4 Ways to find the hidden messages in life

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I used to read books veraciously, however in the past 2 years I have only read non-fiction books to teach me about various topics. That was until someone gave me a gift; a book entitled "˜The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho. I am not going to talk about the book as many people have read it, if you haven't it is definitely worth it.

I do want to discuss the fact that the gift I received came at the perfect time and it was the perfect book to lift my spirits. This is another part of the process of the law of attraction. If you practice the law of attraction, you will notice things coming into your life at the right time. This is also true of people coming into your life at the right time. These are hidden messages and they come just when you need them.

I believe books carry hidden messages for all of us. One book can also have a million different messages so each of us can take a different message from the book. I remember one of the first books that got me into the law of attraction, a book entitled The Celestine Prophecy' by James Redfield, not a great storyline but very powerful messages for me.

hidden_messageWhen I read the book I had been given, I read it every chance I could, which isn't much these days. I read it over two days, due to time constraints. I immediately felt lifted after reading it and felt as if I had got back on the right path. The book was there to remind me the path I was on and to carry on with what I was doing. Previously I had been busy at work and under some pressure, I was worried about my family for various reasons, and was feeling pretty exhausted. The book had many messages just for me, I took the messages and made them relevant to my life and it helped me see things from a different perspective.

Finding the hidden messages in life

Life is full of hidden meanings, how we find them is up to the way we think, how we feel and what we are looking for. How do we find the hidden meanings?

There are many different ways of finding the hidden meanings in life and I will share a few here.

  1. Take gifts as something to learn from. When you receive a gift from someone or a recommendation, take it as a message. When I receive recommendations for films, books, software etc I take it as a sign that I am in need of this. Don't get me wrong I don't rush out and buy everything that has been recommended to me, but I do some research, I borrow, I download trial versions of software and check if I am in need of it. Usually I benefit from the recommendation in some way or it leads me to something better after doing some research.
  2. Look for messages to a different path. When we want to change something in our life, we can find clues to the new path we want to walk. For example when I wanted to become a full time blogger I received clues that I was on the right path. I received e-mails from people asking for advice, I received recommendations for eBooks to help me along with blogging, I received requests for paid help, and I received more responses. I am still not a full time blogger however; I have received the clues and am making money from the blog and still loving writing for the blog. I am awaiting further instructions.
  3. Always be aware of everything around you. There are a million and one things happening around us at any given time. Try to be aware of as much as possible. For example when driving the car, pay attention to the songs on the radio, pay attentions to billboard signs, pay attention to anything unusual, pay attention to car number plates and obviously pay attention to driving, you don't want to be a dead person looking for clues. I believe the world is always on the lookout to show us clues in different ways to our questions. This may seem like a crazy example but I had a question in my head a few months back about how to build traffic for a blog I manage. I had tried the usual as I had some experience. On car registration plates, I kept seeing the number plate "˜SE0' now this is a common number plate but I had never really noticed it before. I must have seen that similar registration plate a20 times before it led to look at what I was doing with the blog by way of SEO. This in turn led me to a blog all about SEO, which in turn led me to someone recommending an eBook, which in turn led me to read the eBook, and do some work on the blog leading to more traffic. Now, it is easy to dismiss this and those that do will miss the hidden signs in life.
  4. Ask the question. To receive the hidden signs of life you have to have the question you want answered. When you are stuck on something in life ask the question in your head again and again e.g. how can I get a promotion? If you ask this several times per day, the signs will start to appear. Do not dismiss anything as "˜silly' take it for what it is, a sign, and don't ask the bigger questions like who is the sign from, just take the sign and use it.

Starting a book

I would love to write a book of stories about the hidden messages in life, probably been done before with the Chicken soup series.

If you have a story you would like to share about the Hidden messages in Life I would love to hear it.

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