how smart you are. Don't forgot to say to yourself that you are magnificent. You are.

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