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5 Powerful Ways to Work Through Fear

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There is no doubt about it, fear is crippling and stops us from doing so many things we want to do. Yet, we envy those who are living through their fears and living their dream life. We watch them in awe and wonder how on earth they did that. We marvel in their bravery and courage. We admire their determination.   But you know what? You can be just as brave and courageous and you can also live your dream life. It's not easy, but it's not impossible.   Fear is powerful but we have some even more powerful ways to get through it.

Many of us have a slight problem believing in ourselves and our ability to do things, even the smallest things. Fear will tell us that we can't. Fear will make us stop before the thought even forms words on our lips. So many people are not living their lives to their true potential because fear tells us no.

All is not lost though. You can work through fear and finally live the life you deserve to live. Here are a few ways how to do that.

1. Take many big deep breaths.

Just before you are about to do that big scary thing, breathe in and out as many times as you feel you have to until you start to calm down and regain focus. You know you can do this. You also know that many have done this before you and survived. Keep breathing. If you start to feel anxiety again, even just a little, go back to breathing. So few realize the power of a calming breath.

2. Self talk.

Yes I can , yes I can. Say that as many times as you have to. You know you can. Every ounce of you knows you can but there's that one little part of you, called fear, that is causing anxiety and self doubt. Talk to yourself for as long as you have to or until you've faced your "fear thing" and completed it.

3. Focus on the result.

What will you achieve when you have accomplished this big scary thing? Will your career advance? Will you be more prosperous, happier, healthier, joyful? What is it that this will bring you? Focus on that and don't lose sight of it. Imagine what your life will be like once you've completed this scary thing.   Feel the joy that will bring., which brings us to the next point.

4. Feel the joy.

Instead of focusing on the fear and anxiety involved why not turn that around and feel the joy instead? Remind yourself why you need to push through this fear and also the feelings you will have when you're done. Bask in that joyful feeling for a few minutes. Stay there and take it all in. Visualize the outcome and your happiness. See yourself smiling and happy.   Keep that visual in your mind and bring it out at the onset of any fear.

5. Confidence soars.

Remind yourself that when you face fear, work through it and overcome it the confidence you will feel will be through the roof, empowering and amazing. Not only that, when you do it once, you will be more apt to do it again and again. You know that once you've survived this "fear thing" you will survive many more to come.   And once that happens, your life will take on a whole new meaning.

Fear is crippling, no doubt about it and your friends or neighbours who you envy because they face theirs and do stuff that brings them joy had to go through all these things too. They are no different than you. We all have fear. It's up to you whether or not you want to face it and live the life you deserve or be controlled by it. Choose wisely.

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