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5 Reasons Why You Keep Manifesting the Same Crap in Your Life

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Ok so the headline might sound a little harsh. But face it. You have been manifesting crap probably without even realizing it or knowing why. You have been trying so hard to change your life for the better yet no matter how hard you try, the same old stuff keeps showing up. If you've read any self-help book s on the Universal Laws you already know that attracting anything into your life should be super easy, right? So why isn't working then?

I have a friend who owns a ton of books on personal development, self-help, reaching dreams, goal setting, you name it, he has it, yet he continually complains about his life. He's frustrated most days and can't figure out what he's doing wrong. I ask him about his extensive collection of books and he shrugs, oh those, he says, haven't even read half of them. I don't get it.

Young businesswoman running in wheel of gears mechanismAre you there too, with my friend? Here are some of the reasons why you guys might not be getting what you want but instead getting more of what you don't want.

1. You actually have to read the books you buy.

How many of you are buying up all the great Law of Attraction books and then using them as dust collectors. I too am guilty of purchasing a book that I tell myself I'll eventually get around to reading and I usually do, but often it just takes me a bit longer to get to it. You bought the book, read it! The first step to manifesting the life you want is reading the book you bought on how to do it . Most of these books have action steps for you to take. Take them! If you don't read the books, you won't get the life you are trying to manifest.

2. You have little faith.

You set your intention out to the universe with very little faith. What was the point then, really? Why bother asking for anything if you don't even think you are going to get it? Having faith in something we are scared of or seriously doubt we are ever going to get can be really hard to do. I totally get that. But in order to manifest great things in your life you must have faith that you are going to get them. Otherwise, you're just wasting your time.

3. Let it go.

Once you have asked the universe for something and you've kicked your faith into gear, you have to let it go and believe that it's on its way. This is a hard thing to do and because we struggle with having faith, letting it go is also a bit of a challenge. If you are still trying to control the outcome or the how and why, then you haven't given it to the universe. You are still assuming responsibility for it and because of this, you get frazzled, frustrated and anxious. It will not come if you are in your own way.

4. Stop complaining.

You want more money because you are struggling to make ends meet yet you continually whine and complain about being broke and struggling to make ends meet. You need to immediately stop doing that. No wonder you have no money, you keep telling the universe you have no money and keep complaining that you have no money. The universe is happy to respond with, no money. Ask and you shall receive. Do yourself a favour, start talking about how abundant you are and see what happens.

5. Acting out or overreacting.

You got tired of waiting for the universe to bring you what you asked for, even though you just asked yesterday, so you took matters into your own hands and tried to get it yourself, and it bombed. And you're back to square one which is, having little faith, overthinking your situation and complaining again. This won't get you anywhere. Go back and read steps 1-4.

The absolute surest way for anything great to come into your life is to follow the sacred rule of the Law of Attraction which is: Ask, Believe, Receive.

Trust me, do this and it's on its way.

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