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4 Tips  to Change Your Life This Spring

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I was watching a speech by T. D. Jakes a few days ago when he said something that made lots of sense which is, you cannot change tomorrow with yesterday's mindset. That`s the same mindset that caused you trouble in the first place. And though I knew that to achieve something, you must adopt the same mindset of those who possess it, I paused for a while to think about what mindsets I may be using right now that are helping me move forwards and what mindsets aren't. Then I decided to write a post on the four tips, precisely mindset shifts, that I believe you must have to change your life this spring. Here they are:

Tip#1:Faith is something you can force on yourself

"If you develop the absolute sense of certainty that powerful beliefs provide. Then you can get yourself to accomplish virtually anything. Including those things that other people are certain are impossible." "“ Tony Robbins

You know that confident feeling you get when you 100% know you will win something or reach a specific goal? I spent years waiting for that feeling —aka. Faith — to come and it rarely did. That`s when a realized that faith isn`t something you expect. It`s a belief you force on yourself until it becomes true.

To succeed, you have to shut your eyes and ears on anything except your goal. Then use this focus, along with the repetition of affirmation, to create a self-fulfilling prophecy that will come true. Anyone who`d ever been close to professional athletes will tell you they`re in it to win it Every Single Time, no matter the odds.

Successful people know that to win most of the time, you must believe you`ll win every single time even though no one has ever won all the time. Did Michael Jordan know that no basketball player has ever scored 100 percent of their shots? Yes, he did. But, every time Jordan threw a ball he knew it was going in. He never scored all his shots, but he scored enough of them to make himself a legend.

To succeed in life, you must approach every obstacle with an "In it to win it" mindset. Yes, you won`t win every time (and you know that), but the mind-shift and the certainty will make you a winner, and it won`t be long before you win big again.

Tip #2: Your problems aren`t new

Consume knowledge like your life depends on it (because it does). Success is all about execution. But it means nothing if you don`t know what to execute on. Remember when I told you to have better friends. Well, books are quite like friends but with no parties.
Your problems aren`t new. Someone had experienced them before and wrote a book about it. So read as if your life depends on it. Listen to books, pay someone to read for you —if you can— and read book summaries. If Warren Buffet reads five hours a day and Bill Gates takes annual vacations just to read, then there must be something good about it.

Tip #3: Tweaking your environment is the fastest way to success

People forget that peer pressure is the most efficient way to fix or ruin someone`s life. We are social creatures which mean the company we keep, and the environment we live in affect us significantly. I was watching a speech by entrepreneur and bestselling author, Kamal Ravikant, and he said something about how he changed his life that was so insightful to me. He said, "I wasn`t the smartest or the most productive, but I packed my things and moved to Silicon Valley so better people can bring the best in me." What a brilliant way of thinking?

Instead of trying to change his life —in which he may fail— Ravikant put himself in a situation where he has no choice but to excel. You can do the same thing to change your life. If you feel hopeless, then my advice is: Don`t try to do it all alone. Instead, move hang around people who will challenge you to do more by the force of peer pressure. Leave your soul-sucking job to a more competitive one, travel to a new place where you have to depend more on yourself, or just get a mentor who knows better than you.

The motivation you get from working with like-minded people is priceless. Studies suggest that teams that work together on challenging goals work harder and longer and outperform their peers. Other studies also indicate that the easiest way to learn a new skill is to spend time with people who are masters of those skills.

Tip #4: Career wanderings aren`t that bad

No one can live life with zero regrets. Being successful doesn`t mean your career path should be linear. Some people think they are failures if they spend their twenties or thirties without knowing their calling. Sometimes, the skills you learn from trying and failing different things will lead you to a better way of life.

Jim Koch, for instance, didn`t find his calling until he was 34. He found himself in beer manufacturing, the same career his father warned him from pursuing years before because the old man couldn`t make a dime from it. Koch has tried much stuff before, but it didn`t feel right. He worked in worked in mountaineering for a while then went to Wall Street, but he wasn`t happy. So he took the plunge at what you may call: old age and started his beer company. A decade later this company went public, and within ten more years he was making his first billion dollars, with a B.

So my advice to you is to use your past to fuel your future. Past experiences, emotional baggage, unmet needs, and dreams that have never come true. You can look at all these and call yourself a failure, or you can use all these to make something out of the next few years. It`s your choice.

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