How Far Off Are You From Achieving Your Dreams?

Steven Aitchison
Written by Steven Aitchison

I’d like to share a story that I heard from Tony Robbins, and I heard someone at my toastmasters group sharing it with the group the other night, and thought it would be a great story to share with you.

I’ve changed the story a little, but the message is exactly the same.

The Golf swing

Whilst out with a group of friends, Sharon, took up the challenge of learning the game of golf.  She’d always wanted to play, but never really had the gaul to go out and join a club.

One of her friends was a member of the local club and invited her for a round of golf, and Sharon was delighted to accept.  That was it! Sharon was hooked and duly joined the club and got right into the game of golf.

A few months later she was still playing, but just couldn’t get the ball to go straight down the fairway, no matter what stance she used or how much she changed her swing, the ball would always go 50 ft to the left, or 50 ft to the right, it just wasn’t happening for her.

Being a bit of a perfectionist she was ready to give up the game of golf.

Whilst playing one day, one of the clubs golf coaches happened to see her playing, and noticed her frustration at not being able to hit the ball straight.  He spoke to her about this.  She advised she was so far off being able to hit the ball straight that she was ready for giving up.  The golf coach advised ;

‘You’re only 2 millimetres away from hitting the ball perfectly.’

‘2 Millimetres! that’s impossible!  How can I be 2 millimetres when the ball is going left or right 50 ft?’

He advised all it took was a slight adjustment to her swing, which would enable her to hit the ball right in the middle, whereas right now she was 2 mm to the left or right of centre.

It only took a very slight adjustment for Sharon to reach her goal of being able to hit the ball straight down the fairway.

How many millimetres are you away from reaching your dreams in life?

Sometimes all it takes is a slight adjustment to see a big change, and sometimes we are much closer to reaching our dreams than we think and all it takes is that slight adjustment.

So, I want to ask you again:

How many millimetres are you away from reaching your dreams in life?

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  • I am glad to join in this community that It give target of our life to achieve the aim of our life in this world.Pls identifiy of each to get satisfied on this life.Tks I appreciate it

  • that’s so true Steven
    i call this putting the effort in the right direction
    once we find the right movements we can achieve more in less time
    thanks for the post :)

  • You ask a question that has led me to ask other questions such as the following: What if your dream isn’t meant to be? What if there’s something better in store for you, but you can’t see it because you’re focused on ‘the one and only’ dream? What if you can’t see the ‘slight’ adjustment you need to make? It can be a conundrum.

    • Hi Rebecca. This is an issue we all have. Questions always beget more questions, which is great as we really get to drill down on what we really want in life. Asking the right questions is of paramount importance.

      If you really believe, truly believe, in what you are doing you won’t ask yourself questions that will set you back: “What if there’s something better in store?” Asking forward thinking questions like: “How can I push this forward?”, “How can I make this work?” etc will set your brain up to look for the answers to your questions. If you ask negative questions, your brain will also be set up to look for answers as to why it won’t work. So, the first step is to ask yourself if you really believe in what you’re doing – If the answer comes back that you don’t then you’ll know your heart is not in it, and it’s time to think about something else. Whereas if you get back a definite YES to that question, then it’s time to ask more forward thinking questions.

      With regards to not being able to see the slight adjustment – A coach, a mentor, someone who has been there will be able to help you see the slight adjustments. When you have done the groundwork and only need small tweaks you’ll find that most people on the net will help you out. Go right to the top of the tree, don’t feel shy about contacting an author, a speaker, and use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, anywhere that your potential mentor or coach hangs out. Honestly you’ll be surprised just how many people will respond to your questions if they feel you are genuine, have passion and really believe in what you are doing.

      Hope that helps Rebacca.

  • Steve: Great story and message. Thanks for passing it along. It is so true that so often we give up on our dreams when all we really need to do is learn the lessons we need to and make some adjustments. Very inspirational story.

    • Hey Sibyl, great to see you here.

      I think in business I have given up on a lot of things, only to realise later on how close i was to succeeding, it’s a great lesson to know and to keep us motivated.

  • I love it! It really makes me think — that anybody for the most part is just one minor change away from changing their destiny in life or achieving anything they want in life… IF they are willing to make the right changes in their life to achieve those goals!

    Great article Steven :)

  • Hey STeve,

    It’s been a while. Hope you are doing well. It’s funny you brought up Tony Robbins. I remember a section of this personal power 2 program where he was talking about airplanes and how they are actually off course for the majority of flight time, but they are continually making adjustments in order to arrive at their destination.

    In my own life, I saw this happen with surfing. When I first started I used to wipe out ALOT. Keeping my balance on the board was a real challenge. Then one day I discovered that if I bent my knees I would’t fall. Since my center of gravity was lower, I was less likely to fall. That habit has stuck with me and even on some of the most challenging waves I end up actually catching them simply because I keep my knees bent.

    I think that one thing we also have to keep in mind is that conditions are always changing and we have to adjust accordingly. So if our first adjustment doesn’t give us the desired result, we need to make another and keep doing so until we’re where we want to be.

    • Hi Srini, great to see you here again. Doing great. How have you been doing? been a long time since we spoke.

      I was actually thinking about the airplanes story as well, but thought this one might be better :)

      You’ve made a good point about conditions changing. We live in such a fast paced world that change is always around the corner and we have to become aware of that.

      Thanks for visiting Srini, great to see you here.

      Keep in touch.

