50 Personal Development Posts that Will Inspire Change

The personal development topic is one of the strongest themes on the internet with thousands of blogs and posts covering the subject every day.

Over the last several years there have been a number of phenomenal posts that many personal development readers may just not know about.

So I thought it would be helpful to compile 50 of the best personal development posts on the web for your convenience.

These are in no particular order or significance, enjoy!


1. The 50 New Rules of Work 

These rules come from Robin Sharma, author of The Leader Who Had No Title. Here he shares the advice he’s been sharing with clients all around the world.

2. The Art of Embracing Change 

This one comes from Tina Su from Think Simple Now. Anyone who follows this blog understands change is hard, and Tina does a great job on taking you through the steps.

3. Give Yourself Permission to Be Imperfect 

Bethany Butzer spills the dirt about what she doesn’t like about herself and helps inspire you to not feel bad about your short comings, very inspiring.

4. The 12 Rules I Live By (What Are Yours) 

Craig Ballantyne from Early to Rise shares his 12 rules for living life, and they’re quite impressive. Go check it out. The comments are worth a post themselves.

5. The Grand Pep Talk: Decide to Rise (Refer to This When in Doubt, or sick & Tired) 

Danielle LaPorte hits it out of the ballpark with this excellent pep talk to inspire any of you who have ever fallen into the pits and need help getting out.

6. The 7 Common Habits of Unhappy People 

Henrik Edberg is the master mind behind the Positivity Blog, and this land mark post of his (5.2k likes) serves as an excellent reminder of how to avoid unhappy habits.

7. 101 Ways to Live Your Life to the Fullest 

Celestine Chua is one of the All Stars in the personal development industry. If you haven’t seen her blog before this post will give you a good idea of her brilliance.

8. The Time Has Come: How Are You Changing The World? 

Joe Simonetta wrote this inspiring post about using our time here for good and avoid self-serving thinking.

9. A Top 30 Chart Of The Most Uplifitng Songs Of All Time 

Ever wish you had a list of songs you could turn to when you need a little lifting? Amit Sodha’s list is an excellent place to start.

10. The Ultimate Guide to Traveling When You Have No Money 

Traveling is a great way to free your mind, open yourself to new opportunities, and learn. But not all of us are blessed with the funds to do so easily. Great guide by Matt from, Nomadic Matt.

11. The Smart Guide to Beating Procrastination 

Nothings a bigger challenge to your personal development than procrastination. Steve Olsen shares a great guide for getting past this nasty obstacle.

12. How to Discover Your Life Purpose in About 20 Minutes 

Steve Pavlina is no rookie when it comes to dishing out fabulous personal development advice. This article is one of his foundation articles he recommends to first time readers.

13. Getting Rid of the Pink Panther Cloud of Doubt 

Doubt is unfortunately another one of the more common obstacles we face on our personal development journey’s. Luckily, Travis’s article on Cultivate Greatness shares some helpful advice for facing this particular demon.

14. Twelve Steps to Get Shit Done 

For those of us that need a little pushing to get things done, this post by Craig Harper should help.

15. Why “Motivation By Pizza” Doesn’t Work 

One of the secrets to your happiness and development is understanding motivation. This post by Alexander at The Chief Happiness Officer will help with that.

16. 10 Ways to Instantly Build Self Confidence 

Erin Falconer of Pick the Brain wrote a concise and incredibly useful post to build your confidence instantly. Anyone can do these things and I highly recommend it.

17. The Night I Gave Up on Life 

This is an incredibly personal and powerful story of inspiration from none other than Steven Aitchison himself. It’s a must read.

18. The Law of Attraction is a Con 

This controversial post from Tim Brownson on A Daring Adventure looks at the other side of the law of attraction and adds a healthy perspective to the popular personal development subject.

19. All Work and No Play Makes Jack an Unbalanced, Burned Out, Workaholic 

This is actually one of my posts. I know shame on me, but I still feel there’s some excellent examples of the power of play in your personal development.

20. The Art of Giving What You Don’t Have 

I’m a pretty selfish guy, I’m not going to lie. So it always impresses me to see people embracing the art of giving and sharing their learnings with the rest of us scrooge’s.

