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Imagine one thing you can't live without. That one thing what holds you to your existence. The placenta to your life. You get what I mean right?
Now instead of a slow descent, your life chord is jerked away from you. And I'm not talking about that girl you love who doesn't give a damn about you. I'm talking about stuff that gets you going. Your parents, Your passion, Your career et cetera et cetera.. It's sad to think this way, depressing even, but it's just the way it is.

People get in this dilemma a lot. I personally know some of them. I am personally among one of them. But the point is, I didn't know how to tackle this until this morning, someone got a few things into my head. I'm quoting those exact lines here

If you view your passion as the only thing in your life that either makes you happy or makes it worthwhile then I'll say maybe the reasons why you are being pulled off are valid and you need time off"


It's just that when you love someone/something, it becomes hard to let go. You don't love something when you're obsessed with it or utilize it for something. Remember that, and maybe you'll get why it's so tough.

If you find yourself being affected a lot by others, never be too sensitive towards them. Who you are or what you are isn't defined by what they say you are. That's a tad bit confusing, I'm sorry.

I find myself constantly objectified by others. I know I've wandered off to an entirely different path but I can't help it. You can say I'm sick and tired of it. You can say I'm not even affected by it.


Question- When do you say you've got a broken heart?

That's not very tough? Try this.

What breaks your heart?

A lot of people would say " A breakup ".

But a breakup never breaks a heart.

It's the loss of a loved one that does.

When a person breaks up with his/her partner, he forces himself to withdraw from the world. How? By playing a playlist of the most emotional and sentimental songs that were ever composed.

For instance, surely, When I Was your Man by Bruno Mars isn't gonna set you off into peals of laughter if you have just been dumped. Obviously.

You want to know what breaks hearts?

When you have a fight with your mom and she refuses to talk to you.

That breaks it.

When your father is working day and night and you don't even appreciate that.

That breaks it. Not yours, but your Father's.

Ask an orphan if he has a heart. He will tell you. About how many pieces it's been broken into.


Pay attention to the things that matter. Singing some bullshit story about how you loved your girlfriend so damn much won't change anything. She probably doesn't give a shit.

As I quote,

We all carry around so much pain in our hearts. Love and pain and beauty. They all seem to go together like one little tidy confusing package. It's a messy business, life. It's hard to figure–full of surprises. Some good. Some bad."

I've got a theory that helps ever so slightly. Be that stone which reflects every ray of hatred and negativity directed towards you, and which can never break under the harshest of pressures. A diamond, that's what I mean (Inserts smiley face here). Don't kid me with that microwave shit please. That is out of the question.

I need a bit of practice before I can write again. I'll truly try to get back to that spot which I held before. I promise you guys (Inserts a flying heart here)

With love and fire.

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