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5 Easy Mind Shifts That Will Set The Course For Happiness

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We are all seeking happiness. Happiness from our job, our family, our day to day life, our friends. We all just want to be happy. They say happiness is an inside job. Happiness is there all we have to do is find and nurture it. Resurrect it so to speak. That's easier said than done though. So many things get in the way of that happiness, like our emotions.

If we already have what we are seeking inside of us, then why is it so hard to just feel it? Why is happiness so hard to be? We are in control of our lives and our minds. You've heard this before a thousand times and for good reason. It's true. Anything you want to think or feel, you can. You control that. Is happiness so hard to achieve? Try these simple mind shifts and then you can answer that question yourself.

happiness1. Victim to victor.

It's easy to slip into victim mentality and rightfully so. Some of us have been victims of many wrong doings. Betrayal, hurt, theft, tragedy, you name it, we've gone through it and have been victimized. There isn't anything that can be done about what happened but change our attitude towards it. We can't cry the blues for the rest of our lives. At some point you have to move on. Take the lesson, learn from it and move on. You were a victim but it's over and you survived. That makes you a victor.

2. No I can't yes I can.

Too often our first instinct is to say no to anything. We automatically tell ourselves that we can't have or do something without even giving it a thought or a try. Without even so much as pondering the how. Before you say no, stop yourself and think it through a bit. When we say no, we carry on our day in everyday manner with nothing to look forward to. Try saying yes you can and watch how your attitude changes. Excitement will set in and suddenly you will feel giddy and happy and you haven't even done anything yet, besides change your mind.

3. Stop and think before speaking.

When we hear something we don't immediately like, perhaps it was a bit of criticism, we instantly feel anger or hurt and want to lash out. Don't be so quick to do this. Very few of us take criticism well and we want to defend or justify ourselves or our actions. Try taking a step back, process the so called attack and deal with it in a calmer and diplomatic manner. Remind yourself that it's not a personal attack and no one wants to do you harm.   It's for your good. Think before you lash out.

4. Forgive and forget.

Easier said than done. I know. But holding on to anger and a grudge only harms you day in and day out. It is you that bears the weight of that pain, not the person who hurt you. They have gone on with their lives and have totally forgotten about you. They couldn't care any less. It's time for you to release them from your mind so you can go about your business happier. Take a moment each day to send them forgiveness. Eventually you won't even think about them anymore. It won't happen overnight but it's not impossible either. What is impossible is for you to enjoy peace and happiness while you still hold a grudge. Time to move on.

5. Stand out or blend in.

You've been following and blending in for far too long and you know it isn't your thing. You desperately want to be your own person and do your own thing. Be unique, be you and have your voice heard. Fear is more than likely holding you back from that. Afraid of what others will think or say. It doesn't matter what they think or say. You aren't here to please everyone, only yourself. Be you. Do you. Remind yourself that this is your life and you must live it for you and for your happiness, not others.

You see, it's really not that hard to shift your mind set from gloomy and troubled to happy and settled. A few tweaks and you are well on your way.

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