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20 Questions That You Need to Ask Yourself to Discover Who You Are

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In this busy technological world of rushing around, texting, working too many hours to pay too many bills we often find ourselves, at the end of the day, tired, exhausted and emotionally empty. Another day gone by and we wonder what it was all for. Did we accomplish anything spectacular today? Did we learn anything new? Was there even a purpose or was it just another day of simple existence?

How many of you live like this. Day to day. Just to exist. Is there something more that you want or think you should be doing? Here are some questions to ask yourself to wake up your mind and find out who you really are. Some of these are lighthearted fun questions, others are very deep thought provoking questions that may even make you angry. That's ok. They are to make you think. Evaluate who you are. Question whether you should be or could be more.

1. Do I like who I am?

Are you happy with who you are? Your personality, your job, your quirks. Is there something about you that you don't like and wish you could change? Are you scaring people away from you because they don't like you?

2. Do I like the people around me?

Are there too many negative people around you that are sucking the life out of you? Perhaps they are taking your positive energy from you. Are they keeping you from the greatness you could be?

3. Is there something or someone I am taking for granted?

Maybe a friend or family member that you aren't appreciating to the fullest? Someone you should be more grateful for.

4. What does beautiful look like and mean to me?

Is life beautiful? Or are you more attracted to shiny things, cars, diamonds, big houses? What about big hearts and beautiful people (inside and out)?

5. Is there one thing I think I can't do but want to do?

Face your fear. You can do anything you want.

6. Does anyone really care what I'm doing with my life?

Are you living your life for people's approvals? You shouldn't be. No one really cares. Only you should.

7. Who do I really need to apologize to or ask for forgiveness?

Did you make someone sad or mad and haven't said sorry yet? You should do that soon .

8. What is the monkey on my back that I should be getting rid of?

A fear, a grudge, a habit, maybe even an addiction? If it isn't serving you, it's time to let it go.

9. Why do I judge people all the time?

Why do you? Are you perfect?

10. Can I make a difference in the world?

Yes. Who says you can't? You can do anything you want and if you think it's going to make a difference then you should do it.

11. Can I make a difference in someone's life?

Yes and it might be only just by reaching out and giving someone a hug.

12. Why do I lash out at the people that love me?

Sadly a lot of us are guilty of that. We do it because it's safe. It doesn't make it right. See #7 .

13. Will I ever find patience and compassion within myself?

Will you?

14. Can I forgive those that hurt me and move on with freedom?

Yes but it won't be easy. It will definitely be worth it though.

15. Is yesterday going to make a big difference for my tomorrow?

Probably not, though there are a lot of lessons from yesterday that can help make you stronger for today and tomorrow.

16. Do I want to inspire or impact people's lives?

Do you?

17. What is my gift that I could share that might help people?

What are you really good at that you think others might really love to see?

18. When will I ever know what my purpose is?

You'll feel it. When you love something so passionately you will know it and feel it.

19. What do I really hope to accomplish before I die?

Something big and bold I hope. Maybe something great that will impact lives around the world?

20. What am I the most grateful for in my life right now?

Maybe life itself? Your family? Your health? Oh the possibilities are endless really.

What questions did I miss that you find yourself as king? Share below.

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