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Do You Want to Be Successful? Here is the Secret

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Ever wondered why some people succeed more easily or quicker than others? For some, the manifestation of a better life is attained effortlessly and for others, it takes a bit longer or a different direction altogether. This is influenced by our beliefs and perceptions – interpretation of our reality.

"As a man thinketh  in his heart, so is he"

Man is mind, in our mind is where our lives are shaped. We are what we think, and wherever we are in life today is the manifestation of our thoughts. Yes! Where we are is as a result of our thoughts at a certain point in time in the past.  Our thoughts develop into feelings, words, and actions which eventually moulds our mindset "“ Our character. The character of a man is the sum total of his thoughts. The kind of mindset we develop through our day to day life will determine our emotions. How we feel at any given moment of time  depend purely on our thoughts; whether we feel happy, sad, love or hate. Those feelings determine if we will have positive or negative results in our lives. We must choose wisely on what we feed our minds because that's exactly what will manifest on outside. We need to take good care of our minds regularly if we want a good mindset and good results. Our mind which is always hungry and must be fed with nutritious food for it to grow.

"Change your thoughts and you change your  world"

The mind is the garden and the thoughts are the seeds. Through the seeds we plant in our garden we will get the fruits. Whichever seeds we plant, the harvest will be of the same kind multiplied. The same case with life; through good thoughts, we will reap joy and abundance and through evil thoughts, we will reap pain and suffering. We ought to take care of our garden, our mind; cultivate it with intelligence. We have to practice mindfulness if we want our seeds to flourish. We should be the masters of our gardens. We must choose not to let our gardens go wild with all kind of weeds and expect a good harvest. All seeds that go down into the soil will grow, whether good or bad, whether a flower or a weed. We must be careful about the kind of seeds we are watering. And by eliminating all the weeds, planting good seeds of our favourite fruits and nurturing them, we can be sure we will have a  bountiful harvest. The same case with our mind, our subconscious mind will accept all kind of seeds through our thoughts. We have to be mindful of what we allow into our minds on a daily basis. If we feed our minds with the negativity that exactly what we will get as the end result which manifests on outside. And if we choose positivity, our garden will blossom with beautiful flowers and bear fruits which we will be proud of.

"Where focus goes, energy flows and something grows"

The universe is always waiting for us and will respond to our thoughts accordingly. "Your wish is my command" is the universe philosophy. It will machinate our thoughts and our feelings, and help in the manifestation through its magnetic powers. Whether we are aware or not, the universe is constantly listening without discrimination of our choices "“ whether good or bad; our desires, our dreams and our hopes. Whatever we wish to see in our lives, we must learn to manifest it first from within. Nature responds to our patience, persistence and positivity in whatever we desire. With sincerity and clarity of our thoughts and desires, just one thing at a time. Our thoughts and feelings determine the energy we send forth to the universe through vibration. Everything in the universe is energy and everything in the universe moves and vibrates including us. To get good results from the universe, it starts with good thoughts which will develop good vibrations and eventually good energies. It is through the energy, our thoughts, words and actions "“that our wishes are submitted to the universe. The universe will give us everything we wish and ask for.

"Believe you deserve it and the universe will serve it"

On this magical path called life, we ought to remind ourselves time and again that we are the masters of our fate. Through the mystical tree called the universe, our wishes will be granted. We all deserve joy, happiness, abundance and fullness of an amazing life. However, we must believe wholeheartedly that we deserve it. Our life is the reflection of what we sincerely believe we deserve, whatever we feed our minds will show on outside as our reality. It starts with positive self-dialogues which develops overtime to self-love and eventually awareness of our self-worth. Success starts from the mind, through positive thoughts.

Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart desires must come to you."

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