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the new rich outsourcing your lifeEvery now and again, there comes a book that literally changes your thinking, changes the way you look at the world and motivates you to action. I have found such a book.

I finally managed to read a book I have been looking forward to for a while. You will probably have heard of it "˜The 4 hour work week' by Timothy Ferriss. Actually I didn't read it I listened to it in the car using a direct download from lesiureaudiobooks (yes I am an affiliate).

There are two concepts I was deeply interested in whilst listening to the book:


  • Outsourcing your life
  • Finding a niche to make money from


Outsourcing your life

I think this is the way forward for small to medium sized businesses. The concept is simple; pay someone to do all the work so you can spend more time doing the things you would like to do. Tim Ferriss gives examples of business owners who work for no more than 4 "“ 10 hours per week whilst running multi million dollar companies. It also gives examples of business owners who run small businesses but still manage to outsource most of their work through automation and workers in India.

Many companies are outsourcing to India due to the cheap labour, cheap for us that is. I used to think this was exploitation a few years ago; however, I have concluded it is exactly the opposite. India is the new Mecca of the world with some of the most highly educated people in the world. If Indians were to get a job in India they would be being paid less than people who use their skills for their own outsourcing needs. I believe India will be indispensable in a few years time as more and more countries use their skills.

I currently run a few blogs and have contacted brickworkindia to outsource some of the writing. I have also enquired about SEO, and networking using various social book-marking sites.

Finding a niche to make money from

Tim again gives clear ways of finding a niche in any market and making it sellable, either hard products, paper products or downloadable products.

I am also looking to India to help me start an affiliate program and run it from the ground up. All I need now is an idea, which I have brainstormed and am testing a few of them before I go full on.

The book

Tim Ferriss is a straight talker and very funny. If you are one of the types who immediately think of excuses before you even do something new then this book is not for you.

I found the book at exactly the right time in my life and it has given me the kick up the jacksie I have needed as I was beginning to think there was nothing in the world, which could help me make money to realise my goal of complete independence.

Who should read this book?

This book is for anyone who has concluded that the rat race really isn't for them and are looking for ideas and inspiration to get out of the corporate working mindset.

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