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3 Reasons Why Your Time is Now Whatever Your Age

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I've recently turned 64 years of age. How did that happen? The Beatles must have lied in their song, "When I'm 64" because they said it would be in many years from now, but it just happened!
One day you're 24 and it seems the next, you're 64. You had hopes and dreams, but what happened? As John Lennon sings in "Beautiful Boy" "“ life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

It doesn't have to be that way. You see, we may get older and a little wiser, we may slow down a bit, but inside nothing really changes. In our mind we are timeless and ageless. The 24 year old is still there if we look for him/her.

Believe me, it's true, I know it. I've had a long and successful career but have recently started a new one. Anyone can do it if they want to, there are no limits. Life throws much at us, but what's important is how we deal with it. It's never too late to improve your world.

Here are three reasons why you should know your time can be now and it doesn't matter what age you are:

1.Your Life is Unique and This is Your Time

When we're young we tend to be headstrong and ambitious. We're beginning life's journey and want to change the world. As we get older, we tend to take more of a balanced view because of our life experience.

Age isn't a factor when it comes to success and change. Alexander the Great was conquering countries at 18, Blaise Pascal developed the calculator at 19 and Mark Zukerberg launched Facebook at 20. Colonel Sanders franchised KFC at 62, Mary Wesley wrote 10 bestsellers after she was 70 and Ronald Regan became US President at 70.

Fresh ideas born from inexperience can present new possibilities not thought of before. New ways and discoveries can also come from long life experience. It's never too early or too late to begin. If you have it in you, let it out and share it. Don't wait.

Don't make excuses. I'm too young, no one will take me seriously, or I'm too old, I've missed my chance. There is no right or wrong time, but when it's your time, don't let it pass you by. If the bus arrives and you don't catch it, there might not be another coming along soon. Make sure you don't miss that bus.

2.You Know Your Passion and Purpose

Most of us have both a passion and a purpose in life. They can be the same thing, or they can be different. A passion comes from what you want to achieve, while a purpose is developed from why you want to achieve something. Passion is driven by emotion and purpose by its own existence.

If yours are not the same thing, it's likely one will support the other. For example, someone may have a passion to become a highly rated photographer and feel their life purpose is do their bit to help rid the world of poverty.

They might follow their passion and, over time, achieve their dream of being a top-class photographer. Then, living their purpose, they could highlight the horrors of poverty through their photography to show the world that change is needed. Perhaps they may even teach photography to people interested in it, who live in poverty, to help them out of it.

Knowing your purpose usually comes from life experience. Looking back, I think I knew what mine is when I was in my 20's, although I didn't really consider it until much later in life. That's a good thing, because I'm better prepared and equipped to do something about it. We feel our passion and get to know our purpose. Yours belong to you and if you're aware of your "what" and "why", then your time is now.

3.What You Create Now Will Last Forever

You are an important part of the universe, if you didn't exist it wouldn't be quite the same. The universe, of which you are a piece, is made up from matter. This matter is formed from vibrations. Your vibration affects the growth of the universe, because it is always growing.

Anything you think say or do creates a vibration and a permanent effect within the universe which will last forever. Once it's been created, it can't be uncreated. This gives you permanence, your effects will always exist. You are everlasting.

When you think about life in this way you may see it in a different light. You're continually contributing to the expansion of our universe and when you realise that, you know you have a responsibility.

Because you are a small but important part of the "whole", you have a duty to nurture it, to look after it and to protect it. By doing these things to it, you are also doing them to yourself. When this becomes clear, you know what to do. You have no choice because you exist, you are creating change and growth, therefore your time is now.

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