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Steven Aitchison
Written by Steven Aitchison

Over the last 5 years of writing this blog there have been exactly 18,925 comments on 695 posts, an average of 27 comments per post. Whilst this is great and we get to see some readers who comment regularly, it occurred to me that I don’t really know the people who comment, except for a few of you.

So I wanted to get to know you better as a reader, a commenter, a friend, and as a product buyer.

In this post I would love it if you could leave a comment below telling me all about yourself. You can promote your products (as long as you’re not a spammer :) ), promote your blog, or just tell us more about you and what your hopes and aspirations are.

Why am I doing this?


You have been part of the CYT community either for a few days or a few years and I would love it if everybody who stops by here on a regular basis could just promote themselves for a change.  I have been talking through my posts, interacting through comments, and talking via email, but I’ve not had a real chance to listen to you talk about you.

  • Introduce Yourself below (even if you are a regular here)
  • Tell us about you, your work, your blog or product
  • Tell us a little about your hopes and aspirations for yourself
  • Promote the hell out of you :)
Hopefully we can get to know each other a little better and make the CYT community a little stronger.
Looking forward to hearing about you.




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  • Hi Steven,

    First of all thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful creations and all that you are doing for the world!

    I’m writing to share my personal story on how I did overcome depression for good by working on my subconscious mind and its limiting beliefs through positive images and affirmations.

    I used to suffer from depression for 10 years while now I consider myself one of the happiest persons on Earth!!! The good news is that I’m sure that if I could overcome depression (after 10 years!!! ) everyone else can!That’s why I had to share my story with the world!

    I also run a Facebook page spreading positivity and inspirational words!

    You are more than welcome to come and visit and tag/share/use everything you like in my page!!!

    With lots of Love and gratitude!

    Momoko ^___^

  • Glad to have found this site (somehow it happened) and am sharing it with other friends of mine. Very interesting and suggestive and helpful and open. Honest.

    I’m just a 14 year old girl, going through first year in high school, still trying to figure some (ok a lot, of) things out.
    I have to say that I lack courage…maybe you could write a post about that someday? Also in speaking up. Especially that. At times it’s not that I’m afraid but that I just don’t feel enough motivation or something like it doesn’t concern me too much. I’m a little bit on the down side of a talker, it’s weird for me around strangers and I’m, at times an awkward person haha. But see, I’m pretty easy going and carefree. I’m a really happy girl and I want everyone to be happy and stay positive too! (: Art is my passion (&writing sometimes), I’m pretty free-flowing.
    I have a tumblr blog…but I don’t think anyone here is interested in that haha its more for myself to write for than anyone else, but is your blog on tumblr sir? I think that would be a great promotion for you if not already done. It looks a little plain at first, but that blog site is like Narnia, I swear it. But tumblr is a society that remains low-key, please be careful with it.

    There are things I want to do, so so many things, to help other people (I rejoice in that) but do not know how to overcome obstacles like parents, age, or appearance, stereotypes and all that without LOSING myself.
    I’m really unsure about the way I want to live life, because I’m afraid I might rush it if I work too hard to achieve many greater things, things rather than just school. I want to make an impact, and be a light to the world.
    I have a 4.0 GPA right now. I work hard at my education, I practice karate, I sleep 5-6 hours a night, I have family and friends I love and try to be there for them as best I can. I’m a really happy person and I know it is because of God, He is my steady base line, and this is what I can’t leave out in this comment here.

    Keep sharing the positivity of your blog! I will be checking back regularly.

    *Oh, I guess I could ask this right then and there, well see I get frustrated when I’m not able to do that I need to do. Like I can’t figure out how the heck I can fix things when I absolutely HAVE TO. I get really frustrated so bad that it brings me to tears. Any knowledge of how I can keep my composure? It’s really bad in karate class when my opponent pushes on me. Or even say, like an argument that I have with such stubborn people. I don’t know what to do in those moments.

    I feel like I’ve written too much now…I’m kind of conscious that anyone can read this. Sorry if it’s boring and a lot! D: But hey I’m not ashamed to ask for help, suggestions. Everything is welcome to me, so thank you so much!

  • I am a 26 year old spiritual seeker. In June 2010, I met a spiritual teacher who explained a model for humanity and promised that if I mastered the model, I would be able to get any job, sell anything to anyone, and develop a highly dynamic personality.

    In the last two years I’ve attended over 10 of his workshops and have grown to realize that finding any job or selling any product is secondary to finding a job you love and selling something that means something to you.

    My reflection on the last year is that other people are the most important part of life. That people are radically different and first impressions often overlook major aspects of a person.

    I’ve learned that you need to reach out more than you feel comfortable doing. That you need to put yourself on the line, as often as you can and for no reason at all.

    I’ve learned that the real pursuit of spirituality is not to find God but to find yourself.

    I love your site! The design is so user friendly and you are the absolute best at taking care of your commenters. Be back soon.

