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10 Uplifting Statements to Delight Your Soul (That Will Change Your Life)

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You wake up in the morning with a sense of dread, another day.

You have no energy for anything.

When you look in the mirror you don't always like what you see.

Sometimes you have such little confidence you feel uncomfortable around people who have confidence coming out their ears.

upliftingYou wish you had more to offer; you wish you were more Zen and spiritual.

You simply feel that you are worthless.

This was me, (and still is some days)

Oops I Got What I Thought

When I was a teenager, I LOVED T.V. doctor dramas. I'd binge watch until I thought my eyes would fall out.

I imagined myself in the hospital with a mysterious disease that no one could figure out, with my family all around and, of course a worried love interest by my side.

What I wanted was the attention, the romance, the fantasy and drama of these shows.

What I got was the disease, the near death, the hospital, the kidney failure and the pulmonary hypertension. Oh, and let's not forget the mysterious disease that no one can figure out.

Turns out there was no romance, no fantasy, no T.V drama; just awful sickness.

It was literally "what you think is what you get." Nowadays I have to constantly remind myself to think healing thoughts.

Recently, I was going through a tough period of depression after my second near-death experience -yes, it happened again- when someone told me to talk to myself. To tell myself uplifting statements during the day.

Even if it is just "Breathe," or "Sleeping is OK."

I started talking to myself as if I was talking to another person and giving myself encouraging thoughts.

Which helped remove the cloud hanging over my head.

But it took a while. My thoughts continued drifting back to thoughts of disease, weakness, ugliness, etc.

And some days they still do. I am a work in progress -aren't we all? – but I'd like to share what I have learned with you.

Are your thoughts keeping you from achieving your highest potential? Try these"¦

1.You Are Beautiful

With the media bombarding you with preconceived notions of beauty, it is all too easy to forget that you are beautiful.

I find that I need to remind myself every day. This is not a narcissistic statement. It has nothing to do with being obsessed with yourself.

It is about self-love, loving yourself for who you are and knowing that you are beautiful inside and out. I know that's a cliché, but sometimes we need a little cliché in our lives.

2.You Are a Divine Being

This one is important to understand and can sometimes be hard to wrap your head around.

ESSENTIAL DISCLAIMER: I talk about God, but if that word does not float your boat feel free to insert one of your choice. Example: The Divine, Higher Self, Light, Love, Life Force, Formless Substance, Cosmos, Universe etc..

Anyway we are all made from God or (insert word here) and therefore we are all divine beings, so remind yourself.

3.I Love You, I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You

In their book, Zero Limits, Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len discuss this ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and healing called Ho'ponopono.

It turns out that loving yourself is the easiest way to heal yourself.

These are its principles:

Tell yourself you love yourself.

Tell yourself you are sorry, sorry for any negative thoughts or emotions you may have or had.

Ask for forgiveness.

And always say: "Thank you."

Give it a try!

Side Note: Dr. Len healed a whole hospital/prison of criminal insane people in Hawaii by repeating this mantra to the photos of the inmates.

4.Pause, Take a Deep Breath and Smile

Do you ever forget to breathe? Yeah, me too!

Remind yourself to take a moment, breathe and smile. Especially on days that you are feeling down, overwhelmed or done.

Even just moving your lips into a smiling position can bring out a real smile and make you feel better.

Smile to yourself!

5.It's OK if You Need a Break.

Give yourself a break. You don't need to be able to "do it" every day.

Allow yourself to not be super human every day.

Sometimes what your body needs is for you to tell yourself that it is OK to watch a little television, take that nap or read that book

You don't want to burn out, and resting is as important as doing.

6.You are Strong

We all need to remember this. Tell yourself that you are strong! Strength comes in all shapes and sizes.

I'm a tiny little thing of 5 feet and all I ever hear people say about me is that I am strong. But I need to remind myself, I need to hear it from me.

7.You Have the Right to be Rich

I recently read a book that changed my outlook on this. We are told not to be greedy and you must understand the difference. I am not talking about greed or desire for more material objects.

What I am talking about is everyone's right to be rich because you can't grow and evolve physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually if you don't have resources.

In his book The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D. Wattles explains that wealth is infinite and the "Formless Substance" that creates the world, wants us to be rich because by being rich we evolve and that's what life is about.

He explains that we must think in this way and always remember that there is plenty for everyone. He calls it thinking creatively not competitively. I obviously can't explain the book as well as he does so I highly recommend it.

But the premise is that we all have a right to be rich and we should remind ourselves every day, going back to the concept of what you think is what you get. Think wealth and you shall get wealth.

However, you must also put your thoughts to action. While you are thinking about getting rich you must do whatever your current work is with excellence.

And always remember to be grateful.

8.The Principle of Life is Health

Wallace D. Wattles also wrote a book called The Science of Being Well. I found this one particularly interesting because I am in the process of healing my body and reversing all the negative thoughts about disease.

He explains that the Universal Principle of Life is health, meaning that our original state is health. Everything is meant to be healthy.
The problem came when humans began to think of disease and of problems with the body.

He explains that medicine and cures work because the patient, whether consciously or unconsciously, believes that it will work. But the key is not just believing that it will work; it is believing that it will work on you.

That is why some systems of healing work on some people while other systems work on others.

But really all there is to it is remember that your true nature is health, which leads me to the next point.

9.Your Truth Is"¦.

This is my favorite thing to repeat to myself daily. Right now my truth is health. I find it helpful for shifting my thoughts to health.

For example, if I tell myself "you are healthy," and I don't feel healthy that day, it may seem like denial.

The purpose is not denial. Denial is bad.

The purpose is to realize where you are at and move your thoughts to where you want to be. By speaking as if you are already there. And BELIEVING you are already there.

If I tell myself that my truth is health, I definitely believe that and I know I am already there because it is my true state.

10.You Are Grateful

Always remember and remind yourself to be grateful for everything that you have been blessed with in this life, because life is a precious gift.

I constantly say that I am grateful for being alive. I thank myself and my body for fighting to be here and for putting up with my thoughts.

And I thank the universe for blessing me and for everything.

Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life

Having no desire for anything sucks!

Especially when the people around you seem to be delighted souls with plenty of confidence.

But these simple thoughts repeated often and with belief can dramatically improve your self vision.

Whether you are trying to heal, don't have enough money, simply don't have enough energy or even have been feeling ugly, it starts with the mind.

Even though we often forget, we are all so worthy and we must help each other feel it.

Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror every morning and loving what you see. Finding yourself smiling at nothing at all during the day

To start just try one of the statements above, pick your favorite and tell it yourself often, as often as you can.

Put the statements on sticky notes and post them all over your room or home. Remind yourself that you are the best you and that is all that matters

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