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WANTED: Cheerleaders of Life

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So here I am.

Going it alone because if I don't do it now I never will, so it's today and it's done.

Let me explain.

I recently had a revelation, a light bulb moment.   To be honest, I think the light bulb has been flashing on and off for years but I hadn't noticed it until now, or more likely I've ignored it for so long the light bulb is more of a beacon than a bulb!

cheerleaders_of_lifeSo what's the revelation?

I simply can't work for someone else anymore.

That's it.

Not a biggie in the whole scheme of things. It finally dawned on me, the reason why I've had job after job and have never been fully passionate about any one of them.   Oh I've faked it a few times but I never could fake it to myself, not really.

I have in actual fact tried to go it alone before however, I've not had the confidence or drive to really go for it. I somehow missed the boat back then and fell straight back into the 9-5 drudgery, which normally happen due to me listening to people saying "˜you won't make money do that' or "˜when are you going to get a proper job?

Yes, exactly what I was thinking "˜who needs enemies when you've got people around you like these'.

This time it is different and the difference is down to one thing.


Confused? You won't be.


As I explained earlier, the people I knew or surrounded myself with back then didn't understand or did but were envious or jealous.   So if I was trying to achieve something "˜out of the norm' they'd automatically put the kybosh on things.

I know, I shouldn't have listened or taken any notice. But I did. Back then.   I guess I was less sure of what I wanted to do, less able to recognise my passions and not in-tune with my inner self.

Today, that is different.   I have grown significantly over the last few years and I know nothing will satisfy me more than working for myself and helping others do the very same thing.

So what have Cheerleaders got to do with it?

Since the light bulb moment, I have met a whole heap of new people who are doing the exact same thing as me.   They too have wanted this for years but either failed for one reason or another and so dissatisfied with their current situation that they have come to the same conclusions as me.   Ship out or shape up!

There is nothing like knowing that you are not alone in this world, especially when it's making a breakthrough in life and there are others who are going through it too.   Seriously it's just awesome.

I even have a Mastermind Group set up with four of them, and we meet every week to discuss our successes our failures. We even set challenges to be met for the next week!   These women (they happen to all be ladies) are my Cheerleaders, as I am to them.     They just know what I am going through and to share and understand that is priceless.

This might sound obvious to you, but you need people around you who will support, encourage and cheer you on no matter what; especially when the going gets tough. Yeah you will still get the negative attitudes from those family members and friends of yours, but you know you can brush them off with a wink knowing you've got your own cheerleaders in the background.

So how do I know who my Cheerleaders are?

If you've already got a strong set of people who will support you in all areas of your life, then that's great.   Well done you for recognising this you will go far!

However, if aren't so sure here's a list of questions to ask yourself to spot a non-cheerleader so you know who to hang onto and who to let go of:

  • After spending time with them do you feel positive or do you feel drained and depressed?
  • Do you dread seeing that person or telling them all the good stuff going on in your life?
  • Do they support you in all that you do and tell you honestly what they think, without putting you down?
  • Is this friend happy in their own life or are they always moaning about it?

If you've answered most of these questions with the same kind of answer i.e. yep they make me feel down, I dread seeing them and so on. Then you've got your answer.

YOUR  cheerleaders will do the exact opposite.   They will bring you up, give you hope, make you laugh, raise your confidence and make you feel you can do anything "“ but you already know this right?

So who are your Cheerleaders today and who are the ones you want to ditch?

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