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100-Day Challenge

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When 2010 came to an end I read this post from Steven called '100 ways to develop your mind'.   I thought it'd be interesting to read about someone who would do all these things in 100 days. So I tweeted Steven to ask him if he knew anyone who was doing this. I decided to give it a shot and from the 1st of January 2011 until the 11th of April 2011, I took on a different challenge every day!

You might be wondering why I'm only now writing about this since it's been over two years now. The answer to this question is simple: I didn't know what I learned over those 100 days until now.

Do everything in life

voyageI just got back from a 4-month trip around the world, and have found an answer to life I didn't even know I was looking for. And I wouldn't have been able to find it if I hadn't done this challenge first.

To summarize a very long story that is my life, I've done just about everything except getting married and having kids. I've traveled the world, written a book, started two different companies, lived a day without sight, gave away money to a stranger, skydived and a lot more. A lot of physical and emotional things I've done, I did in this 100-day challenge.

Any person who actually decides to live life knows that it's always about 'the next (big) thing'. The fun thing about this way of life is that you always have excitement and new things to do. The problem arises when all is done and the only things left borders suicidal. This is what happened to me in December last year. I was running a company that made good money, allowed me to travel, have cool clients and projects. The problem was that I wasn't in any way close to being happy and walking through life with a smile on my face.

Sell everything and travel

I decided it was time for a radical change! I told all my clients I wouldn't work for them anymore, sold all my stuff, cancelled the lease to my apartment and bought a one way ticket to the states. I had decided to go travel the world until I would find bliss or run out of money before that.

What I found was a new mindset. I realized that having done everything is actually a great thing. Because instead of unrest because there isn't anything more to do, I would now be able to have something very few people have in life. I would never have to ask myself the question: "what if I had done (fill in the blank)?"

Reckless to peaceful

By doing this challenge and maintaining a fuck-that-shit-I'm-gonna-blast-through-life mindset I came to a point in life where I'm at peace. And not the I'm-so-drained-of-work- I-need-some-peace kind of peace, but an actual inner peace. I no longer care about being the big guy, having the ambitious job, having all the money in the world. I care for being at peace, being more conscious of life and all it's beauty, and for the first time in a very, very long time, being happy!

Now it's your turn

If you have trouble finding peace and letting go. You could consider going radical and do what I did. Make a bucket list and do it as fast as possible until there is nothing more to do. By that point you'll have an automatic way of attaining peace and happiness.

If you don't want to go radical, there is a more mellow kind of way to go about your way. It's to minimize life, become more conscious of life and attain peace and happiness. How to do this exactly I'll have to write about in another blog.

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