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10 Ways To Live Your Soul's Purpose Fully

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The meaning of life is to uncover your purpose. The purpose of your life is to share that and continue to expand. I often see people become fixated on the question of what their purpose is. We actually all share the same purpose: to evolve and expand. What that means for each person, though, is different. It's certainly not a straight line, and there are going to be multiple ways that you share your essence, and the essence of your purpose, with the world. The tools you use will change. But we do all share a singular purpose: to evolve and expand.

When I started my business, there were a lot of modalities that I was using because I needed to give form to it. We have to give form to our purpose; it has to have a vehicle to move itself through. The more you're being, as opposed to doing, the greater impact you create. And the good news is"”your life already has meaning just by you being here.

What if you could get up every day knowing that you want to share your essence with the world and focus on being, really being connected to your essence, and at the same time, allowing yourself to be surprised? When I was first starting out, I had no idea that I'd be doing Akashic Records readings. It wasn't in my conscious mind, it wasn't in my ego mindset to begin doing this, yet it still happened.

Showing up differently.

How would you be showing up differently in your day-to-day reality if you could be in allowance of yourself and trusting of your purpose? How would you speak about yourself? How would you view yourself? What kind of dialogues would be happening in your head? What kind of risks would you be willing to take?

Think of it like receiving a gift.

When someone hands you a gift, you probably don't know what's inside, but you're still excited to receive it. Likewise, we are not always going to have a clear picture of what our purpose is, yet that does not mean we should be closed off and reluctant to receive.

Uncovering is part of the juiciness of receiving a gift!

So imagine that you have released your attachment over how you think your purpose is supposed to be expressed, and along with that, release the analysis paralysis and perfection paralysis around what it's supposed to look like, and you just keep putting one foot before the other and let it reveal itself to you. Would that feel more expansive or less expansive?

Feeling Safe & Confident.

We can know our purpose, yet perhaps we don't feel confident and safe enough to be able to make the changes needed to live that purpose.
That's when the questioning starts. You begin to question yourself, question your purpose. Doubt turns to fear and fear can quickly paralyze, leaving you unable to move forward. You begin to make excuses for why you can't live your purpose. You might say that you need to have proof first that everything will work out if you choose to live your purpose, or you can't because you don't feel supported, that no one will understand, or people will ridicule you. Your friends and family might not understand at first. They might not agree with you. But you don't need to have everyone's approval"”just your own. Just because people are not onboard with what you want to do does not mean you can't do it.

Another common roadblock is fear of responsibility.

Sometimes, we might imagine living our purpose will burden us with so much responsibility that there's no way we could possibly manage. But again, this is something that we won't know until we try.   We don't know what avenues and opportunities might open, what people we might meet. We need to trust the process.

We also need to trust ourselves.

It's common to fear that we're simply not going to get it right. We think that the universe has asked us to do something that we might screw up, that we probably won't get right the first time around. And instead of trying it and not succeeding, we decide that it would be better to play it safe and not try at all. But failure is not an indication that you are not on the right path. Life has its ups and downs"”there's no avoiding that. It can be so easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others, and wondering how on earth it's possible that it's so easy for someone else, yet so difficult for us . . . The problem is, we're really only getting part of the story. We don't know all the trials and tribulations someone else has gone through"”we are really only comparing ourselves to a small slice of their life, to whatever it is that we see in that moment. Failure happens, yet it does not have to completely derail you. I find it helpful to not even label it as failure; rather, it's just part of life. You learn from it and move on.

Sometimes we misidentify our purpose.

I've seen this show up in three main areas, though it can certainly show up in others, as well. The first is with money. Money can certainly be a touchy subject, and we all have our own unique money story. I've seen quite a few people who believe that it is their purpose to save people by bailing them out of financial situations. Some people will create debt for themselves so they now have a purpose: get out of debt. Being in debt is generally not a desirable position, yet having a goal to get out of debt can give focus, meaning, direction.

Physical Bodies.

Our physical bodies is another area where it easy to misidentify purpose. We can manifest illness in order to feel purposeful"”our body is sick and we need to heal it. We can gain weight so we've got a purpose: lose weight. We might even find success is keeping the pounds off for a little while, yet it probably won't be that long before we find we are back to where we were before, needing to go on another diet.

The third main area is relationships.

This can manifest as constantly getting in and out of relationships, be it platonic or romantic. We may choose to be with someone we know we are actually incompatible with, but we stay because we think we can fix them. It gives us focus, it gives us purpose, even if, deep down, we know that it is not going to work out.
When we get rid of any masks and blinders that are keeping our energy going in the wrong direction, so far as our purpose is concerned, then we can get to the real issue of why we are not living that purpose.

Living In Reality.

The main difference, then, between knowing our purpose and living our purpose has to do more with our willingness to live in reality, to be in the awareness of what is, and to not make it about things outside of ourselves. Those things"”whatever they might be"”do not stop us from living our purpose"”we do. The stories we tell ourselves about why we can't live that purpose are there because we're afraid. It is okay to feel that failure, but it becomes problematic when you let it dictate your actions.
When we make the decision to live a purpose-based life, we are giving that purpose permission to run the show, not our fears.

If there is any part of you"”conscious or unconscious"”that is letting fear run the show, in any aspect of your life, I'd like to invite you to let that go. Along with that, let go of everything that prevents you from allowing your purpose to run the show. Let yourself imagine what it would really be like if living your purpose was easy. If you always felt supported. Imagine that everything you've been through"”all the lessons you've learned, skills you've acquired, wisdom you've amassed"”has prepared you for this moment? What if you already have everything you already need to truly live your purpose?

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