  • Hi,
    My name is Mariola Innes and I run Inspired Conceptions Natural Fertility Clinic. I help childless couples to to find their way to the source of all creation to manifest the baby of their dreams.

    If the connection is a bit fuzzy I help to clean it up, straighten any kinks, improve the soil and the building blocks, remove any programming and help them to stay focused on their loving relationship during the challenging times.

    My specialty lies in using quantum medicine combined with quantum psychology, highest grade nutritional program and connecting all with Divine Light, the source of all creation. Some 80% of my couples are allowed to receive that special “gift” from the One who is the source of all creation by transforming their attitude and by making love to make babies.

    The same program can be used to transform any other challenges that plague mankind without the need for expensive medications, invasive procedures and risking their lives.

  • “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

    My story is not that different from all the rest of stories that grace personal development blogs. The subjects I ponder on the pages of Simpler Life Today are not that new. They are not unique to me. I am not an authority on them. I don’t think I am a seasoned or prolific writer. I simply attempt to offer my perspective, together with a hint of inspiration.

    More so, everything that I write or touch upon, you already posses in you. It’s just that I had some extra time to ponder it. The answers are already within you as well, and your answers are perfectly suited for who you are.

    My hat off to you on your journey of self discovery, for stretching out and reaching beyond yourself. I’ll see you on the other side.

    Live well. Vlad

  • The whole change your thoughts, change your life concept became real for me twenty years ago when I was hospitalized with depression. The whole Cognitive Behavioral Therapy thing had a great impact on me. The concept of thought examination and thought management has been a passion of mine ever since.

    Recently I wrote a book entitled Please Change Your Mind, that explains how the mind works and how controlling our thoughts really are. Gandhi said, “We are what we think” and Buddha said, “He is able who thinks he is able.” Our thoughts are the epicenter of control in our life.

    We all see life through a lens. On that lens we place beliefs, rules, principles, and laws that we hold to be true. When something happens the first thing we do is think something. Those thoughts drive what we feel, which drives our behavior. If the results of your behavior, over time, do not meet your needs, there is probably a law on your lens that needs re-examination.

    We have laws about virtually every aspect of life — from Mom’s way to fold clothes and Dad’s way to cut the grass, to laws like, “Men don’t cry” and “my self-worth is dependent on my job title. Human growth is the process of chnaging the laws on your lens to produce better results in our lives, that best meet our needs.

    Please Change Your Mind will change your life!

  • Wow, this is the first time I encountered something like this. Thank you, Steve. Well, I came across your blog during the time when I really am at my lowest – that’s when I really am on my soul-searching, self-contemplating stage and really, your posts have been so helpful *One of my faves is the ’56 Things I Wished I’d Known When I Was Younger’. I now enjoy blogging as much as you do and I’m beginning my second chance at life pretty well this time – thanks to the positivity you are spreading.

  • Hi Steve and Team,

    I’m Shawn Watson, and I am a personal finance blogger. Sometimes I write personal development as well. My primary goal is to advocate financial literacy.

    Briefly, I completed pharmacy school and realized I learned how to be a health care professional but not how to manage money. Moreover, I had just begun grad school. In my attempt to correct my own deficiency, I wrote some of the lessons I was learning. After some time, I was debt free, was aggressively investing, and completed my PhD as well.

    Thanks for giving me a chance to share my story.

  • Hi! I love Steve’s blog, although I’m new to it. My name is Paula Baker and I’m a professional vocalist, homeschooling mother of 2 boys, writer, fiberista and creative lady. I’m currently exploring the world of blogging, learning to spin on a spinning wheel, and many other hobbies and interests too numerous to mention.

    I love music and sharing the emotions contained in music with other people in my performances. I recently created a blog to express my love of music, share some gorgeous photos and motivational quotes, as well as bring some positive energy into the world.

    Sing as if no one were listening…but if they are, sing your heart out!

  • Hi Steve,

    Love this idea! I currently work as a reading teacher and also enjoy playing in the holistic healing world as a practitioner and coach. My heart is especially with people who feel lost and overwhelmed who want to rebuild and create better lives for themselves and to take charge of their own health and wellness. I really identify with the saying – out of the wreck I rise – better and wiser, being an graduate of that school on more than one occasion. My blog is and my website is

  • My name is Augustus and I am a fictional character in a dream world where everyone is obsessed with ” personal development”. All the players in the story give away free ebooks like “Ten ways to maximize your potential” and “Little known secrets that will explode your personal wealth”. Sometimes they charge for one-on-one personal coaching sessions and trade compliments with each other in order to draw like minded souls to their web-sites. A small percentage of them become rich and famous and travel extensively on the self development circuit. Unfortunately many lose touch with their soul as they shuffle mindlessly between paradise homes and a thousand faceless hotel rooms. Of course, there are always lots and lots of people who are attracted by their message. Sometimes, one or the other wakes up and realizes that they’re all peering into a mirror.
    Augustus must take his leave now.
    Peace, joy….love and nothingness.

