12 Signs You're Here To Transform Human Consciousness

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The New Age shift. Human consciousness shift. You may have heard of it but what on earth does it mean? Especially to you. With the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 2012 the world, or should I say, the world of new age thinkers and healers cried tears of joy. We are now entering into the era of love, peace and greater spirituality. In their minds. But what about you? Are you part of this? It's quite possible that you are and didn't even know it.

The following signs may indicate that you are in fact part of this shift and that you are actually a healer and you have a bigger job to do than you originally thought.

transform_consciousness1. You have a feeling that there is something you need to do but you can't put your finger on it but you are sure it has something to do with saving people.

Now as ridiculous as that actually sounds, some people get that gnawing feeling in the pit of their stomach. Almost an anxiety.

2. You are far more compassionate than you ever have been.

Suddenly you are experiencing a feeling of deeper love and care for humans and even animals. You want to help and save all of them and when you hear they are suffering it hurts you deeply.

3. Becoming a minimalist.

You are realizing that all the stuff you have is starting to have very little meaning and value to you. You couldn't care much less if they were all gone. You are seeing a bigger picture suddenly and it has nothing to do with things.

4. Your creativity and passion just rose higher than ever before.

You are more in tune to music and more appreciative if your creative nature. Simpler more natural art forms are for more appealing to you than fine art pieces. You suddenly want to draw, sing, dance and learn new art forms.

5. Highly intuitive.

You sense things you never have been able to previously. You are far more in tune to danger, sadness, anger and most other negative situations. You are also becoming more affected by the negativity of others around you and it actually makes you slightly ill.

6. Empathic.

Not only are you highly sensitive but you suddenly just want to help and nurture everyone around you. You are feeling their sadness and pain more and you desperately want to take their pain away from them.

7. Being out in nature is something you want to do more of.

You want to go take long hikes on nature trails and surprisingly, you've never quite felt like that before. You are becoming more in tune with nature and the beauty of it. You feel its energy and life.

8. You are constantly stepping beyond boundaries that you once had in place.

You know you have a job to do and where there once was fear there is only bravery and courage now. You have a new determination to heal and shift things and you don't question it at all.

9. Taking better care of yourself.

You know you need to be in optimal health because you have a big job to do. Suddenly you are eating cleaner and exercising more. Your health has taken on a whole new importance in your life.

10. You're very connected with indigenous people from around the world and feel a kinship to them.

You want to be with them, learn more about them and when you meet them you feel an instant connection. Like you belong with them.

11. You're ready, totally ready, to take on a whole new life and leave your old one behind.

No questions asked, no tears, no apprehensions. You ' re just ready. You know you have a bigger purpose and you ' re excited about it.

12. You are drawn to the ocean, lakes, rivers or other bodies of water.

You feel a flow with the water that is almost inside of you. It's a bond with nature, water and your soul.   And it's strong, very strong.

If you feel or have ever felt any of these then you may very well be a healer and you have a job to do. A big job. The world is waiting. It needs you.

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