5 Steps To Attaining Your Desires

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Everything you truly desire in life has already been given to you, life is just the game you play to retrace the steps back to your authentic  self.

Somewhere out in the ether of the world there is a desire, a little desire that is lost and travelling, not knowing where it is going.   The desire is searching for someone, without a name, without a face, without an age, without a gender, all the desire knows is that someone might find it someday and without knowing why or how, the desire will know who it's rightful owner will be.

The vibration of the desire is matched to the vibration of the person looking for it and can only be found when the right vibrations are in alignment.   The desire, no matter where in the ether it is, will be pulled, instantaneously to the person who is ready for it.

Meanwhile back on earth, another part of the ether, there is someone like you who has an inkling of a desire.   You start to think you want something in your life and the feeling is getting stronger.   You've tried before to get this but it has  not come to you yet.   What do you need to do to change the vibrational frequency of the desire in order to bring it to you?

5 Steps To Attaining Your Desires


  • Ask for the desire to come to you

So many of us are afraid to ask for the things we want in life.   You deserve the things you want in your life, no matter what you think.   The thing is, that your desire will only manifest itself with the work you put into getting it, however if you fall at the first hurdle and don't ask for it you will never ever receive it into your life.

  • Think about the desire often

I used to think that if I thought about the desire too much I would squeeze the life out of it.   However, now I think about my desires often but I almost caress them and cherish the thoughts I have about the desires, so I am not squeezing the life out of them.

  • Let go of the need for the desire

Following on from the previous step I have found, time and time again, as soon as I let go of the need for the desire it comes to me a lot quicker.

To illustrate this: Before I got married I was always looking for the perfect woman for me.   I felt I wanted to settle down as I had had enough of playing the field and from the age of around 28 I felt I was ready.   However, nobody came along that matched my idea of the perfect woman: Intelligent, witty, beautiful, petite, assertive, and loving.   On the 19th July 2002, At the age of 32, I walked along Argyle street in Glasgow and told myself I am giving up my active search to meet my perfect woman and would remain single, and if the right person walked into my life then so be it.   I really meant it, I totally let go of finding the right woman for me.

On the night of the 19th July 2002 I was cajoled to go on a night out that I had previously said no to.   2 hours later my perfect woman walked through the door wearing a red T-Shirt, brown cords and a beautiful smile.   We have now been married for 5 years and together for nearly 8 years with two wonderful sons.

  • Believe the desire will come

You would think this was a given, but a lot of us want things in our life without really believing we can get them.   I know I have a few things I want that when I question them and really examine them, deep down, I don't believe I can have them, although this is something I am working on.   For the most part I deep down believe I can get most of my desires.

The thing with beliefs and desires is that once you believe and get one of the "˜big desires' it is much easier to get another big one or a bigger one: success begets success.

  • Accept the desire when it comes

This part might sound a little strange, but a lot of us can't accept success when it comes to us.   Be prepared, mentally, for the success of attaining your desire and you will be able to handle it a lot better.   To get prepared for success, picture yourself, often, having your desire and how you would act and feel when you have it, really dig deep and be honest.

It's already happened

Our desires are waiting in the ether, floating around waiting for us to imagine it possible, not the other way around of us thinking of our desires and then they start forming to come to us.

Everything you truly desire in your life, and I say truly because the desire to have lots of money, a big house and fancy cars are not real desires, they are pipe dreams.   A desire is something you're willing to work towards and to take action to attain.   If you sit on the couch, eating a pizza and slurping coke all day whilst watching   a fitness video and wishing for a great  body, it's not going to happen whereas if you watch the fitness video and actually do the workouts day in day out your desire will come to you.

Everything you truly desire in life has already been given to you, life is just the game you play to retrace the steps back to your authentic  self.

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