  • Hi Steve & Co,
    My name is Caroline McGraw, and I’m here first and foremost to say thank you to Steve – I really appreciate you stopping by A Wish Come Clear and sharing your support!

    Me: a would-be childhood paleontologist who digs for treasure in people. Helping you find meaning in your most challenging relationships at, and celebrating the beauty and difficulty of caregiving relationships in my latest book, Love’s Subversive Stance: Ground Yourself & Grow in Relationship.

    My passion: to seek out the treasures in each person, and illumine those treasures through story. To write and fight and work and strive for a world in which we celebrate people not just for what they can and can’t do, but for who they are and how they love.

  • Hi Steve its quite humbling that you can let regulars like me say something on a World stage I must say because of the fact that the thoughts and ideas popping up here are amazing. I stay In Uganda located in East Africa working with a lacal NGO called ANOTHER HOPE CHILDREN’S MINISTRIES that offers love first of all, hope and the rest of it to Orphans annd vulnerable children in Uganda where I live. We run it together with my fiancee and much as we struggle hard especially with raising enough finances since the bulk of this comes from International donors, its very satisfying when after all this toil the kids are impressed and smile at the simple things that we avail them. We are trying to runour own busineses with my fiancee first to help finance our ministry and to ahve enough money to secure a future for our kid because times are getting harder( we are expecting by the way). Man so all that you put across here is an eye opener but he most important thing is that before all the complexities about stuff like offshore banking and all it reminds me to become more productive, make more money and its gonna be easier to deal with the Government, banks and all of them. SO thanks man.

  • Hi Steve,
    Thank you for all that you do. I have been a reader for a number of years now and have benefited greatly from CYT. I am wife, and mom of seven kids that I homeschool. In the past few years, as a result of the encouragement I have found through CYT and others, I have begun living my passion for drawing and painting. My goal this year is to have a gallery of my work online.
    Best regards,

  • Geat to be around like minded people..

    I am also hugely immersed in personal growth..

    I just want to help…

    I think that’s what many of us immersed in personal development are passionate about..

  • Thank you so much for this opportunity, Steve!

    After over 20 years in corporate finance, I started a blog at the end of 2010 in an attempt to open up, express myself and help others solve their own issues.

    Today that blog is simple mindfulness: simple steps to a happier life ( My mission is to support others in bringing more happiness into all aspects of their lives by being more mindful of their thoughts, feelings and actions. I believe that most people are capable of so much more than they allow themselves and I want to open their eyes to these possibilities and show them the simple steps to make their dreams their realities.

    On my blog I offer a free ebook: 7 Keys to Getting Things Done, Living on Purpose and Being Happy in the Process. The book and exercises help you to focus on your values and ensure that all of your goals and things on your to-do list truly support you and you’re not living your life for someone else.

    I’ll be releasing more comprehensive programs throughout the course of this year. I’d love to support everyone here in being happier every day.

  • hi -Stevie , thank you for the blog its awesome , lam studying towards OHAS , and life coaching , l want to be a consultant in this relevant field , you are helping me see the things l didn,t see . regards robson

  • Thanks Steven for the opportunity. I help unfulfilled corporate professionals set their heart & soul free from the prison of the paycheck, follow their passions and create a life they can be proud of.

    You can find out more at my blog:

    I would love to feature you and your success story on my Passion vs. Paycheck series that I host on my blog.

    Are you interested in having a short interview?


  • awesome idea. i like how the blogosphere is full of giving people. Farnoosh on Prolific Living did something similar too. Everyone is so generous!!! i love it all!! you guys are awesome.

    so can i put a little rhyme here?

    Travels about

    All burnt out

    In my little space

    Finding my place

    against depression
    To set myself free

    Self Awareness
    Just to be me

    Noch Noch | be me. be natural.

  • Hi my name is Rachael Moody and I read the daily posts in my email, don’t really save much time for visiting the site although I do love it here. I am a stay-at-home mother of two young girls and my husband and I are finishing up our last two years at school. We are both into natural health and use our knowledge to better the life of our girls, our cats, ourselves and anyone we come into contact with!

    In the moments of time that I get being at home, I work often on my artistic skills: sewing, painting, drawing, photo manipulation etc. But the real work that I am focusing on (procrastinating) is my book. I aspire to become a published author of many books such as: self-help, natural health, kid’s illustrated books, teen fiction and adult fantasy. The one that my husband is urging me to write is a pre-flood post-Garden of Eden book about Atlantis involving a highly sophisticated technological/magical fuel society that eventually destroys itself and almost the rest of the world with it. Its a story about our planet, our history, our society and our children. But mostly its about love (though don’t confuse it with a romance novel… anything but that!) Anyway, its a big story and we are both really excited about it and looking forward to the day when we get to the publishing step. But I have a hard time staying focused on my goal and so the book gets pushed aside day after day. But that’s my current dream, among others. Reading the posts that come from this website by various authors always encourages me to keep going and stay positive! Thanks for reading and I’m glad to be a part of this influential online community.

