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5 Daily Positive Affirmations For Happiness In Life

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If your under-your-breath conversations were monitored for a day, what would that reveal about you?

Would there be a lot of self-talk berating yourself or there would be pep-talk encouraging yourself?

Perhaps there will be some talk back sessions getting the last laugh.

Most of us are careful about what we believe or whom we let into our life. We set limits on whom we listen to.

But for some reason we think we are supposed to believe everything we tell ourselves, right?

Don't let self-defeating thoughts get the best of you.

Instead, win yourself over with daily positive affirmations.

Why Do You Need Daily Positive Affirmations

The voices of self-criticism in your head sometimes run rampant, draining you of all your positive energy.

When you see yourself in a negative light, you give off the negative energy that affects you mentally and physically. It can lead to health problems.

That is why the opinion of yourself and your circumstances are most important.

It is because they can have a positive or negative influence on not just yourself, but on people around you as well.

Did you know when you are listening and believing your lies, you are practicing insanity?

If I had a survey and asked people to describe insanity, I am sure most would say it is repeating the same mistake and expecting different results.

That is a good way to describe it but is it the best way? Does it tell us how people view themselves? Is it really a definition or just a quote?

During my research, one definition described insane being a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior or social interaction.

When Albert Einstein or Ben Franklin, depending on whom you ask, wrote this quote, he was not just referring to external actions but also internal actions that take place in our mind.

Please understand, for every action there is a reaction. Furthermore, behind every action there's a thought and self-talk.

It is these internal dialogs we have over the years that become our truths.

When reality stares us in the face, and it is not in agreement with what we believe, our perception gets distorted preventing normal perceptions and causes us pain and unhappiness.

The saddest thing about these conversations is that they are usually negative and untrue, and they steal our joy.

That is why it is important we practice telling ourselves positive affirmations daily.

Henry Ford quoted, "whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right."

Think of it this way: You having a build-in alarm that sounds and alerts you when yourself or others have not lived up to your expectations, beliefs and ideas. It sounds when your fixed ideas and reality are opposite polarity.

No matter how many times you have failed or how many mistakes you have made in life. The truth is you are doing better than you feel, and more importantly, you are doing better than you think.

The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being." ~ Socrates

How Daily Positive Affirmations Help You

Life and all its challenges can be rough at times and depending on how you respond internally, you can learn happiness in the mist of those rough times.

You are going to struggle constantly if you are not having a healthy conversation with yourself.

Give yourself a break and concentrate on the good things that are happening in your life. Yes, there are good things going on in your life too.

For example, you could start each morning with being thankful as you wake up. That is always a good start, and it is simple. Life is as simple as you see it.

Your feelings follow your thoughts, so finding the time and going through a mental gratitude list will remind you of things you are grateful for.

It will also help you develop a balanced sense of self-esteem and be in agreement with who you really are; a person with assets as well as liabilities.

Defeating negative thoughts before they become your reality and before your emotions send you that alarming sound you are all too familiar with is the best defense against unhappiness.

I've come up with five daily positive affirmations that you can tell yourself every morning and start your day on the positive note.

5 Daily Positive Affirmations For Happiness In Your Life

There's no limit to the amount of power and happiness you can have when you believe these 5 positive affirmations:

Daily Affirmation 1: Today I Have Courage to Walk Through My Fears

Fear is behind many decisions you make or don't make. They will destroy you mentally, physically and emotionally if you allow them to control your life.

Sometimes they are subtle and attack without you knowing. Perfectionism is a good example of this subtle fear.

Deep within you may feel you are not being exactly what you want or what you think others would like you to be.

So you try harder at being perfect, believing it will bring you happiness and acceptance.

But the shadow of those high expectations cast over you when they are not met. Then you default to doing the only thing you know; try harder.

The first step in defeating fear is accepting the fact that it is there and understanding it is normal. Your fears get stronger the longer you think about them, so redirect your thoughts to something positive.

Do the very thing that you are afraid of doing and your fears will slowly lose its power over you.

Daily Affirmation 2: Today I Forgive Myself and Refuse to be a Prisoner of My Past

Giving and receiving forgiveness is an essential part of discovering happiness.

Why, because it requires you to make peace with yourself, and that is hard when you feel you are the worst person on earth.

However, it is the only road to long-term contentment.

It is impossible to give someone something you do not have. Forgiveness is no different. How can you forgive others when you do not know how to forgive yourself?

Stop being held captive by your feeling. By choosing to forgive yourself you are no longer controlled by bitterness, anger, and resentment.

You will free yourself from the bad things you have done to yourself and others, and others have done to you.

Forgive yourself today, and your negative thought patterns and feeling will change for better. Each time it brings you closer to the person you are meant to be.

Daily Affirmation 3: Today I Seek Personal Growth, and I Will be Open-Minded

Change scares a lot of people. It does not matter if the change is positive or negative.

Some people do not like change and stay closed-minded and stop growing.

While others embrace it and continue improving like my family at Aha!NOW. We are constantly changing and growing. Click here to find out how.

When you are open-minded, you are teachable and can take advantage of what others have to offer from their knowledge and experience.

There's too much to learn in life to be closed-minded. So humble yourself by remaining teachable and remember, its okay not to have all the answers.

Daily Affirmation 4: Today I Accept and Love Myself

The most valuable thing you can offer yourself and the world is being YOU. To do this, you must accept yourself fully; your assets, flaws, successes, and failures.

This helps you stop comparing your inside with others outside and helps you stop wishing you were someone else.

Instead, compare who you used to be with who you are becoming, and that is a person who strives to be human and not perfect.

Daily Affirmation 5: Today I Believe Everything I am Experiencing is Building Character Within Me

When you face your problems with patience and hope, it strengthens your character.

You'll stop avoiding them, but welcome them knowing it is another opportunity to gain wisdom.

A positive attitude makes all the difference when facing difficult times.

It helps you see trails as character building blocks of hope, patience, and wisdom "“ the three essential ingredients for a peaceful and fulfilling life.

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How To Practice Positive Affirmation Daily In Your Life

You may be wondering, "How do I implement these 5 positive affirmations into my life?" After all, they are meaningless without action.

First you need to make time. Don't wait to start your self-examination. Moreover, don't let obstacles stand in your way.

Set an appointment with yourself to meditate on your feelings and thoughts and write them down.

Next thing you need to do is be honest with yourself by opening your heart and mind about your past and your present circumstances.

You must ask yourself some critical questions. For example, "Is my self-esteem based on what others think of me?" or "Can I forgive myself?"

Denial protects you from your true feeling, but it also prevents you from believing other things like positive affirmations, so be honest as you can with yourself.

Once you see your negative thoughts on paper, ask yourself do you want to keep them or do you want to develop a better perspective. Remember you have a choice.

If you choose the latter then begin to tell yourself these five positive affirmations daily, and you will start experiencing positive actions supporting your new beliefs.

Replacing your old beliefs with new ones is the only way this will work.

The only thing in the world you can change is yourself and that makes all the difference in the world." ~Cher

It is simple to obtain what you want in life when you focus correctly.

When you are able to see the connection between what you are telling yourself and the consequence, you'll be amazed at yourself and enjoy making decisions.

Telling yourself these five positive affirmations daily will help you do just that. They will help you look forward to life's challenges, knowing that a peaceful and happy life is possible.

Over To You "“

Do you believe in positive affirmations and practice them daily in your life? Share your thoughts, experiences, and affirmation in the comments.

This article is republished with kind permission from aha-now.

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