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5 Reasons Why You Should Want to Be Different

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Think about it. No matter how many attempts you make to become like everyone else, your fingerprints will always be different. You can change many of the accessories on the outside, but you are still an original you.

For some strange reason, we tend to forget this. We think that if we spend time changing our hair color or buying the latest fashions and gadgets, we will somehow change who we are. We try to change the way we talk, trying to say just the right thing to sound cool, hip, or whatever the latest term is. We work hard to change our body because we must look like everyone else.
We want to be like everyone else.

Do me a favor. Stop for a moment and look around you. I bet you will see people of all different shades, sizes, and style. Now, imagine, if you will, that each one of those individuals looks exactly like the next one. How would you even know who you are looking for? Well, it wouldn’t matter, I suppose because you could just pick a friend – any friend – since there are no differences at all. I don’t know about you, but it sounds a bit automated and creepy to me.

Does any of this make sense? I am hoping you agree that no – it doesn’t. How can someone so different and so unique possibly transform into someone else? And why on earth would they want to?
If you put sprinkles on a taco, is it not still a taco? You don’t suddenly have a hot fudge sundae. And, if you change an appearance or a behavior, aren’t you still the same person?

It is time you move forward and embrace your originality. And, to prove it, here are 5 reasons why you should want to be different.

1. The usual gets boring.

Would you eat an almond butter sandwich for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – every day? Would you watch the same movie on your date night – every date night? Would you spend each evening with the same routine, day after day? Wouldn’t it get boring? Where is the excitement?

Reminiscent of the movie Groundhog Day, re-living the same day over can make you want to kill the monotony. We were not created for blandness. We need zing. Constantly encountering the same routine will send you begging for something to spice it up.
You can be that spice that gives life a little boost – and be a step away from the ordinary. All you must do is be yourself.

2. We prefer a world of color.

This includes your own thoughts, ideas, and creations. If everyone was the same – we wouldn’t have a variety of art, music, food, design, books, movies, clothing, new technology, etc. to choose from. After all, creativity is sparked by individuality.
When you let your own imagination flow, you can color the world with your own unique hues. It is time to let your painting be different from all the others.

3. Learn and grow.

Put a group of people together and you will find that, if willing, there can be a great opportunity to gain. Because we are all different, we have different thought patterns and different opinions. When we share ourselves with others, we can learn ways to think outside the box, problem-solve, and even see the world in a new light.
Working with others through differences, we can combat things such as hate and fear. We can overcome, hopefully conquering (and spreading) tolerance and acceptance.
Separately, we grow together.

4. Use your gifts.

You were given strengths for a reason – use them. Don’t spin your wheels trying too hard to be something that you were never intended to be. In other words, if you are terrible at math, but have a calming, caring spirit, perhaps you should forego the life of an accountant and, instead, look towards nursing. You can be anything, but you were meant to be something.

The journey through life is different for everybody. The point is to make sure you are focusing on the gifts you were given – and not trying to be something you aren’t.

Learn how to take your strengths and become something great. You can be a teacher, create an award-winning invention, or be the one to discover the answer to world peace. No one has the set of gifts that you have, so don’t waste them. Find your success and make your impact on the world.

5. Make a difference.

There could be someone just waiting for you to step up and be the light that they need to get through something tough. Or, maybe that different co-worker who keeps to herself really isn’t just quiet. Maybe she needs a friend. Maybe that friend is you.

By following your own lead instead of someone else’s, you may find that there are a lot of good things you can do in this world. You can make a difference. Be the difference.

Well, there you have it – the 5 reasons why you need to be different. Forget about being a carbon copy of someone else’s originality. Be you. All your quirks. All your faults. All your amazing qualities. And, all your talents. They are yours alone.

You weren’t made to be anyone but you. So, go ahead… let go of the fear and be yourself. Be different.

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