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13 Little Secrets To Help You Enjoy Life More

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Who doesn't want to enjoy life more and be happier. Many of us are so caught up in work and in pleasing others that we forget about ourselves. We all want to laugh more, have fun, lighten up, let loose and live but things just get in the way. Stress plays a big role in robbing of us enjoying life. It is easier to enjoy life than we think.

Many of us spend money on things that we think is gonna make life better. Others spend money on vacations and road trips. Things won't make us happy, travelling on the other hand certainly will. Here are 13 other little things that might help you enjoy life more.

enjoy_life_2Detach from stuff.

Don't be so dependent on your possessions to make you happy. They won't. Things and belongings are simply material Band-Aids to temporarily make us happy. When the novelty wears off, the joy is gone.

Stop and smell the roses.

And while you're at it, why not just pick some flowers and bring them to a senior's centre. You make others smile, you smile. It really is that simple and seniors are just happy to have someone visit.

I remember you.

When you meet people for the first time, remember their name. Make eye contact and use their name often in your conversation. When you see them again you'll instantly remember them and possibly even have a new friend.

Road trip anyone?

Get in the car and go for a drive. Anywhere. It doesn't even have to be out of town. Turn the stereo up, roll down the windows and sing to the steering wheel. If you only make it as far as your local chip stand that's ok too. Enjoy the trip.

Read, read and then read some more.

When was the last time you read a book? I mean a really good book. Maybe a travel adventure book or a murder mystery. When was the last time you got lost in a fictional story of intrigue? Do that again.

Live in the moment.

Forget yesterday, especially if it sucked. Never mind about tomorrow, it's not here yet. Be present. Today, right now. Enjoy the moment of today. The here and now.

Smile more. Smile all the time.

Smile at strangers, kids, animals, homeless people, everyone really. Just smile. Smiling makes others smile and naturally makes you happier. Try it, it works.
Sit and do nothing. Grab a mug of your favourite tea or beverage, put on some nice soft music, get in your big comfy chair and look out the window. Watch the birds fly, the cars drive by, the clouds drift through the sky. Just relax, if even for 5 minutes.


This really can make you happier. When we exercise, even only 2 or 3 times a week for 20-30 minutes, you will see how much more energy you have and how happier you will be. It's also good to know that it can add a few more years to your life and trim your body.

Think positive.

We should all be thinking positive thoughts all the time, but in reality, we know that every now and then a negative thought will slip in. Shut it down immediately. Make it stop. Turn it around and make it a positive one or simply shoo it away. No room for those to stay too long.

Be a little helper.

The world needs more helpers. If you see your neighbor struggling with the lawnmower or a granny trying to get across the street. Maybe even buy a homeless person a cup of coffee or a traffic police officer a bottle of water. Whatever way you want to be a helper, do it.

Keep a happy journal.

And write in it each day. Write out all the things that made you happy that day. Things you are grateful, things that made you smile, things that warmed your heart. Anything that had a beautiful positive impact on your day, write it out. Do this daily.

Have naps.

It's wonderful to be out and active and enjoying the day and the people in your life, but every now and then it's great to shut down and recharge. Naps are a blissful way to do this. Take 15-30 minutes to close your eyes and just nap. You'll see how much happier you are after this.

There are many simple little ways to enjoy life more and be happier, most of them don't cost one dime. Can you add to the list of things that make you happy and enjoy life more?

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