    Rachael Moody

    Anyone curious to see a few of my recent works of art, feel free to visit:
    or just look up Rachael Moody on facebook and visit my art album “Winged Dreams” Thank you!
    (sorry its not a real blog or website but this is the one I keep up-to-date with my limited time online.)

  • Hi Steve,

    Many thanks for this opportunity!

    I’m Hiten from England, and have been involved in the self-development area since 2003.

    I first got into this area, as I grew up with stammering (stuttering), which impacted most aspects of my life. I had missed out on so much because of difficulties with my speech. I made a decision in my early twenties, that I would overcome my problems.

    Since that time, I’ve worked hard on my self-confidence and have completely transformed myself. I have taken training up to Master Practitioner Level in NLP and like to coach people to overcome their problems.

    I offer coaching sessions via Skype, called EmpowerHour, where I help people remove a limiting belief they have about an aspect of their life in 1 hour:

    I have also created an online coaching program called Stuttering Mentor for people who stammer (stutter) to increase their self-confidence and reduce anxiety. I believe it was the first such program available on the Internet, for people who stutter:

    I just love coaching people and feel like I was born to do it!

    Thanks again for this opportunity Steve.

    With best wishes,


  • Hi, I’m Craig Sigl and I help youth athletes to become mentally tough. Mental toughness in sports is: Focused, Confident, Determined, and resilient. Growing up as an under-sized athlete, I learned how to use my mind to compete quite effectively and now teach my concepts to young athletes in helping them overcome performance anxiety and mental blocks. What I’m most proud about is that these skills get transferred over to other areas of their life. I have many success stories at

    We also have an affiliate program paying 50% of our $97 product with very good conversions. If you have a list, this is a highly effective product with excellent free content as a give-away to get started.

    Best regards,
    Craig Sigl

  • Hi Steven,
    Thank you Steven for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself to your readers.My Name is Malcolm Mc auliffe. I am married to my good wife Lisa.We have just launched a new site called This sites objective is to blog articles and maybe later to do article to video containing wisdom for the many readers who frequent our site. At the moment It is well ranked and has quite a lot of regular readers.As the name suggests the site shares wisdom freely and hopes to add a membership soon. I am in my late fifties and have been on my own spiritual journey all my life.The site covers basic wisdom and much deeper wisdom which I have personally experienced within myself during my meditations.It is my desire to spread this wisdom to all who seek it.I accept we are all on a spiritual journey, some are more aware than others.Most now know the truth is conceptional and is always changing with new perceptions and discoveries.The world is now going through a paradigm shift and a new consciousness is birthing itself to awaken a greater way to live.

    So this is just a little bit about me. To find out more about me visit my site at

    Thank you once again
    Malcolm Mc Auliffe

  • Hi,
    In 2012, I’m celebrating each letter of the alphabet for 2 weeks. We are now in ‘C’ weeks which stands for communication, conversations, and comments!

    I’m a bit of a “self-help junkie” and enjoy reading self-help blogs and books.

    I have a background in software development and I’m currently the Site Editor for a technical Website:

    The topic I enjoy most, though, is relationships. I wrote a book, The Laptop Dancer Diaries ( about looking for love at an older age. I also have a personal blog ( and I am the Boulder Dating Adviser on

    Thanks for allowing us this self-promotion!

  • Hello, my name is Amanda,and I can call myself as an experienced commenter and blogger-beginner) I have just started learning this sphere and that’s why I read different posts on blogs, trying to understand everything

  • Hi Steve, and fellow readers,thanks for oppurtunity to post something. I stumbled on your postes maybe 1 year or so ago,find them interesting,especially that video ,with the little guy talking to you:-).
    Have to admit of late i do find it all abot repetitive(being honest here).maybe because i get so much other stuff thats newer. I am the ultimate on every email list,though trying to cut back. I am an avid reader,philosophy,self help,ex Microsft employee, so just read paul allens idea man..facinating. Anyway i digress, i retired two and a bit years ago(still only 56),but have recently got involved in community work. I am now chairing a community group, looking for 75% funding for village enhancement projects. Anyone any info on where to get stuff, on how to manage coluntary groups,fund raising ideas etc,i would be most welcome. I am putting in a reasonably good process,of meeting minutes,assigning owners to projects etc etc,where very little structure would have been there.(they are leaders of various local groups ,coming in under this umbrella group,)Oh i LIVE IN DUBLIN IRELAND

  • Hi! I’m Dani, the creator of, a website dedicated to helping its readers live a positive and present life. I’ve been writing for Positively Present for almost three years now and next month I’m going to take a leap of faith and make it my full-time gig. I’m really looking forward to doing what I’ve always wanted to do (being a writer full-time), but of course I’m fearful of the future as well. The whole experience has been such a great test of being positive and present and it’s been exciting to share some of the experience with my readers. To find out more about me, you can find me all over the web here:

  • Hi Steven,
    Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

    I had found your blog while searching for advice on personal development. I had downloaded your ebook featuring some of your best posts. It was a good experience to read some of your finest posts in one go.