21. How to Lead an Interesting Life and Still Get Stuff Done 

All of Scott’s posts are amazing, but this one really stood out to me. As a person who thrives on balance, these tips are timeless.

22. Getting to Know Yourself: The Greatest Discovery of All 

Farnoosh needs no introduction and her post on getting to know yourself is a must read for any personal development reader.

23. Why I Fired My Father (And Maybe You Should Too) 

This touching post from Jen Gresham is an excellent look into relationships and the powerful effect they can have on your own development. If you’re struggling with relationships this is a must read.

24. Be Your True Self – What Does That Mean 

I believe having a strong self understanding is crucial to your personal growth. Jonathan from Advanced Life Skills hits this post right on the money.

25. 100 Steps to Grace for 2011 

I love this post from Christopher the 80 year old blogger. If there’s something 80 years of life experience teaches you, it’s how to develop yourself.

26. 17 Tips to Become Happy Right Now 

Arvid from Make it Happen is a great coach and his tips on this post really hit the spot. Don’t waste any more time not being happy.

27. How to Love Yourself In 17 Ways 

Before you can progress on your own personal journey you have to be happy with who you are. This post from Evelyn from Abundance Tapestry should help do the trick.

28. 10 Things to Do When There Is Too Much On You 

Who doesn’t feel overwhelmed from time to time. Anastasiya did an excellent job on this post.

29. Letting Go: 5 Truths About Surrendering 

This post from Alex Blackwell at Bridgemaker is another meaty and helpful post for learning to let go when you feel out of control.

30. 80 Motivational Quotes That Can Change Your Life Too 

I’m not always a big fan of quotes posts, but this one was well done. And the fact that it has to do with life change makes it that much better for this blog :)

31. The Minimalist’s Guide to Career Happiness 

Combining the powers of minimalism with your career is a brilliant idea. Michelle Agner does the post justice for anyone else looking to simplify their approach to careers.

32. 10 Lessons From a Decade of Challenge 

Sandra is one of the warmest bloggers out there. This personal post is an inspiration for anyone else dealing with challenge.

33. The Willingness to Think Differently 

Leo Babauta is the master of zen and this post will help us all think a bit differently about how we go about living our lives.

34. 7 Ways Making a ‘To Done’ List Will Unleash Your Creativity 

Fran Sorin has a wonderful voice and her post sheds new light on the usually overdone “to do list” advice.

35. 15 Tiny Actions to Strip Yourself Bare and Reveal Your Passion 

Barrie Davenport is synonymous with passion in the blogging world, and this foundational post will help you find yours if you’re still looking.

36. 7 Ways to Upgrade Your Brain 

If you’re looking for a productivity post for your brain, this is the one. This is one heck of a meaty post from Mark Shead at Productivity 501.

37. 10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me 10 Years Ago 

I always love these posts that look back 10 years and reflect on what they would change. It always inspires me to consider my own changes.

38. How to Create Your Personal Development Plan 

Sometimes the hardest part about your personal development is just getting started. If that’s the case, then Sid Savara’s post should help.

39. Just Get It Done 

This is a simple but inspiring post on action from the minds behind productive flourishing. Go check it out.

40. Life on Purpose: 15 Questions to Discover Your Personal Mission

  Questions are deceptively powerful and these 15 Tina Su gives us are no exception.

41. Be Careful When Judging 

Don’t be a hypocrite and judge this post by it’s obvious title. The story Rachel shares is phenomenal and the lesson to be learned is well written.

42. In Honour of the Fact That Life is Short 

This is a different kind of post. Almost whimsical, but it’s fun and memorable. Worth the read.

43. Mark Twain’s Top 9 Tips for Living a Kick-Ass Life 

The Mark Twain quote train has been done a thousand times, but Henrik’s post is one of the best in this category.

44. 101 Important Life Principles to Live By Every Day 

Another one of Celestine’s wonderful posts. You’re sure to find some principles to live by here.

45. Free Will vs Destiny/Fate/Karma 

I’ve never really thought about the differences between these things until reading Amit’s post. It’s changed the way I think about what I have control over and what I can’t change.

46. How to Live Longer and Healthier 

Steve Olsen in his trademark style goes over his tips for living longer and healthier. As always he doesn’t preach what he doesn’t practice.

