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12 Keys to Happiness

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We all have one thing in common…we want to be HAPPY!

There are many things we can do to create happiness and the most obvious is to CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY, however here's 12 more suggestions to implement into your life:

1. Release Endorphins

Endorphins (feel good hormones) give you a euphoric feeling, also known as "runners' high". They are released during orgasm, exercise, and laughter. So, the message is obvious: Exercise, make love and laugh more, and you will experience your own natural euphoria ie. also known as HAPPINESS!

12_keys_to_happines2. Listen to your body

You body is always sending you signals of comfort or discomfort. When choosing a certain behaviour, ask your body, "How do you feel about this?" If your body sends a signal of physical, mental or emotional distress, be cautious. If your body sends a signal of happiness, comfort and eagerness, proceed.

3. Honour your truth

Take the social mask off and   honour your true self. Know who are at the core of your being and BE that! Living your truth is much more enjoyable than living a façade.

4. Learn to Be

You are a human being, not a human doing, learn to slow down and just be, it will make you much more productive and creative in your doing moments.

5. Live in the present

When all is said and done, now is all there is, and all there ever has been. Somewhere along the way we have got swept up in the fast pace of life. We are traveling along too fast, always in a hurry to get from A to B or to get through all the things on our to-do list to give "now" a second thought.

Keep your attention on what is here and now; look for the fullness in every moment.

6. Meditate

Most spiritual gurus will tell you the answer to everything is to: meditate.

Practice stillness and learn to quieten the constant chatter of the mind and you will discover a place within that you will want to visit regularly because it brings you so much peace and joy.

7. Surrender your need for external approval

You alone are the judge of your worth, and your goal is to discover infinite worth in yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks. There is great freedom in this realization.

8. Gratitude

It is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy. If you aren't grateful for who you are and what you have right now, then you will make it very difficult for yourself to have anything better.

Wake up every day and just say two simple words "“ thank you! Look around you today and notice everything you have to be grateful for "“ there are so many things!

9. Know that the your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

The people you react to most strongly, whether with love or hate, are projections of your inner world. What you most hate is what you most deny in yourself.

What you most love is what you most wish for in yourself. Use the mirror of relationships to guide your evolution.

10. Release judgement

Shed the burden of judgment "“ you will feel much lighter. Judgment imposes right and wrong on situations. Pay attention next time you judge someone. Stop and notice if your judgement really defines you more than him or her. Are you revealing something that you don't like about yourself or what you don't like about them? Be honest here!

11. Eliminate toxicity from your life

Don't contaminate your body with toxins, either through food, drink, or toxic emotions and thoughts. Your body is more than a life-support system,   it is the vehicle that carries you on your journey.

Let go of negative and toxic people who drag you down as this will help create space for positive and inspiring ones who lift you up and help you be a happier person.

12. LOVE

Life flows when we operate from love. You are love. Your natural state is love.

You don't get what you want, you get what you are. If you want love, be love and give love.

We become what we see and what we believe. If you go about life thinking, "the world is a loveless place" then that's exactly what you will experience.

See the love, and be the love, as love is what ultimately brings us HAPPINESS!

There are many things we can do to increase happiness in our lives. I'd love to hear what works for you.

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