    Today, actually I wanted to send you an email regarding inclusion in guest bloggers community. Upon reaching your blog, this post was the first thing that grabbed my attention.

    I am Avdhessh Arya, Personal Development Coach & Voice Actor from New Delhi, India. I love to help young people break walls of self-imposed limitations and become confident individuals.

    My dream is to empower as many youth as I can through my blog (Online) and speaking (On ground). I have published 1 ebook (The Sweet little Book of Self-confidence) so far and working on some other projects.

    So, this is about me. Kindly let me know if I can be a part of the guest bloggers community.

    Thanks a lot again!

  • Hi, total newbee here. I currently operate an engraving company from my house, but that has led to me doing marketing training with other newbees in the field. I have been told I need to create a course so that I can teach even more, so just now getting my feet wet with coaching, mentoring and public presentations.

  • Hi Folks, I like blues music best (and lots of other kinds almost as much) and reading murder mysteries. I enjoy life with my partner and finding how ideas can be used to build a better life for ourselves and our world. I like the big picture applied to the details of our lives.

    I am a self development blogger. In my view authenticity is the path to lasting satisfaction. Fake gets unsatisfying at some point. This authenticity means not just knowing ourselves but also how we relate to our situation.

    My biggest hope is a life of joy for my partner and I. I hope to make a good income from my blog part-time so I can enjoy lots of other parts of my life and use the money to do useful things to improve our world.

  • Hi Steve,
    Another wonderful idea. Thank you for this lovely offer to share some of ourselves here.

    I’m an intuition coach and mentor. I teach people how to “speak intuition” so that they develop the confidence and clarity to reach their highest potential.

    I currently have a best seller on Kindle, Navigating by Intuition (thanks to you for pointing it out to me), along with two other books and a print book, The Intuition Principle, coming out soon along with a home study course by the same name.

    My goal is to continue writing books and creating courses that teach people to incorporate intuitive decision making into all aspects of daily life so that they live the life of their dreams now – not later.

  • Hi, Steve,

    Thank you for this opportunity to share my blog What a wonderfully giving thing for you to do! Great deposit into your Karma bank, my friend! :~)

    I’m a full-time coach, speaker and writer. I regularly write guest posts for other sites. I’ve written free e-books and a 3-part workbook, which are available at I’m ALL about connecting.

    Some people might think I’ve had more than my share of trials and tribulations in life.

    ■ I’ve learned to form meaningful relationships and love myself despite a wildly dysfunctional and abusive childhood and first marriage.
    ■ I’ve beaten the odds and bounced back from a life threatening disease; with an even stronger body and attitude.
    ■ I’ve recovered from traumatic injury and lived to hike the Andes Mountains, to Machu Picchu.

    But none of that makes me special. Many of you have probably had similar experiences.

    My childhood and ‘starter marriage’, the dis-ease and injuries, my obstacles, losses or disappointments do not define me. I am defined by how I responded to them.

    In each case I was faced with the choice; to become a victim, or to be a victor.

    I’ve chosen to face my challenges head-on and walk through the fire to make it to the other side, as a victor, not a victim.

    Whatever your personal heartaches; whether abuse, disease, disorder, loss or disappointment; whatever your trials, worries, challenges, fears, or dreams; you, too, can learn to tap into your own personal power to live a fiercely positive life full of gratitude, abundance, joy and confidence.

    I believe that my experiences have all led me to this. My Life Lessons forced me to discover some of the great secrets of Life, in order to survive – timeless secrets that other survivors and victors have also learned.

    I believe that I’m obligated to share those with others. Even more than that, I feel honored to share these through my presentations, my blog and my coaching.

    I’m not a therapist or doctor. But, given the Life Lessons I’ve been blessed to have encountered, you might say that I am an ‘experiential expert’. I’ve walked many of the same paths others are walking, now.

    I’ve learned to reconnect with myself, to rediscover my power and have the strength to choose to live a positive life.

    With a commitment to a fiercely positive future, I’ve created my own path of optimism, hope, transformation and meaningful relationships.

    My hope is that will do the same for others.

    Come check out my free e-books, read a few posts and please subscribe to my blog!

    Thank you, again, for this opportunity to share, Steve!

    Connie Lee @ The Power To Live

  • I am a recent widow, scrambling every day to come to grips with my ‘new life’ that I didn’t ask for and really don’t want now that I have it. But have it I do. Its my life and I deal every day.
    I also write and would love to give up my day job to write about things I am ‘passionate’ about. I just need to define my passion. I don’t much feel like like such these days but my future is calling. Anything can happen and most likely will happen. I need to figure out what kind of ‘anything’ will make me feel happy, safe and satisfied.
    I scramble daily, fight fear and keep going forward. Life continues for me. I seek joy and peace and survive on tender memories.
    It hasn’t been long so I find myself suddenly overwhelmed by sadness all the time.
    Comfort me, encourage me, give me hope. I need lots of all three.

