10 Crucial Health Reasons Why You Should Chill Out

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We live in a go go go society. Don't stop. Go to work, go shop, go home, get dinner, back out, go to extracurricular events for kids and family, go home, go to bed, rinse and repeat tomorrow. I'm exhausted just typing that out. When do we stop? When we're sleeping? By the time we actually get to fall into bed we're too tired and can't sleep. It's time to chill out. In fact, it's necessary for your health.

We want to accomplish everything in such a short time. Save the world, if you will. Maybe we can't save the world but we do want to try to do for others to save them. Maybe? The only one who pays for this madness is you. You can't save the world or anyone else for that matter, but there is still time to save yourself. Here are a few reasons why you need to chill out, now.

chill_out1. Your mental health depends on you.

While you are busy running around and trying to save the world, your brain is screaming at you to stop or, at the very least, slow down so it has time to recharge. You need to give it time to process things, and relax. It needs time to decompress otherwise overload sets in and that isn't good for anyone, especially not you. Exhaustion comes in many forms, not just physical, but mental too. When you recognize your brain shutting down, it's time for you to shut down too and chill out.

2. Put that donut down.

Yes, you heard me. Put it down. When we are busy running around and not paying to the time of day, soon we realize it's 2 pm and we haven't had lunch yet so we stop at the local coffee shop and grab a donut, muffin, croissant or something that we think is going to fill our belly. It does, but only temporarily. Not only that, it adds unwanted calories and sugar into our bodies. These treats or midafternoon snacks are far from healthy. Throw a bag of almonds or some fruit in a bag and take them with you on your errand running day.

3. So stressed out!

That's what happens at the end of the day. You have been going all day, eventually running on empty and realize that your nerves are frazzled. You didn't save the world after all. In fact, you couldn't even save your friend either. That's not what you are here for and when you realize you aren't, and you can't save them you get stressed out. What did you do wrong? How come that didn't work? Why is the world still falling apart? It's not for you to answer these questions. Time to chill out and let others take care of their own problems.

4. Nurture your own growth.

When do you have time to do that? Are you making time for that? What about your passions and your hobbies and your enjoyment? Have you made any time for that or is that all sitting on the back burner while you run around for everyone else? It is important to take time to chill out and spend time with you. During this time, maybe you can nurture one of your hobbies or passions. Get a little more pleasure out of life. I mean, this is your life after all.

5. Bedtime is the best time.

Right? Who doesn't love bedtime? Other than your toddler that fights to not want to go to bed, we all love bedtime. Ironically enough, you get there and can't sleep. You're wired up and fired up. Too much on the brain, too agitated from the day's events, just too filled with anxiety to sleep. Sleep is crucial to our well being and without a good night's sleep you will run the risk of creating health problems, physical and emotional, that were not there before. Take some time just before bed to unwind. Listen to some nice soft music, meditate, sip herbal tea or whatever else soothes your soul. Do this every day.

Remember, you are the most important person in the world and you can't pour from an empty cup. Put your cup down every day and spend time with you. Chill out and enjoy some alone downtime.

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