10 Powerful Crystals Everyone Should Own

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Crystals, gems and diamonds aren't just for ladies. They also aren't just for show and tell. For thousands of years, gemstones have been used for their healing properties. Many of us wear them around our necks on beautiful chains, on our fingers as rings, around our wrists as bracelets and several other ways for show. Many wear them just for fashion, others know exactly what they are and what they are used for. Gemstones have incredulous healing properties that more people need to know about.

Gemstones don't only come in the form of jewelry though it is easier to reap the benefits of a rose quartz crystal if you are wearing it around your neck. So what else do we need to know about crystals and which ones should we have in our possession? Below is a small list of 10 of the most powerful crystals and their healing properties and why everyone should own at least one.

crystals1. Clear quartz.

The most powerful as far as clearing negative energy. Place one in each corner of your room, any room, on your desk, wherever. This stone goes with every stone and is a great amplifier for other stones. If you are needing some healing for a broken heart, pair the clear quartz with a rose quartz. It's a lovely (pardon the pun) combination.

2. Citrine.

This is the money or the merchant's stone . If you are looking to bring about more money for your business or into your life, keep some of these on hand. If you own a store, keep some in the cash register. Carry one in your wallet, your purse, your pocket, anywhere really. This stone, unlike the others, never needs clearing.

3. Rose quartz.

The love stone. Not only to be used if you are maybe looking for love, but also if you are need of loving yourself a little more or maintaining loving relationships with family, friends or even co-workers.

4. Hematite.

This is a fantastic stone to help with pain and also to help clear negative energy. You may have noticed many people wearing magnetic bracelets with greyish black stones. Those are hematite bracelets and they are very powerful.

5. Turquoise.

Not only beautiful but great if you are doing some soul searching. It helps you to find honesty within yourself and get clear on what changes you may need to make in your life. It's also a great manifesting stone bringing good fortune and abundance to you.

6. Tiger eye.

A great grounding and protection stone. If you are feeling anxiety about an upcoming event or something you have to do or attend, tiger eye will give you confidence and courage. It will also protect you from your own inadequate feelings and inject you with a bit of assuredness.

7. Jade.

Definitely a powerhouse stone covering money, love and protection from harm. This stone has long been used to attract love but it also a great money attractor when used with powerful positive intentions and thoughts about money.

8. Garnet.

Another powerhouse money stone can also be used for love. This is another great stone for business owners. If you need to attract more business or clients, place 3 garnet stones on your desk or near your phone. It is a great stone to help with your sex drive if you have been feeling less than amorous.

9. Carnelian.

This is a great stone for anyone who needs a boost of energy and or courage. It is a great stone to protect against any sort of negativity and harm. Carnelian is a humour and give you the feeling of joy and happiness.

10. Sunstone.

The happy stone. If you are feeling low or lonely wear this or carry one in your pocket for pick me up. It is a great energy stone when are feeling tired or have little to no motivation. If you need a boost in your personal power of attraction, then this is the stone to wear or hold.

There is so much more to know about stones but if you considering purchasing stones for healing, these are a great start to your collection. Make sure you clear them and program them for you. Clearing them is easy and there are many methods in which to do so. A quick google search will turn up everything you need to know about clearing and programming.

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