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5 Real Ways To Discover The Real "You"

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An often forgotten adage reminds us that while you can try to fool others (either successfully, or generally not), it is invariably more challenging to convince yourself something that might be somewhat less than flattering about you! After over three decades of involvement in conducting hundreds of self-help or personal development seminars/ programs, I have learned how few individuals are either ready, willing and able to be objectively introspective, especially when it pertains to their own views, positions, strengths and weaknesses. However, the reality is that it is nearly impossible to enhance yourself in any type of relevant, sustainable or meaningful manner, unless and until, you focus on identifying, understanding and getting in touch with the real you!

Here are 5 ways to proceed along towards a true personal discovery process.

Personality Quiz

1. Ask, If I met me, would I like me?

What is it that either attracts you to some others, as well as what qualities or behaviors turn you off? Don't you agree that others are constantly looking at, and reviewing you, from the same perspective? Do you say what you mean, and are you consistently true to your ethics, etc?

2. Objectively identify and know your strengths and weaknesses

You can only be the best you can be, when you use your strengths effectively and recognize, admit and address your weaknesses. Each of us do certain things better than some others, but one can only enhance his personal persona , when he is honest to himself about every aspect of his personality, behavior, and especially, ethics and integrity.

3. Is it the issues, or the ego, that drives you?

One must be carefully to proceed in a thick skinned manner, where he can handle criticism, and hopefully, learn from it. Unfortunately, there is often a rather fine line between being issues oriented, as opposed to letting your ego control your behavior and mindset!

4. How do you go about making decisions/fact find?

Do you use a specific procedure or formula, or do you make decisions/ conclusions in a haphazard or random way? Are you open-minded and fair, willing to accept and listen to alternatives, or do you permit your personal biases or prejudices control your mind and attitude?

5. What is your personal balance between sticking to your principles, and remaining flexible and open-minded/nonjudgmental?

Those who trust themselves prioritize their independence, ethics and commitment to absolute integrity, and continuously act/behave in accordance with their morals and central principles. It is dangerous to either be overly rigid, or on the contrary, to be overly flexible, so one should know and discover the best balance and attitude to integrate both.

Know yourself, or you'll never become the best you can be! Use these 5 ways to help you focus on the achieving this important process.

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