  • Hello steve…
    Well i’m just an ordinary woman, living an ordinary life, who happens to see hear smell and feel spirits. If im totally honest i cant remember how i first knew about you but then one day there you were lol.
    Im a proud reiki master who loves to give my friends that happy floppy headed feeling i get from reiki. Im a very passionate woman, feel and go with my heart, which is on the whole a happy little organ so…just thought id say hi, how you doing? and thankyou for the inspiration youve given me so far, your quiet u guy…take care. x

  • I’m Mike Reeves-McMillan, and I blog at How to Be Amazing (, which is all about learning the Missing Curriculum – the things you never learned at school – and becoming a hero in your own life.
    I don’t have a product developed specifically for that audience yet, though I’m working towards something on Irrational Judo, using the irrational parts of your mind to your advantage. I do have courses on stress management (free), self-hypnosis and overcoming procrastination which you can find on the Resources page of
    Recently I’ve returned to a long-time passion of mine, fiction writing, and put up a few of my existing fiction works in the Kindle store (just search for my name). I’m working on a series about heroic civil servants in a steampunk-fantasy setting (because heroes are everywhere you look).
    The fiction tends to have a personal development subtext for some reason.

  • Hi Steve,

    I’ve just discovered your site and I now have it bookmarked. :) It is great to find such a source of positivity. I have spent a large portion of my life helping others, though only indirectly as far as my career goes, and recently I decided that I want to really focus on being able to help people.

    My own life has been a whirlwind of ups and downs and I have learned many things through desperate attempts at finding happiness in the midst of crappy situations. I just started a blog about this so that I can help others, though I’ve been writing a book on this stuff since last year and collating notes for a long time before then.

    My hope is be able to give people ideas for enjoying their life and achieving their goals.


  • I’m so glad you did this because it’s nice to find out who the other readers/commenters are. Such fun!

    So, to introduce myself…

    I’m a somewhat eccentric, hippy, change the world type of girl. I was raised in the Southern US (TN) but I live in the Twin Cities (Minnesota).

    I’m a blogger (Self Improvement Saga) and a Transformational Life Coach (You Turn Life Coaching), but I began my working days as an Information Security professional. I chose that initial career for the money, but I never had a passion for fighting cyber criminals. What I love is writing, inspiring people and doing my part to make the world a happier place. I help people to discover their life purpose, to get unstuck, to accomplish their goals and to create a life that they absolutely love. I truly believe everyone deserves this, so I even make room for clients who can’t afford my fees (2 clients per 12 week period). My new best friend is Skype because it allows me to coach people all over the world while remaining here in Minnesota.

    I have one daughter who is now 18 years old, I’m still in my 30s and I’m enjoying each day to the Nth degree. I’m an animal lover, currently sitting here with 3 beautiful felines.

    I’m a 100% believer in the Law of Attraction. I’m studying energy healing, which I hope to incorporate into my life coaching practice in a year or two. What I’m most proud of is the people in my life. I’ve managed to successfully surround myself with loving, supportive people who bring so much sunshine into my life. I’ve also blended the lines between work and play, which is another great achievement. I can honestly say that I LOVVVVVVVVE what I do.

    That’s me in a nutshell.

    I can be found online at all the hot spots.
    My life coaching site:
    Self Improvement Saga:
    Twitter: @NeaLOA

  • Hi Steven,
    Great idea and I love your Kindle books that you have on display.
    I’m Tess Marshall from where I teach others the art of living fearlessly. On the other side of fear lies your greatness.

    I have a brand new course “Take This Fear and Shove It!” t and a new teleseminar coming up Feb 16th “Create Your Own Love Story.”

  • Steve, what a nice thing to do. My name is Lina Dickinson. I grew up in San Francisco and after meeting my husband, live in Kansas City, MO. I am raising 4 children ages 6-11 and my blog is my outlet and my way of giving back. It has been a journey figuring the “life” thing out with an array family baggage and bad habits. Don’t we all have that??? I love sharing my insights and lessons along the way. My goal is to grow and reach more women. I want them to overcome their fear and doubts to follow their passion. Which is exactly what you are doing and why I love you! xo Lina

  • Hi Steve

    I help companies achieve maximum value from their corporate travel budget.I love traveling , reading , dancing, cooking , movies and music. I aspire to become the best (a leader) in business travel management.


  • My name is Connie Lee and I am the Founder/President of the FACSA Foundation (Family and Friends Fighting Against Child Sexual Assault), in Springhill, La. We are a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) status company, with an all volunteer staff. The FACSA Foundation provides support services for families of child sexual assault, such as attorney’s, counselors, support group, guidance, and what each family needs for their case. We also educate the community on prevention of child sexual assault, through our programs such as the Good Touch/Bad Touch Program from ChildHelp USA; Kid’s Safe ID Kit’s from the National Exploited Children’s Foundation; and the FACSA Defense Program, where we go to schools for free to teach teens about abusive dating relationships, warning signs, and 30 minutes of hands on self defense. I have a Bachelors of Science in Psychology; I am a public speaker and an event planner.

