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10 Warning Signs That Your Boss May Be a Psychopath

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You've had your suspicions. Right from the get go. The day you started your boss was nice as nice could be but your Spidey senses started tingly almost immediately. There's something just not right with this person.   You couldn't quite put your finger on it but it was just a matter of time before his true colours started showing. One month in and you're convinced. Your boss is a psychopath.

Little signs starting popping up daily, almost hourly. Suddenly you're regretting taking this job. But you're here now and you'll stick it out until you can't anymore. Your coworkers seem to be relatively happy here so it can't be that bad right? You have to wonder why anyone at all works here, though. Your boss is bat shit crazy.

1. The blame game.

That was the first sign. Something happened that was clearly his fault and he pegged your co-worker Judy for it. Your boss never takes any responsibility for the things he does that turn out bad. It's always someone else's fault. You wonder when it's going to be your turn to get nailed.

2. The name calling.

Not only does he call your coworkers names behind their backs but he's also dissing clients too. Some of the things that often come out of his mouth are "oh that jerk" or "my God she's so stupid". You're in shock. What doe s he call you behind your back? Apparently your boss doesn't like anyone but himself (which leads us to the next point) and has a derogatory term for everyone.

3. He's the greatest.

Period. He is above everyone, never makes any mistakes and has all the answers to all the questions and his answers are always right. The end. End of discussion. Don't even try to argue anything with him because even if you are right, you're wrong. And don't bother bringing up somebody who is really good at something because he is sure to find some fault in them, somewhere, somehow. He'll find it.

4. Manipulation is his game, and he's good at it.

He's manipulated everyone in the office to the point that no one even bothers to challenge or question him anymore. Everyone just does their job, shuts their mouth and goes home at the end of the day. You haven't quite figured out if they are afraid of him or just ignore his manipulation.

5. Cracks under pressure.

All the time. When the going gets tough, he freaks out. There's no calm in him at all. His diplomatic skills are null and void. He paces frantically, screams, slams the phone down and engages in all other psychotic behaviour. He simply can't handle stressful situations. And of course, he blames everyone for whatever went wrong. You're all idiots. It's all your fault.

6. I'm not listening. Ever.

This guy doesn't hear a word you say. Why should he? What you say doesn't matter to him anyway. He just wants you to come in, produce, work and go home.   He zones out completely when you try to talk to him ab out anything. And don't try to bring it up again in a month or so because you know he wasn't listening and he'll just say you never told him. It's a no win really. He doesn't care what you have to say.

7. You sneaky devil.

Like sneaky in a way that it's almost creepy. You put a file somewhere safe and the next day it's gone kinda creepy. It seems he's always creeping around period. You think you found a quiet place to talk to a co-worker and out of nowhere he appears. And he does this all the time. You know he's eavesdropping. It's really just not a private workplace at all. Ever.

8 . Hollow inside.

There's no sympathy, no emotion, not hing. He's null and void and stone cold inside. You can tell him your child just died and he'll ask you to make sure you are back to work in 3 days. He has no heart. At all. There's nothing in him. It's almost scary.

Does this describe your boss? I once had a boss like this. Wasn't long before I recognized it and left . Bosses like this are full of insecurities and lack self-esteem and self-worth. Don't take any of it personally. It has nothing to do with you and every thing to do with them.

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