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Get Bold! 10 Ideas that Really Work

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At Change your Thoughts there is a wonderful encouragement to really be self aware and start a journey towards your best life. If fact it's more than encouragement it's a kick up the backside!

So as a life coach and professional dancer it's my duty to kick you, everyone and myself up the backside into big action towards a bolder life. Because yes you can change your thoughts and make small "˜good improvements' but is that really enough? Is that enough to satisfy that hunger in you?

Are little tweaks really what you want because for me small just doesn't cut it "“ there's no passion, excitement, bold statement, dream of risk involved in setting your goals for going to 10 yoga classes or having sex 4 times this week.

When I'm talking create your best life I'm talking crazy shit "“ sky diving, doing a TED talk, traveling the world, finding out how to chose whether you want to have twins or creating the next Facebook "“ whatever floats your massive boat; these are the bold goals I am talking about and want to help you get the momentum to get there.

So what are the bold ideas that work?

  1. First answer this question "“ if you knew you could succeed and that there were no obstacles what would you do? "“ pick about 5
  2. Create a present tense sentence for each of these bold goals for example: I am helping women everyday achieve their dreams.
  3. Brainstorm at least 5 things that you could do to start your journey to this goal. For my example it could be things like: offer times to coach everyday and market them, get better marketing so more women come to my website, speak at a public women's' event, gather all the resources I want to use to help these women, Grow my public profile by guesting on other like minded people's websites, teleseminars and circles.
  4. Pick on action to do right now after you finish this article (information without action is totally useless "“ you may as well have not wasted the time!)
  5. Schedule time in as often as you can (EVERY DAY) to do work towards these goals (even if it's only 10 minutes)
  6. Pick one of these bold things on your brainstorm list that scares the S#$% out of you and do it (you will feel so good I promise)
  7. Repeat that every week (schedule it in "“ if it's not scheduled it's not real)
  8. Dedicate time to some rest and rejuvenation too "“ you can't be a bold master if you are run down and exhausted, remember to take care of your body and soul "“ you wouldn't be here without either!
  9. Don't skip step 8 It's really important so it's in twice
  10. Put pictures on your goals next to your brainstorm steps


  • Posting your big bold dreams which are actually real so they are goals in the comments
  • Sharing a dream you have already succeeded at
  • Visualizing this goal happening in perfect clarity daily
  • Socially committing by telling people or Facebook and Twitter what you are doing
  • Having a carrot and stick and dates to have it done by (set a date you want your goal done by: I am helping women everyday achieve their dreams on or before 1st September 2012 and have a reward for getting it "“ carrot and a consequence if you don't "“ stick)

Again information without action is totally wasted brain space so decide what you are committing to and let the world know your big bold goals in the comments below!

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