    On March 20 & 21, 2012, INXPO will present a nationwide live event, (similar to a physical EXPO with sponsor booths, speakers, organizations, advocates, supporters, and attendees, but virtual) free for sexual assault organizations, hosted by the FACSA Foundation. An example of our EXPO presentation will look similar to this travel EXPO at Browser bar- may have to use to sign in). We anticipate 5000 attendees for the first event, but the attendance will increase as it is more publicized. We are asking sexual assault organization’s from across the nation to submit 3-5 minute videos of their organizational mission and services, with downloadable links for your virtual business cards, flyers, and brochures for their virtual booths; as well as submit art, music, poetry, crafts, wood work, metal art, and personal stories. We have a website to gather the content, that will be posted to the EXPO, at (you may have to put it in the top browser bar). On the day of the live event, you will be able to view the virtual live event from your computer and see organizations publicized on a national and global platform, speakers, sponsor booths, games, live Q & A chat with organizational members, and a virtual lounge to meet other attendees and participants. Organizations from nations who have joined us are Africa, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Nigeria, Russia, Pakistan, and the U.K. Some speakers, from the EXPO, will join us in a nationwide speaking tour advocating prevention of sexual assault. This event is the catalyst for changing the social stigma of child sexual assault; by uniting organizations in a personal easy to access format; by conducting research to implement in developing new state of the art programs; using the research to change public policies; and teaching advocacy and prevention across the nation with the “Holocaust of Innocence Tour”. We are gathering the knowledge and resources for anyone to view 24/7, 365 days a year. We will also be gathering current statistics on how sexual assault is affecting our communities across the nation, socially and economically. Currently the statistics say the direct cost of sexual assault in America costs taxpayers 24.3 billion in direct cost and 69.7 in indirect costs. We know this is incorrect because 90% of victims do not tell from fear, shame, afraid of losing their family, or the perpetrator is someone they love. The staggering cost affects our states, corporations, businesses, educational systems, welfare systems, mental health systems, and criminal justice systems; and why this program format is so important to the development of our nations and children’s future. For a visual representation of the effects of child sexual assault, we have a “Holocaust of Innocence Wall” for survivors to share their experience and place memorabilia, pictures, words, art, etc. on the wall, as we travel across the nation on the “Holocaust of Innocence Tour”, (; pictures, art, and word representation can also be emailed to, for download, printed and implemented on the Holocaust of Innocence Wall; or mailed to FACSA Foundation, P. O. Box 832, Springhill, LA. 71075. The EXPO event site, its contents, speakers, and sponsor booths will be able to view the information until next month’s event.
    National FACSA Foundation Child Sexual Assault Rally In Washington D.C., Jefferson Memorial, May 12, 2012
    FACSA is presenting a FACSA Rally in Washington D.C., May 12, 2012, at 10 am- 6p.m., at the Jefferson Memorial. The FACSA Foundation is gathering child sexual assault organizations, advocates, supporters, family, and friends, to show unilateral support for children of sexual assault. We are uniting in one voice to change the social stigma of child abuse and child sexual assault, and to change public policies. For more information, please contact the FACSA Foundation, (318) 539-2571 or email us at

    By uniting in one powerful voice,we will bring change to the public policies and the social stigma of child sexual assault. No longer do we fight alone, for we are many; and we are one! We will not be silent! THIS IS NOT OUR GENERATION!

    We would love for you to join us on this incredible journey.

    Connie Lee/FACSA Foundation/Founder/President

    • Connie Lee,

      I wanted to introduce myself, because I’m Connie Lee, too. I’m the Midwestern version, while you’re the Bayou version. :~)

      I’ve only ever met one other Connie in my Life and of course, she transferred into ALL my classes in high school.

      I’ve Never met another Connie Lee, so I thought I’d introduce myself. Please come check out my blog @

  • Hi Steve,
    As you may remember, I share a similar profession to yourself as a substance misuse practitioner. With your help, I migrated my blog to WordPress and have been writing steadily, albeit less so recently due to my job role being more intense and also due to the continued success of my band (a pleasant distraction)
    I’ve recently been studying more along the lines of NLP, finding this approach very useful.
    I’ve been writing blogs for approximately 5 years now, with a focus on self development for about a year.
    Thank you for your assistance in the last year.

  • Well how fun! I am a nail tech and have been for approx. 30 years and love my job! I was self employed until about 4 months ago when after a recent divorce I needed a better place to rebuild my business so am now an employee. It was a huge transition but i weathered it pretty well. I am now on my own with my favorite dog and while being positive most of the time, I do find myself scared and a bit lonely, missing the companionship marriage brought (I sought the divorce, he turned very neglectful) and of course the extra income. I am hoping to find ways to feel encouraged and learn how to keep positive and believe in myself more.
    I think that should cover it fpr now and appreciate the opportunity to speak my mind. Thanks!

  • Hi Steven,
    You had a great idea to bring the CYT community closer together. The more we know about each other the either it is to connect and benefit from each other’s knowledge.