47. 30 Days to Success 

Steve Pavlina’s analogy of a 30-day trial to our own success pays off. Great stories to learn from included.

48. Anti-Goals 

Instead of looking at what you want from life, why not try defining what you “don’t want from life?” that’s the concept behind Craig’s Anti-goals and it’s GOOD.

49. How to Motivate Yourself 

This post from Pick the Brain is one of their most popular and you can see why. It breaks down why we lack motivation and then shows us some quick actionable steps to motivate ourselves quickly.

50. 100 Ways to Develop Your Mind 

It’s only appropriate to leave off with a post from Steve Aitchison on developing the mind. This is a priceless post.

Hope these 50 can help you further your own development today. Which personal development posts have stuck with you?

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  1. This is an incredible list, Bryce. Really, it’s a source of nourishment, encouragement, and direction that we can feast upon for several months and then return to again and again. I’m so touched you included my post and appreciate your kind words. I wish you all the best.

  2. Wow! This is a great list Bryce. I bookmarked it.

  3. Thanks Bryce – honoured at number 30 amongst many of my heroes and heroines in the personal development blogging field.

  4. This is quite a list to get through, and I hope I find several new bloggers to follow in the process. It’s always a shame though that I’m never included in these compilation posts :p

    If you ever do a sequel.. remember me :-)

    • Hi Jamie,

      It’s good to meet you and I appreciate your comments. And I will take note, that if I do a round two of this post, I’ll make sure to include one of yours.


  5. Hey Bryce: Nice to meet you! I really look forward to checking out some of these post! In fact, I am going to get started on it right away, why wait right? Many look very interesting.
    Personally, I am interested in changing the world. Not in a positive or negative way, but in a righteous way. When I leave this earth, I want to be remembered as a righteous person with a love. Again, thanks for the wonderful list!

    Best Wishes,
    William Veasley

    • Good to meet you too William.

      I have very similar goals in my life as well so it’s always good to meet like minded people.

      I’ll have to check out your site as well.


  6. Hi Bryce

    I just wanted to welcome you to CYT as a first time author here.

    I think this is a fantastic post with a lot of great content for CYT readers to sink their teeth into, which is why I gave you my slot for this week :)

    Thanks again Bryce and great to see the wonderful feedback you’re getting already.

    Take care buddy

    • Thanks Steven,

      I’m still thrilled that you were willing to open up your spot on the blog to share my post. I hope I can give your readers some content that will stick with them for a while.

      Appreciate your support and the work you do here Steven.


  7. Hey Bryce, How have you been my friend? What an awesome list that you put together in your post. It must have taken you a long time to research and write this one.

    Some of them I have read and many I have not. I am looking forward to reading them.

    Take care.

    • Hey Justin,

      Good to see you again as well. All is going well for me and there’s plenty of excitement to come.

      I’m not surprised that you’ve read some of these already. I appreciate your comments and hope everything is going well for you too.


  8. Please don’t think I am not modest, but I think my guest post at tiny buddha called 10 Powerful Benefits of Change and Why Embrace It could be N51 :) http://tinybuddha.com/blog/10-powerful-benefits-of-change-why-embrace-it/

  9. Thanks for this list personal development posts.

    This is a gold collection.

  10. Bryce,

    Thanks for putting this together – lots of great nuggets here; and thank you for including a post from The BridgeMaker.



  11. Interesting list, Bryce. Welcome to Steve’s blog! :D This one’s for my bookmarks. Thank you for putting it together!

  12. Hi Bryce,
    Wow — what a comprehensive post. And so very useful. Thank you so much for including me in it.

  13. Wow, what a list. I’ve already read a few of them so I know that this is quality reading. I’m going to have to bookmark and read them all.


    Dan @ ZenPresence

  14. Wow Bryce – nice to see you here at Steven’s blog with such an awesome list!

    I won’t say I’ve read them all, but yes I have read quite a few and I need to bookmark this page and come over during my free days or the weekends to go through it. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us :)

    • Hi Harleena,

      It’s good to see a friendly face here as well. Glad to hear I made a bookmark worthy post. It certainly will take some time to go through all of these.



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