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Why Time is So Important in Life

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Time: one of the many dimensions that exists in our universe. It can go forward, but never back; at least that is what I believe. You may have your own belief about time, but from what I believe about the dimension, we are not supposed to try and manipulate it. Time moves forward for a reason, so why try to change the fact?

"Everything happens for a reason." A quote I am sure you have heard multiple times throughout your life. Does everything happen for a reason though? You get into a relationship, thinking everything is going smoothly, and then bam, just like that, it's over. You interview for a job, thinking that it went really well and should be expecting a call to receive the good news. Unfortunately, the good news never comes and sometimes you are just left waiting.

3_high_impact_habitsTime moves on, and you are left where you are. You keep waiting, hoping that you can irrevocably change the situation, but you cannot. You know you cannot, but you keep holding on, because you believe that somehow, someway, you will be able to change the outcome. The past is the past though, and you cannot change it, for it has already happened. That time does not exist anymore, so what is the point in thinking about it too intensely. The time has occurred, and now it has moved on. It is time that you should too.

Living in the Past

Living in the past is an unhealthy habit that many people, including myself, are guilty of. It is human to do so though. We think back to the past because it helps us reflect on what we have done and where we have come from. Sometimes, the present is not all too good, so we look back to the past, which may have been a happier time. Unfortunately, as much as we may want the present to be the past, it will not. Vice versa, as much as we want the past to be the present, it will not.

Though I say that thinking about the past will not help your present, it is still important to reflect on the past. By reflecting on the past, you are able understand how you have arrived to today. Through all the victories and failures, you have come to be the person that you realize as yourself. Appreciate your victories, but more importantly, understand your failures. Understanding your failures allows you to learn why it is that you failed; hence you learn a lesson. The past is the past and the present is the present. Be careful not to linger in the past, for it will haunt you if you do. Instead, live in the present, for it is a gift to all who see it as such.

Live in the Present

The present is a gift to you. It is a chance to make a change, another chance to try again. We are given three hundred and sixty-five chances to restart every single year. It is time that you use as many of those days as you can to focus on what is going on in your life, right now. Right now, you are living. Right now, you are making decisions that will affect your future. Live in the present, and you will realize how much you have not really been thankful for. As you are living in the present, be sure to keep the future in mind.

Have a vision of where you want to be one year from now. Focus on that vision. From that vision, derive strategies to make that vision a reality. Do the same for two years down the road, three years down, and so on and so forth. Allowing yourself to envision a new reality for yourself down the road will excite you. Again, do not get too caught up in time that does not exist"¦yet. Think of your future, plan out a strategy to get there, and get to work, in the present. In a year's time, I am sure that you will be that much closer to making your vision a reality.

So remember, move on from the past, because it is in the rearview as it should be. Live in the present, because now is the time that you are living, not one minute ago, not one minute from now, just right now. Finally, look to the future, and all the possibility that it holds. Maintain your expectations though, as "everything happens for a reason." You may think that the path you are traveling down is the one that is meant for you. Quite unexpectedly, you might be thrown from that path. Take it as a sign that you were not meant to travel down that path, but possibly a different one entirely.

Furthermore, do not try and follow someone down their path, as it is their own path to follow, not yours. Create your own path through life, and I promise you will enjoy it that much more.

Good luck to you on your journey through life. I truly do wish you a bon voyage.

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