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1 way to stop someone's toxic behaviour from poisoning you

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We all have at least one toxic person in our life. No matter how hard we try to stay away from them, eventually we end up the same room as them as some social gathering, whether it be a family function or a work place event. I'm still baffled that, in this day and age, where positivity seems to be everywhere, and wherever you look, there are a million things that lead to a healthy happy positive life, there are still miserable and negative people who just don't get it. I mean, what's not to get, right? Having a positive mindset and attitude, leads to a positive life.

Anyway, there is still that one person that you must deal with at the next function and their toxicity is so powerful you can see the grey haze enter the room even before they do. So what's the trick on how to stop their poison from harming us? Can it really be that easy?

It sure can. What you will read here will surprise you. Actually it will blow your mind. When you're done reading this you are going to wonder why you didn't think of it sooner and you will actually look forward to meeting up with that negative Nancy to see if it really works. Trust me, it does and it will. As long as you use the power of your mind as I instruct you to do. The mind, remember, is a very powerful thing. We can use it to cure disease, though some people still don't believe this. We use it to decide on whether or not we are going to be happy or sad on any given day. The mind will do whatever we tell it to do. If more people fully understood that, this world would be such a happy place. Who chooses to be sad and angry? No one actually chooses that but instead they let their emotions get in the way and forget that their mind can control their actions too, not just their heart.

So what is the one secret way to stop being poisoned from someone's toxic behaviour?

How many of you remember your favourite comic book hero? They were going to save the town, no matter what. Some of them had capes, webs, swords, flashy cars, wrist cuffs, you name it, there was a super hero that wore or had one. Are you ready to be a super hero and save your soul town?

Get your shield out.

Yes you read that right. Your shield. Every single one of us has one but nobody ever uses it. You can summon it up any time you need it and the best part of it all? You can make it any colour you want. I do, however, suggest you choose protective or loving colours like pink, red, orange, yellow etc. and try to stay away from black, though really whatever works best for you.

When you know you are going to encounter negative Nancy, get your shield ready. Sit quietly somewhere and tap into your inner light. Remember you choose the colour. (Stay sitting for at least 5 minutes but really as long as you can that feels comfortable for you.) Feel it inside you and then slowly summon it out and all around your body. Tell your shield that you need its protection. Feel its protection. Imagine your whole body is completely shielded from any negativity that may be headed your way. You should be able to feel a slight warm glow when you are doing this exercise. Keep your eyes closed until you feel, I mean really feel, your light shield completely protecting you. When you are confident that you feel this 100% then you are ready to face the toxic fumes.

You start walking up the driveway and there she stands with her dark gloomy cloud hovering all around her. Your shield is stronger than her cloud. You walk over her to her reminding yourself and your shield that you are well protected. No toxic fumes can touch or harm you. You are supported by love and will not absorb any of that negative energy she is emitting.

Your glow is so strong others see it too. You greet her with a warm and welcoming hello and she starts. And you just smile and keep smiling. She'll eventually catch on and just stop. Trust me. Your aura is so strong right now that she can't fight it and can't help but feel it too. Watch what happens.

Now before you run off and practice this, remember it isn't a miracle and it may not work for some, unfortunately. Those are the ones you want to stay clear from, period. Trust me when I tell you, it will definitely work for most. Your invisible shield is more powerful than you know. Use it properly but wisely.

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