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12 Interesting Psychological Facts About Yourself That Will Shock You

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I'm a stickler for random off the wall facts about simple and somewhat out there things. I'm always open to finding out how stuff works, and reading useless facts about things that most people don't really think or even care about. So my latest discoveries had me reading about some interesting and very random facts about us and our minds that will actually shock you. I know I was.

Woman relaxing in a warmth park1. Your mind wanders 30% of the time.

Whether or not you know it, it does. We like to think we have control of our minds all the time but we don't. This actually isn't a bad thing either. Part of your brain is paying attention to what it's supposed to be doing the other part is intrigued by something else but that something else could spark a great thought or idea that you never had before. Let your mind wander. It's all good.

2. We spend more money as long as we don't talk about it or mention it.

When we see signs about dollar figures or actually see the word money we get a bit of anxiety but if the same sign is worded another way that had alluring words we would easily drop our money at that store. It's less stressful when we see words like great bargain, best buy, etc.

3. You are not being social on social networking.

So stop thinking that. Social interactions actually require being with another human in person. You are tricking yourself in to believing you are being social and the brain will go along with that but you're not. You are hiding behind a screen and engaging with other people hiding behind screens.

4. The first one on the list is the best one.

No matter what it is. Best answer to a quiz, politician at a voting both, page on FB, best dessert in the menu. If it's first, we like it, it's the best and we'll take it without giving it too much more thought. That's just how our minds think.

5. Stress takes the quality performance out of you.

People who are too stressed will absolutely not perform to the best of their ability. It should go without saying but people in this category still believe that they can put their stress on the back burner while at work or doing important tasks. You can't, it still interferes and you won't be able to do your best.

6. We like bite size pieces of info.

But not too many, maybe only 3 or 4. Any more than that and you've lost it, any less than that and you crave more. We like to learn an d know lots of things but only a bit at a time. Information overload isn't our friend, but neither is lack. We want to know stuff, all the time.

7. Our old way of thinking takes over a lot.

More than you think. We like to think that we've changed our ways and views on things that are from years ago but fact is it is still a part of our memory and will always surface. You try to convince yourself that you like the new phone, but part of you is still drawn to the old phone because that's what your brain remembers and holds dear.

8. Your mood plays in a big part on whether you trust your intuition or go with what's in your head.

We like to say we always follow our gut feeling but not always. Next time you are out with a friend or alone shopping, notice your mood and then watch if you make that purchase or not. If you're in a good mood, you'll trust your gut.

9. You are not a good multitasker.

Period. If you think you are get that notion out of your head right now, along with all the other millions of things going on in there. It is never a good idea to do too many things at once, especially if one or two of those tasks are of high importance. You will miss a crucial piece of info or you will only do some of the other tasks half assed. You're not good at it.

10. Your unconscious mind knows more than you do.

That's a bit thought provoking but it happens to think before your conscious mind. We have a tendency of not tuning into it because, well, it's unconscious.

11. When you lose your phone, the anxiety and reaction you have is comparable to having a near death experience.

It's our lifeline, right? Our contact to the whole world. Without it, we are nothing and many of us totally lose it (pardon the pun).

12. Everybody you see in your dreams, you have met at some time in your life.

The brain is not capable of creating faces so all those people you dream about you have already seen. It could be the guy in the check out line at the grocery store or the random person walking past you in the street that you paid no attention to.

So there are a few I've dug up for you that I thought were pretty interesting, yet very random facts. These were some of my favourite ones. What random facts have you come across that surprised you?

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