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5 Steps to Being More Productive

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Where does the time go? If I had a penny for every time that people commiserated about how quickly time flies by, I'd be a rich man! There is no way to stop the clock, turn back time, etc., but you can start getting the most out of everyday.

Having good productivity isn't just about getting more things done, but it is something that allows us more freedom in every single day. When we're more productive with work, chores, etc.- it means we have more time and energy for friends, family and recreation. With these five steps you can enhance your performance with professional tasks, but you'll also gain more time to do whatever it is that you are passionate about doing.

Step 1- Asses How You Use Time  

Sometimes when "time is flying by" we are actually wasting time on inherently wasteful tasks. For just a week, or even more, it can be a good idea to track your time with an app, like Toggl,  or just manually with pen and paper. Most people find tracking time to be an eye opening experience, because we just don't realize how much time we spend on individual tasks during a day. Once you know how you are wasting time, you can start figuring out how to fix the way you use your time.

Step 2- Stay NO to Time Wasting 

Whether it be Farmville, chatting with co-workers or Facebook, start eliminating time sucking activities out of your life. Whether this means cutting back dramatically or stopping the task all together is up to you. Pro tip: If you choose to continue a time wasting activity, at least try to put it in parts of the day where your energy is lulling anyways.

Step 3- Learn to Say NO 

Most of us have a desire to not cause conflict by saying "yes" to every single request. Our desire to please everyone can be a very time consuming endeavor. Here is a novel idea: just say no. This doesn't mean you have to say no to every single request, but you shouldn't feel pressured into doing something just not to rock the boat.

Step 4- Develop Healthy and Energizing Habits

Here are two easy ones to start: exercising regularly and eating breakfast every single day. Both activities are incredibly energizing, so that you have the physical capacity and fuel to do more than ever before.

Step 5- Monitor Your Progress Every Night 

Every night, anytime before you are in bed, it is a good idea to make a list of things you accomplished and didn't accomplish. A physical list is good but even just a mental list is fine. Take the time to commend yourself on things you did achieve, but also consider any mistakes or shortcomings. Consider how you will make tomorrow a better and more productive day, so each day you can start with a new and enthused mission in life.


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