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The Zen Of Inner Discernment! 5 Ways To Trust Your Inner Guide

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"The intuitive mind is a sacred  gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." ~ Albert Einstein

When was the last time you solely depended upon yourself for the answer?    You felt that you had the answer right in the pit of your stomach but you just had to call a friend or the psychic hotline for surety. We have all at some point in our lives felt a protective blanket encompasses us as we entrust ourselves over to a belief in other influences that we put on a pedestal. Holding others in high regard is not wrong but we must be careful not to forget the power that we hold inside.
Personally I turned my power over to a false sense of security. I put other influences opinions before my own, as I had forgotten the power in my own word and thought. In life when you ride through your storms and cloud at times you cling to figures, and things that are in place to inspire hope, and empowerment. If you are not developing the tools necessary to sustain you it is hard to trust in yourself you become cripple to your influence.

the_zen_of_inner_discernmentEveryone has their own inner guru inside

Think of those trusted guru's that you follow every day. What are some of the characteristics that they have that you see in yourself? When I think of people that I follow and grow to love and there quirks, accomplishments, and hardships, and I think of my own I get extreme joy. Let me just say that I don't compare as I have stated before I believe that is the root of all evil. I take joy in knowing that the reflection of love I see in someone else I also see it in myself.
Truth is available to everyone and it comes directly from the heart.  Do  you have the courage enough to listen to it?      Listening opens another avenue; it creates opportunity and gives you a moment to harness the power that already exists. Pay attention to the signs that the universe gives you, and be open to you being the authority in your own life. Active listening is the gift that keeps on giving, and your guru powers are expanding.

5  Ways to  Trust your Inner guide

1. Get Silent Silence plays dual roles, I'm focusing on one and that is its power to transport you to a place of power and clarity. When you are in need of making a decision or to get in direct connection with your heart where there is truth you must get silent and lean inward.
2. Trust Yourself     You are an unlimited resource equipped with life experiences, diverse skill sets, utilize them to the best of your ability. There is someone out there that needs what you have to offer. Now is not the time to sell yourself short or dim your light to make someone else feel good.
3. Trust the timing of your life  Know that everything happens for a reason, and you are always on the right schedule with the timing of your life. In all ways the universe yields itself to support you so give life all you got and make your biggest dreams happen by doing.
4. Self-Discovery Every day is an opportunity to get to know you and enjoy watching the growth spurts. Just like seeds we are always growing and evolving and learning from ourselves. Be your own teacher and student by being in tuned with you.
5. Self-Express Trust your voice it is powerful and has something unique to say that no one else is saying. Your voice is valid and holds the truth only you can tell.
Trusting your inner guide is the most empowering and courageous thing that we all can do. It is a part of our evolution to trust, do, and be who we are called to be.

Love Light & Blessings

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