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Over the last few weeks there have been a few releases of some great ebooks by some great bloggers and I wanted to share some here with you as I think you will gain a lot from them.   The three bloggers are friends who I have got to know over the last year or so.   I think the blogs are great and are worth subscribing to.

Anastasiya Goers

Anastasiya Goers writes for BalanceInMe and is a relatively new blogger on the personal development scene.   She was one of the bloggers on the course I was on about blogging with Leo Babauta.   She has a great writing style.   Her ebook is a collection of articles from bloggers .   You can download it now for free at The Book Of Wisdom "“ 50 Ideas For The All Around Balanced Life

Zeenat Merchant Syal

Zeenat Merchant Syal writes for Positive Provacations and is a shining light in the personal development writing circle.   Her posts are always full of wisdom, warmth, compassion and reading her blog you can tell immediately the energy and passion she has for the world.   She has also written for Change Your Thoughts with a great guest post 'Conquering Fear' Her new ebook 'The Best of Positive Provacation' is a collection of her best work.

Ayo Olaniyan

Ayo Olaniyan is another great young blogger and is making all the right moves in the personal development blogger circle.   You might remember Ayo as the regular contributor to Change your Thoughts as the other half of 'Ask The coach' with some great articles Overcoming Inferiority Complex and 50 Ways To Spend Your Time Productively he has come out with a fantastic magazine which he has worked hard on every month.   You can download the latest edition of Life Skills Magazine here

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