10 Great places to drop your business card

Do you have a business card offering your services? If so do you ever use them or are they still sitting in a nice plastic box looking pristine waiting for you to hand them out to someone. Well here’s a great way to market your business absolutely free and start putting the power of business cards to use.

  1. On a train: When you take a train journey make sure you accidentally leave a business card sitting on a train table, or in one of the pouches on the seat in front of you. Do this every time you take your journey. People are bored on rain journeys and will read anything that’s lying about and your card might reach the eyeballs of someone who needs your services.
  2. In a taxi: Another great way to get your business seen is to drop your card in a taxi. Taxi drivers don’t clean their cars until the end of the day so your card will be sitting all day long.
  3. In the bank: This is a great place to drop your business card especially if your bank has a separate section for business banking. Drop your card on one of the counters and while people are waiting to get their transactions put through your card is shouting at them ‘Look at me, I offer a great service’.
  4. On a bus: Depending on what service you offer you can drop your card on the local buses or buses that going into one of the major towns or cities in your area. For example if your run a babysitting service it might be better to drop it on your local buses and if you run a web design service it might be better to drop it on a town centre bus where more businessman and women are going to see it.
  5. Accountant’s office: If you have to visit your accountant drop your business card on the desk of the accountant. Make sure it is hidden from the accountant but in view of the person sitting opposite the accountant.
  6. Business centre: There are business centres who offer local businesses services to help them get started in business or build their business up. On the main reception desk you can discretely leave your business card so everyone coming through the centre will be able to see it and pick it up whilst waiting for the appointment to be confirmed. Also leave it on the magazine desk in the waiting area.
  7. Local restaurant: You can leave your business card in the menu holders in your local restaurants. Don’t leave it on the table as tables are usually cleared immediately after someone leaves.
  8. Supermarket checkout: This is a great place to leave your card especially if you leave a little box of them stuck just beside the magazine rack. Again people are bored in queues and will read anything and your little box of cards might catch their eye.
  9. Business conference rooms: depending on the layout and design of the room you can drop your business card in conference rooms or stick it on the seat in front of you if it is a larger conference room and not a small room with a table.
  10. Sandwich takeaway shop: Another great place to drop your business card particularly in a busy city as you will get a lot of affluent people passing through to pick up a bite to eat to have lunch in the office.

You can be creative when leaving your card anywhere and one trick you can use is to get a slimline box with the peel off stickers and stick the box with your business cards in it in a primary location for other people to see, this way your card get seen by a lot more people and not just thrown away. If you are a small business owner on a budget there are some great ways to market yourself for free or cheaply, so use your creativity and get dropping.

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  1. I have a couple baseball stories i would like to promote via business cards. Can I place them in books at my local bookstore and library? Will patrons complain? Is dropping them on a table at my local coffee house, i.e. Paniera, a good idea? I think advertising with business cards is a good inexpensive way to advertise, but I run out of ideas of places to put them. Please advise.

  2. This is a classic example of traditional “stealth marketing.” People respond when they come across the right information at the right time. It can be a Godsend.
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  3. its nice way to expand your business

  4. i am really implement this way for my business, thanks for nice tips

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  6. this 10 public places are best place to drop your business card, few people must see your business idea and contact u r busines.

  7. I really believe business cards are so 20 century

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  10. One great place to drop your business card is at the airport. I do it everytime I travel. There are a lot of business people at airports.

  11. thanks for sharing nice tips for business card

  12. its help by market research business to spread via business card marketing.

  13. there is good benefit if given to proper person – business card

  14. i love to put business card at restaurant.

  15. its best destination to put a business card

  16. Appreciate the way you have tried to add meaning and usefulness of business cards.

  17. so basically you can drop your business card anywhere?

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  20. Really funny and nice post. Probably I should try some situation listed to drop my business card. Nice sort of free advertising.

  21. Business cant get boost without advertising..Nice post..I really like it. Keep it up..Thanks

  22. The tips are awesome. You really have brought up some places where I would never think of dropping a card. But now as I have gone through them, I surely will make sure I will drop my card on the train (or plane) or the other places you have mentioned. But seems like I will have to order a lot of more pieces since I will be leaving them up at quite a few places from now on.

  23. great,your advice is useful to me.thanks for your post.

  24. I like the advice. Not sure about the movie recommendation. I will get me staff doing it.

  25. I have often thought of leaving, not just business cards, but small marketing brochures on the train. I think it is a good suggestion, because trains do not get cleaned out to the end of the day so I could get the benefit of morning and evening commuters.

    Good suggestion. Thanks.

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  34. I was wondering if anyone actually had these techniques work for them, and Jason has confirmed it. I’ll give it a try.

    Nice job with this blog.

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  39. One more huge position to deal out business cards is at a country club.

  40. Business can’t get improve without promotion, creative and cool info. thank you!

  41. Another great place is in the airport. Quite a few business people. Seems like you are trashing them though. I guess one connection in 5000 is worth the expense, though.

  42. Also the gas station pump is a good place.

  43. You know what? we are always ready to give a business card to our friends, our family to give away and at the end we ended up targeting the wrong people. Thanks for the list of places. Good Job!!!

  44. I have found it useful to offer them to people to take a quick note on. They are writing something down to remember it, and they are ready to remember what’s printed on your business card.

  45. Another great place to distribute business cards is at a country club. Secretly place them all around the place, in the clubhouse, at the bar, everywhere.

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  49. I will put a few of this into action, I will keep you informed of the outcome, thanks for the post.


  50. Never dropped my card at a check out line before, but now I know what I’m doing tomorrow.

    Great list! Sometimes I forget to keep pushing the envelope and being extra creative. It’s what is needed to separate from the crowd.

  51. Awesome post, Never thought about it this way. Stumbled!!

  52. very creative and cool list. thanks!

  53. Thank you for this splendid article, very sound advice indeed!

    Also, in most places they have a section dedicated to advertising, I find that I always stop to take a peek. If you do decide to do it this way though, the best method is to a full page advertisement with sections cut on the very bottom for people to take, that have your website address on it (usual people put phone numbers).

    Plus if your going to leave a box of business cards, I would put them in a box that grabs attention to the cards and write “FREE 2 Take” or something in that manner, people like seeing the word FREE and will investigate what it is just because of that word alone. If you run a free service like writing personal development articles, I would put FREE somewhere on the card too. Even if people think negative about it, they will still investigate to prove themselves right by thinking something like: “Nothing is free, this is a catch.”

    Thank you again for this article! :) Keep up the delightful work indeed!

    Have a Consciously Flexing Day,
    ~Nicholas Powiull


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