5 Simple Ways To Remove Toxic Energy From Your Home

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No one likes to think their home has toxic energy. We try to keep it clean and happy and fresh but unbeknownst to us, toxic energy really does lurk. Unfortunately, for longer than it should. Surprisingly enough, we aren't even aware it is but it's definitely there. So how do we remove toxic energy from the home?

Fear not, we aren't calling in any exorcists just yet. There are very simple ways to remove this toxicity that is hiding in places we didn't even know of. What most of us don't realize is that even after you and your partner just had a big argument, that toxic energy is still hanging around the house. Here are a few simple ways to remove it.

remove_toxic_energy1. Open the windows.

Sounds simple enough, right? You're probably wondering why you never thought of that. It's ok. Most people think that opening the windows is to bring in fresh air only. Well it does do that but it also escorts the bad energy out. Especially if you have opposite windows open. If it's not possible to open or keep windows, you can also open your door even if only for 10 minutes. The toxic energy needs to be let out through some opening whether it be a window or a door. Use one or both if you can. Let all that air flow through and carry the toxicity out.

2. Burn sage.

Keep your windows open for this one if you aren't fond of smoke. Sage is an extremely powerful space cleanser. The energy of sage effortlessly clears the air and the negative energy. Make sure you get a high quality sage stick and hold a plate under to catch the ashes. Sage has a very peculiar scent and isn't for everybody. Unfortunately, there isn't scent free sage but trust me when I tell you the energy of your space will shift almost instantly and you will feel it. Also make sure not to miss any areas in the house.   If you are saging because you and your partner just had a fight, you have carried all that negative energy in every room you entered. Get them all.

3. Spritz lavender and lemongrass oils.

Or you can burn them in a diffuser. Lavender is great for neutralizing all stress and negativity in our space and lemongrass adds some refreshing and energetic vibes back into the room. You can mix the oils in a spray bottle with distilled water and spritz your whole house or you can burn the oil in a diffuser and let the scent fill the room. Careful not to forget it burning though. Lavender first, lemongrass to follow. The two work hand in hand so keep them both close by.

4. Salt lamps.

Soft, subtle, warm and perfect for any room in the house. These are natural air cleaners. They also have multiple health benefits. You can leave the soft light burning all day or turn it on only when you are in the room. Many people even sleep with their salt lamp on. The salt lamp is extremely effective also in clearing the air of dirty electricity from computers, microwaves, and other electrical appliances we have plugged in all day. They are beautiful, can be inexpensive and very powerful.

5. Crystal healings.

Crystals and gemstones, from mother earth, have brilliant healing properties and if you are already a crystal collector you know exactly what I'm talking about. You can google information or go to your local new age store and inquire about them. These little gems can heal you physically, spiritually and emotionally and also help clear your space of any toxic energy lying around from a recent upset, any stress that has been lingering, an illness or death.

These are only a few simple ways to clear toxic energy from your space. If you have any other ways not listed above, please share them with the others. Sharing is caring.

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