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11 Ways For You And Your Kid To Be Happier

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We are all aware of the problems that come with the hard and painful childhood. That is the part of our lives that can determine and mold our minds for the future and the also shape the nature of our behaviour. This is the most crucial part of our lives, and it's a delicate one which requires a lot of work for us to form into a complete and stable personality as it is required of us by the society that we live in.

young_children1. Encourage your child to face his/her fears, not run away from them

As we all know for sure, the best way to becoming a better and stronger person is for one to conquer his fears. Conquering fears I something that has the best effects when it's done during our childhood, because the longer you're afraid of something, the more you are going to fear that same thing, and it will only be harder for you to overcome that fear. It is going to look like it's the hardest thing in the world for your kid, but you will have to help them realize that's the best thing for them.

2. Tell your child that it is okay to be imperfect

Telling your kid, that it's okay to be imperfect is something very useful and helpful for your child to build up self-esteem which is essential in the construction of a robust and stable personality. Aren't we all looking for perfection every day of our lives? There is never going to be the right level of satisfaction in our minds when it comes to perfection because there is always more that we can do. You will have to stop from time to time and appreciate what you have achieved so far.

3. Focus on the positives

Be optimistic! This is one of the most helpful ways for you to overcome anything. You need to concentrate on the positive side of things in your life because if you do the opposite of that and focus on the negative parts, you will just end up accumulating depression and from that depression nothing good ever came out. Another thing that you can do is to ask your MD about the substances that stimulate anxiolytic response and boost the mood.

3. Schedule relaxing activities

You need to have those mind relaxing activities that you do when you want just to relax and chill. This is something that is essential for everyone if they want to have a healthy life. When you only work and build up stress without any way of getting yourself relieved of that pressure, you will soon experience a lot of problems that can be caused by that stress, and that is something you don't want to come down to.

4. Model approach behaviour, self-care, and positive thinking

You can look up to someone and try to reach the level he already achieved, and that is a great motivator, but the moment you start to feel envy toward that idol, and start resenting him, that's the bad side of having an idol. This mostly happens when you can't reach that level he or she already achieved. You need to be careful when it comes to models and icons.

Do you need to take care of yourself, because who will if you don't? Not just mental health but physical as well, treat yourself like you're a king or a god because by doing so the others will start to treat you the same way, but this doesn't mean you will have to overdo it. Positive thinking is as we already stated something that is of the most importance for you to stay healthy and vigorous; therefore, you should always see the glass half full, no matter what!

5. Reward your child's brave behaviours

This is a simple way of showing them that what they did is good, and that's the right way to do it. Especially when it comes to courage, you need to be special to show your courageous part of personality. Therefore, but rewarding them when they do, you will engrave in their minds that being courageous is something that is good and wonderful.

6. Encourage good sleep hygiene

Each and every one of us needs to sleep. That's just how the thing work, we need to rest for our body to regenerate and refill the energy that we need to get through the day. A regular sleeping schedule is highly recommended, and you should teach your child to develop those habits in the childhood. That is also a great thing which can help you in beating anxiety and depression.

7. Encourage your child to express his/her anxiety

You need to teach your child how to speak with you and show him that he or she can trust you completely. Then talk to them, try to get as much information as you can from them, by talking to them not only that you will get what you need, but your child will feel better as well.

8. Help your child to problem solve

Our kids are yet inexperienced when it comes to problem solving; there is still so much they have yet to learn, and you are here to help them with that. Help your children with homework, with solving numerous problems, that way you will implement the feeling of not being alone which is the biggest problem when it comes to anxiety.

9. Stay calm

No matter what, you will have to stay calm at all time, because if you burst and show all that anger and rage in front of the kid that is dealing with anxiety, you're just going to end up feeding that fear and crushing your child. Take a deep breath and keep calm.

10. Practice relaxation exercises with your child

As it was already stated, there is a greater need for relaxation exercises if you're fighting with anxiety than there is in normal conditions. Try everything there is with your child, and teach them how to relax truly and stay calm as much as they can.

11. Never give up!

You can't give up at any cost, because if you do you will leave your child on its own and that something very horrible and terrifying, especially for a little kid. You have to be the beacon of hope for your child, and the pillar on which he or she can found their fight against anxiety and depression.

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