    • Hi Srinivas,

      I’m Shiva from Hyderabad.I seen your posting and its true,some times the road is not all straight in life also.Some times we have to take turns,bends and some times we have to stop and think about are we are in direction.

      Your name look like,you are belong to AP.I’m taking a leverage to ask your contact no.and e mail to connect.You can reach me at 9701601341.


  • We should not keep striving and doing without having a break and review what went wrong, what could be better, whether there’s a need for adjustment or not. Thanks for the great reminder, Steve. :)

  • So true Steve. To draw a parallel to this story, in cricket its always said that the right areas to bowl are not on d 22 yards, its in between ur ears- in ur mind. All the subtle things within us-that r so subtle that they r intangible-have SUCH profound effect in our external life. It sometimes pleases to human vanity to call-it-quits too soon, but only when we stick-to-things, we know how close is the sun to shine above the horizon :)

    • Hi Avinash that’s a good analogy, I heard someone speaking about this the other day, relating cricket to making adjustments in our lives. Thanks for your comments, always appreciated.

  • This is a real wake-up moment for me. I do this all the time when I’m playing golf and doing other sports but never thought to apply it to the rest of my life. Thanks so much for showing the way!

  • Awesome Post! I love Tony Robbins but I haven’t heard that story yet!The concept is so relevant today as it has always been and will be.The adjustment or adjustments are usually so small. For me “adjusting my swing” has been, waking up earlier, or reading one book per week among other things. Making minor adjustments now, over the course of time, leads to huge differences in the future. Just like your golf swing being 2 MM off causes the ball to go 50 feet in the wrong direction.

    Great blog! I look forward to learning more from you.

  • Hi Steve & thank you for this story,
    We are often so close to achieving…..without knowing it. Just keep going & never, ever give in. Thank you again.
    be good to yourself

  • Steven, this is one of the best reasons to leverage knowledge and patience. We must be patient and persistent, taking a small action every day toward our most important goals. We also must be willing, as we are able, to spend our resources to hire coaches who know more than we do, just like that golfing pro who helped the novice see what slight adjustments she needed to make.

  • This is good Steven! The importace of listening to others. You never know who has the knowledge that make things turn around for you. Being a person who mostly follow my own path I could become better att listening to others. Because every person has some specific knowledge.

  • Sharon’s example actually brings up another important point which is to have experts or coaches help you especially with new skills. Because of their experience, they external pair of eyes can catch little things that you miss and many of these little adjustments can turn out to be huge differences.

  • 2 millimeters away from making my goals a reality!
    I love this idea Steve.
    Only yesterday I was feeling that there was a vast divide between where I am and where I dream of going….
    I’ll hold this vision in my mind of being only 2 mm away from now on.
    Thank you – it’s just the image I needed to latch onto today Steve.

  • Great post and very relevant for me…I have been making lots of small changes recently, many of which have been as a result of the 11 Forgotten Laws teachings which I signed up for through you. All of these small changes are adding up and I am beginning to notice positive changes in many areas and know that I am attacting many things to me that I need right now to move closer to my dreams.

    I have noticed lots of coincidences (or not lol) that are happening as a result and reading this post is just another one that makes the way even more clearer. I’m in a great place right now :)

    • Hi Joanne, that’s great to hear you’re in a good place just now. The 11 Forgotten laws is great, i think anybody could benefit from Bob’s work. Thanks for sharing a bit of your story with us.

  • Hi Steven

    Working as a driving instructor I see examples of this all the time, one small mistake can make the difference between success and failure, but you’re never beaten until you stop trying.

  • This is really very interesting and eye opening. A fine tuning, a little adjustment is all. What is also important is fixing the target. Sometimes target itself remains so vague that success keeps eluding us. However, the story has its own punch and encapsulates the key to success.

    • Hi, Steven… Great post. I believe that it is harder for us to see how to get past obstacles in order to reach our objectives without a positive outside influence. We have our blinders as I call them, which limit our way of thinking to our own views and personal experiences and therefore limit ourselves in that aspect. Yep a good coach is surely helpful in order to get to your goals and reach success.. I’ve had a few people in my life that helped me along the way, but for such brief periods of time that I still remain on my path to fulfilling my dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Still trudging along though, sometimes more crawling, but I can still see the finale, and boy is it beautiful…

      • Hi Patricia,

        When you crawl you can sometimes see things more clearly as you have the time to observe, enjoy it while it lasts because when you take off you won’t have time to hear yourself think :)

  • Great sharing, thanks! The story also illustrates to me again the importance of a mentor, a good mentor that will guide us and point us to the right direction/ way. It will sure saves us lots of time and energy trying to figure out things on our own, lost in situations that we can’t see clearly ourselves.

  • Hi Steve,

    Good question. For me you can say I have just joined the club and have a long way to go but I am sure I will master it someday.

  • Hi Steven !
    Thanks for sharing this story by Tony Robbins.This has given me a good insight to achieve the goals which I have not achieved and was on the verge of giving up.
    Thankyou once again.
    Best Regards,

  • Great concept Steven. Micro millimetres at this point in my life – but it has been a journey of doing exactly that which you have shared. A fine-tune here. An adjustment there. A replacement of an attitude. An improvement in vocabulary – but it all adds up to the point I am at presently where I’m hitting more bulls-seyes than ever before in my life – but will continue for the rest of my days keep making the slight adjustment. Improvement is a life-time pleasurable task!

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