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What Do You Do When You Feel Stuck? 4 Unconventional Things

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When you have a dream or a goal in mind, there's always a certain point you hit in the midst of hard work and dedication.

And ironically, those are the two things that actually get in the way of progress.

I've personally been working on my blog for over a year now and I keep getting stuck.

I hit a rut here and there and feel stuck, a lot.

While picking myself up and charging on straight ahead are in order, sometimes…

… you just don't really want to.

when_you_feel_stuckBecause it doesn't feel right. Heck, sometimes it even feels downright depressing.

Ever felt that way when trying to work hard?

Everybody gets stuck

It's normal.

Nobody ever gets it right the first time.

Be it conducting your own business, throwing a party or just wanting to get to know somebody better (and he isn't receptive), we're bound to get stuck.

Because we may be blindly moving forward


All the "right" things to do may be working against you and you end up being counterproductive.

It's only human nature, as such, everybody is always telling us to never give up and just keep working hard.

We also tend to keep looking up to successful people and hear about their inspiring rag-to-riches stories, in which they manage to overcome great odds and keep doing what they do.

And here's a shocker: your very own passion or love for something may be holding you back.

You have fallen in the passion trap, where you think just because you're following your heart, all will be good, and good is far from your situation.

Let's check out how you can move forward, with smarts.

How to get unstuck the unconventional way

1) Just stop completely


Stop.   Stop whatever you're doing.

Don't even think of doing work or working hard anymore.

Stop completely cause you need a break.

A lot of people underestimate the power of a break or not wanting to move at all.

It's absolutely okay to not do work at all from time to time.

This is where you can reflect and gain the clarity you absolutely need.

So stop, and go reflect.

2) Remember your Why

Why are you doing what you're doing in the first place? Remember?

You got to remember it.

Many successful people today, entrepreneurs and artists alike are where they are today because they have a very strong Why.

It's easy to forget about this in the midst of hard work, especially when it turns into stress.

Nothing beats your Why. It's unique to you and only you.

By remembering your Why, you'll be inspiring yourself again and going on back on course, the right course.

Too often we get stuck because we've actually got off course to the point of being lost.

3) Get re-inspired

Inspiration doesn't last. There I said it.

A lot people think inspiration comes once, powerfully at that and that's all they need.

That is when you hear of some inspiring story or watched some video that really got to you.

You may have felt that emotional "high" at that point, spurring you on to start taking action, but it may be replaced by other less-than-stellar emotions.

So what do you do? Get re-inspired.

It's okay.

Go get recharged. Go seek out other forms of inspiration to feel that emotional high again. Go talk to people. Meet successful people. Go for an event. Meet an artist or even type in, "Inspiring videos" on YouTube.

If anything, you're letting yourself feel good again, and there's nothing more important than feeling good in order to move forward.

4) Ask for help

I know you may consider yourself a very hardworking resilient person whose passion alone can inspire others.

But you know what? It's okay to seek help.

You're not perfect. Your passion alone can't feed you or even tell you what to do next, especially if it's something technical.

Let your pride sit at the side for a second, realize that passion and following your heart may not be enough sometimes, and seek help from others.

This is especially true in business. It's easy to get lost in the dreams and aspirations of wanting to do everything by yourself and then enjoy all the rewards fully, but that's very dangerous as business has so many different kinds of expertise and skill sets required. It's better to do what you're good at and let others handle the areas you aren't passionate about.

That's how every successful person does it.

It's mandatory to seek help. We're only human, and we exist together.

You aren't alone

That means to say, everybody gets stuck.

Everybody feels that low point in life.

So don't get too stressed out or sad when you feel stuck.

It's normal. And the tools to get out of it may be easier than you think.

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