23 Things You Might Not Know About Me

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Okay, this post might seem a bit narcissistic and I was talking with a blogger friend of mine who advised that even though I have written around 500 articles and have a great about me page my readers might not really know a lot about me.

She advised that I should make a short video letting readers know some facts about me.  This was a few months ago, and I resisted making the video thinking it was a bit like 'hey look at me'.

The more I have got into email marketing, I have revealed a lot more of myself to my subscribers: sharing stories from my life, letting them know the things I get up to and they have gotten to know me a lot better through my emails.  It's great, I have never had such a good relationship with my email subscribers. But, not everyone opens the emails, so not everyone knows a lot about me.

So, here it is, a video of some of the things you might not know about me.

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