    I am a blogger at BalanceInMe – – a blog about practical balanced living. For the past 4 years I was writing a blog, searching for my personal balance and helping my readers along the way.

    I believe that no matter what your lifestyle is anyone can benefit from a little balance or inner harmony (we all have different ways of expressing our inner desire for peace and personal equilibrium.) Each one of us has a different level of balance that we need in life and there is no mathematical equation that will help us reach it. Balance for one person is devoting 100% of the time to his/her work while still staying productive and sane while for another person it means embracing fully every aspect of life from exercise to parenting.

    Currently I focus on achieving balance through healthy eating (we all can benefit from a little less junk in our diets and a little more mindfulness associated with healthy eating.) I invite you to join the Healthy Eating Challenge on my blog and make your life a little more balanced this month.

    • Hi, Patrick,

      It’s my belief that you already have the answers to all your questions, inside of you.

      They’re just impatiently waiting for you to release them.

      I’d like to suggest two methods that work for me:

      1.) Write your question, using your non-dominant hand. Then write whatever comes to mind, again using your non-dominant hand. Just ‘go with the flow’ and write whatever comes to mind. The answer will eventually reveal itself.

      2.) Meditate. This doesn’t have to be hard or difficult. Just go somewhere you feel at peace or at home. Get quiet within yourself. Breathe deeply. And notice what you notice. Notice where your mind goes. When I began meditating, I started with my eyes open. I would concentrate on whatever caught my eye, a ripple in a pond, a tree, etc. Eventually, I transitioned to meditating with closed eyes; imagining whatever it is I want to manifest in my Life.

      Best of Luck with this, Patrick!


    • I have had a shock event since September 2011 – and this has led to me breaking down and the one question that I have been seeking is “who am I” and what is my purpose in life.

  • I have been involved with the Spirit World and Spiritualism for over 25 years now.When I first became aware of your site it got me thinking about myself and my status and purpose in this my present earthly life.So I felt that your website would help me to gain more knowledge of spirituality thus help me to be more spiritual towards all living matter here in and on this beautiful Mother Earth.i feel that I need to know and learn all that is available to me to help me to achieve all that which will enable me to fulfil my purpose of living this my earthly life.

  • Hello Steve and fellow CYT readers!

    I am a small business owner and author of the eBook Find Your Paradigm: The Art of Living with Grace and Ease. I’ve always believed I had a story to tell and this past summer, I chose to actually tell the story of my personal journey on living with grace and ease. My website is:

    There are some personal insights from my life along with some easy things that I did (and still do) to help myself and others move forward in their journey with grace and ease. The eBook, the audio book on CD and a journal are available for inspiration in moving forward.

    Thank you very much for giving all of us this opportunity to share our passion with you and our fellow readers – I truly appreciate it and look forward to reading your blogs and the comments! =)

  • I am an industrial pharmacist,61years old,living in a beautiful city, nearby S.Paulo, s. José dos Campos, now I work as a consultant-industrial-project- production-quality-capacity- and regulatory affairs.My dream is grow a little all the days- as a person-professional-father-brother, for this I need to know my self better and better, as per I become better I can help others sharing my experience(I need to live , try the real to become convinced)I ask for informations,resources and help to face -FEARS(mainly rejection)beliefs(I am not enough)set and achieve goals( I never ever set goals I am afraid don’t achieve and become down, no energy to try again)Ok this is all, I am a little human being chasing become great.Thanks.

  • Hey Steve,
    What a great idea and very unselfish of you too. :)

    Back in 2001 or so I read a book called Multiple Streams of income by Robert G Allen. This book opened my eyes to the realization that you can earn money without having to work a JOB.

    Secondly I started my personal development journey back in 1997 reading over 700 books and experimenting with lifestyle design changes and of course growing myself spiritually.

    I started in January of 2011 to create a revenue stream sharing what I know and love which is personal growth. I do offer one on one coaching for anyone who wants to work with me. I am easy to work with btw.

    2011 was a major growth experience for me because I started my blog and had to learn so much very quickly. As a result I created an eBook for new to novice bloggers. Mazzastick’s Guide 4 New Bloggers is a 70 page eBook with tips, tricks and links to help the new blogger reach their goals faster than I did.

    Other than that I live in a bucolic setting surrounded by trees and nature and I love it. I have an adoring family and I am truly blessed to say the least.

  • Hi there. I appreciate the opportunity. I have recently stumbled upon your blog and have found it interesting and insightful.

    I am a mental health professional (about to graduate from NYU) who has started a simple blog to help people gain tools and insight to their mental health needs.

    Many years ago I changed professions after hitting a personal dream of being on Broadway and found that the transformation from a performer to a mental health professional came easy, although the trek has been a long one.

    I hope to do what you do, but as of right now, on a smaller scale.

    I’d love to hear more about how it all started for you and how this blog got underway. How long have you been blogging? Whats been a challenge? What was it like in the beginning? What keeps you going? etc.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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