5 Differences Between Spirituality And Religion.

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The great debate. Spirituality versus religion. Some say they both go hand in hand. Others say you can't have one without the other. Some even say they are one in the same. What do you think? Feel free to share your opinions below this article.

If you have been following me and know my story, you will know I don't believe in God at all and I don't follow any religion whatsoever. My religion is love.   Many are surprised by that because I speak of attracting a positive life, I believe in all things related to the mind, growing, learning and evolving and I spread love, inspiration, peace and wellness around the world. But none of that has anything to do with religion.

spirituality_versus_religionStill many of us are still a little puzzled by the differences between the two. I am going to explain them here in a bit more detail in hopes that you understand and know which category you may fall under.

There is a distinct separation in religion.

The tragedies around the world are proof that all religions are not created equal and some actually kill and die for their religion. With spirituality, we are connected as one. One love. There is no separation, no prejudice, just love. There is no violence, no death, only souls and hearts joined by love.

Religion asks you to fear and repent.

Spirituality is about acceptance and love. Spiritual people do not reject or feel guilty for their sins. They know they have sinned and understand none of us are perfect. We accept and forgive, love and rejoice. Religion asks you to beg for redemption. It instills fear in you if you haven't sought communion and forgiveness for your sins. Religion will leave you fearful of a life of a misery if you are a sinner. There is no such thing in spirituality.

You are punished or meant to believe you are punished with religion for your sins and all your wrong doings.

If you haven't dropped to your knees and begged for forgiveness or if you do not feel any remorse for your sins, you are not forgiven and eventually will end up in hell. With spirituality there is no hell. There is no punishing, only acceptance. Spirituality also understands the universal laws. Do good and good will come unto you, do wrong and it will come back. Karma.

Religion will force you to follow.

Believe in their God and follow their ways. They each have their own versions of the Bible and their own teachings. Whatever religion you happen to be practicing, will require you follow only their teachings. There is no other way. Spirituality lets you and encourages you to follow your own heart and create your own studies. It is the study of the heart, mind and soul and you are free to follow and pursue it the way that suits you best.

Deepak Chopra said it best.

"Religion is belief in someone else's experience, spirituality is having your own experience".   It is important to have your own experiences with spirituality, not solely believe what someone else might have gone through or believe only one word, one gospel, one teaching.

Spirituality is within us all. It encompasses love, peace, freedom, the universal laws, faith and the present. It does not fear or reject. It embraces and accepts. It does not kill or die, it lives and loves. Religion and spirituality both have paths to God, or a Higher Power, they are just different paths. A spiritual person may not refer to their Higher Power as God but they know and feel there is a power there. It is a completely loving and accepting power that gives love unconditionally.

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