5 Reasons Why You Need to Open Your Third Eye Today

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Yes we have 3 eyes. Bet you didn't know that. Do you think I've gone mad? You're wondering where eye #3 is? You're probably also wondering, what the heck does it see?

Well first of all, your third eye, or your pineal gland, is smack dab in the middle of your forehead, right between your two eyes. What does it see? If you don't open it, it won't see anything. When it is open and activated it sees absolutely amazing things. You'll be surprised.

The third eye is the 6th chakra and is considered your sixth sense. The col or of this chakra is purple. You know how your gut instinct is like a secret super power? Your third eye is kind of like that too. A super power. But only if you open it and use it.

Here are a few reasons why you should be opening that eye up.

third_eye1. Increase your mental ability.

Too often we lose focus or lack concentration for various reasons but one reason could simply be that your third eye is blurred or not balanced. Your mental ability, when clear, helps you make good decisions and answers a lot of questions. Your third eye can see solutions. It also helps you become self-aware and handle your emotions, and your daily stress, much better.

2. Trust yourself.

When we have clear focus and vision we trust ourselves more, and our decision making process. We know that our actions and solutions come from clarity. It also helps us trust our gut instinct more as well. We see things that c an only be felt. It's seeing what we can't see and knowing what we don't know. If that makes any sense. Our third eye lets us see things that normally we wouldn't. It could be danger or something that is about to happen to a friend or loved one. But it's not always bad. It could very w ell show you something really good too.

3. Release the negative.

Naturally we tend to worry ab out things that are out of our control. Not only that, we often hang on to negative emotions from yesterday. We try to control things or wonder how things could have turned out differently. When the third eye is open, it doesn't think or see any of this. It shows you the here and now which often is filled with great beauty, not the sorrow from yesterday. It helps us to become more aware of our surroundings, focusing only on the today, the present.

4. Meditate the third eye open.

We all know meditation is a powerful exercise that has a plethora of benefits. Relieves tension, releases anger, calms us down, grounds us and so much more. What you may not have known is that meditation also opens up the third eye and helps us to remain calm and aware. It helps us to see, know, hear and become in tune with who we are and what our purpose is.

5. Let the ideas flow in.

Ever notice sometimes you are stuck for an idea or suggestion or maybe even some sort of sign that you are on the right path? Quite often, we become scattered and don't know which way to go or what idea might be the best idea. Not only that, we get blocked and prevent new ideas from flowing in. Opening the third eye, clears that block and new ideas flow freely again like they should. We are open and receptive to receiving them which in turn, makes us all the more excited about life.

You see, pardon the pun, the third eye is like your intuition for your head. Because it is part of our chakras, it is recommended that all chakras be balanced, not just one or two. When they are all balanced, every now and then, one may become blocked and need clearing. If you notice you are lacking clarity and focus and have no ambition or desire to do anything, then chances are your third eye needs to be balanced. The third eye plays a crucial role in your overall wellbeing. Pay attention to it and don't underestimate its importance. You may not be able to get some things effectively or properly if your third eye is closed.

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