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10 Ways To Build Self-Confidence

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Self Confidence is the most attractive quality we can have and yet its one we often struggle with. Brought up in a world where we are taught that its better to fit in than to stand out, we hide our uniqueness behind a wall of "˜normality' which keeps us small.

But if you want more than mediocrity in life; if you want trust, love, success, joy and happiness, you need to become more of yourself. It is only by sharing your fabulousness, your unique and wonderful self with the people around you that you will attract the same in return.

Getting to know and love yourself through acceptance and understanding will build the self-confidence you need to fully embrace your life.

the_woman_who_quitPush Yourself Beyond Your Comfort Zone

It is tempting to keep doing what you know, to stay in your comfort zone. The idea of doing something new, of pushing the boundaries of your experience may seem scary but the rewards are incredible. When you achieve something you never thought you could, you get to see yourself in a new light. And each time you push a little bit further, you discover more about what you are capable of. Its never as scary as you tell yourself it is.

Embrace Your Personal Style

We are bombarded by messages in magazines, television and by the big brands which tell us how we should look, what we should wear, and how we should behave. But remember that fashion is transient and what is "˜in' today will be "˜out' tomorrow. It is the constant turnover of style which generates income for big business and adds to our sense of insecurity. Becoming yourself in a world which wants you to be a clone may sound impossible but developing your own personal style will help you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Ask For Help

When you worry, you start to doubt yourself and your abilities which in turn undermines your confidence. It may feel uncomfortable to ask for help but the rewards are twofold. You learn something new or find a solution to a difficulty but more importantly it's a chance for you to connect with someone else. They feel privileged to be asked, grateful for the opportunity to be able to help and both of you come out feeling on top of the world. You may even make a new friend!

Trust Your Gut

We all have a tiny voice which whispers to us and lets us know whether something feels right or wrong. Following the crowd will make you feel insecure as you are dependant on people around you to make you feel good about yourself. People are fickle and you may be accepted today but rejected tomorrow. Reconnecting with yourself allows you to hear your intuition more clearly and by following your gut, you make decisions which are right for you.

Cover All Your Bases

Taking care of your physical and mental health is a great way to be ahead of the ball game. The one certainty in life is that things will change but by building resilience and resources in yourself, you can ensure that you have reserves of strength and fortitude for the times when life throws you a curve ball. Eat healthily, exercise and take time to be alone and you will create a strong connection which will see you through the most difficult storms of life.

Be Willing To Put Yourself Out There

Good things will not come to you if you are sitting on the sidelines of life. The fabulous job, the wonderful partner, the great friends will not drop magically in your lap no matter how hard you wish for them. If you want more in life you have to be willing to go out and get it. Get clear about what you want and then take the actions which will bring it to you. At each step along the way, check in with yourself to ensure you are on track. But remember, sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck. Don't be so focused on your goal that you fail to see what is right in front of you.

Never Apologise For What You Love

The things you enjoy are a reflection of you, your personality and your quirkiness. We are all a little weird but if your express your weirdness, you will attract like minded people. How miserable it is to go through life playing a part with people just so they will like you. Much better to be true to yourself and find the people who share your interests and passions. As you express yourself through the things you love, you feel more connected to yourself bringing joy to you and others around you.

Embrace Your Inner Child

Life as an adult is filled with to-do lists, responsibilities and schedules which can leave us feeling stressed and frazzled. Taking a step back to do something fun helps you balance your life and brings joy and positive energy. Go to the children's playground and sit on the swing, roll down the nearest hill, make a play-doh person, colour in a picture, or build a tower with blocks. Hang out with a child and watch the world through their eyes. Just be in the moment with no thought about how it may look to someone else. Connecting with your childlike self brings freedom and joy.

Celebrate Your Achievements

We work so hard to achieve but often fail to pat ourselves on the back when we get there. We shrug it off as if it is nothing, set a new goal and keep moving forward. But when times are difficult and you feel you are making no progress, it is vital to be able to see how far you have come. Celebrating your wins gives you the confidence to take on a new challenge with the knowledge you can achieve it.

Fake It Till You Make It

Confidence can take time to build but you can "˜act' confident anytime you choose. What does a confident person do? Take note of the way they stand, the way they smile, the eye contact they make and copy their actions the next time you need a dose of confidence. You may initially feel like a fraud but if you push through you will discover that in fact you already have everything you need.


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