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Part 1 – Attracting more money into your life

This is the first in a series of six "˜attracting' articles.

Most people want more money in their lives, I know I do. Why do you really want it? That might sound a simple enough question but it is surprising the number of people who do not know why they want more money.

more_moneyTo attract more money it is better to have a goal in mind, know exactly what you want. It's like someone asking you what job you want to do; you wouldn't say "˜I don't know I just want a job, any job'.

Know how much money you want and know why you want it.

Tuning in to the correct mindset

I have been practicing the attracting of money for over 1 year now. I have not had the millions rolling in but I now reckon I can pay off my mortgage in around 5 years thanks to extra money coming in. I originally aimed to pay off the mortgage in 1 year and become a professional blogger. That was 6 months ago, I have not reached anywhere near paying off the mortgage but I am a lot closer to my goal. I started with wanting to pay off £75,000 and am now at about £65,000, £10,000 within 1 year is fantastic compared to where I used to be a few years ago.

I believe the reason I have not reached the full target yet is my deep-seated belief that I might not get there, or the fear of success. Strange as it may sound I have still not fully engaged in the mindset of being able to pay off my mortgage, it still sounds too good to be true. However, every day I see the results of changing my mindset towards money and I am seeing the results.

To attract more money in your life you have to chip away at the deep-seated belief that it is not possible. Once the chips come off, more money will come. It's like going for a job. Have you ever gone for a job thinking I'll never get this job and lo and behold, you didn't get it? Conversely have you ever gone for a job very confident thinking this is the perfect job for me, and lo and behold, you got the job. I believe this is your energy getting into the rhythm.

Imagine there are 100 different radio stations all with different life stations; you have to tune to a different frequency for each life station, one for attracting money, one for attracting your ideal partner, one for your perfect job and so on. So it is with life, you have to tune to the correct frequency to attract the things you want in life.

How to tune in to the money life station

There is a great way to tune into the money life station, one of only many.

To tune in, use your imagination and have fun with this one.

Send a sales invoice to the universe

Every day for 1 month, I would like you to send an invoice to the universe. Download this excel spreadsheet, I have pre filled it in with 1 item to show you what to do, what you have to do is fill your name at the top, your name and address, date, invoice number, etc.

On the first day, you have $1000, on the second day you have $2000, on the third day you have $3000 until at the end of day 30 or 31 you will have $30,000 or $31,000 to spend.

You can have as many items as you want for that day as long as it totals the amount for that particular day e.g. if you are on day 5 you have to pick items totalling $5000. It's also a case of use it or lose it, if you don't use the full amount for that day you lose it, you can't carry it over to the next day.

When you are filling in the items, be as specific as possible, for example if it's a TV you want fill in the model number, or a computer, fill in the exact make and model.

When you have filled it in either print it out and put it away in a folder or put it in a folder on your desktop.

How sending an invoice to the universe helps

This helps on many levels.

Exercising your imagination: this exercise will force you to use your imagination to come up with new items every day. It's not as easy as you might think.

Sets up your intention: This will help you to send out the intention that you are ready for money to enter your life and will do it on a regular basis reinforcing the intentions every day.

Whether you believe it or not your vibrations will begin to match your intentions and money will start to come into your life. Don't give up on this, try it for the full 30 days.

Spend the money on yourself at least 10 of the 30 days. I know many people will have immediately thought I will add my son's new bike to the list, or my daughter's new laptop to the list. Think about yourself as well; spend at least 10 of the 30 days spending money on yourself. All the other days you can spend on anything you want including money for your family and friends.

Believing you deserve money

Doing this exercise for 30 days helps to change your belief that you do not deserve money. This can be the block that many people have in their lives. They have a deep-seated belief that they somehow do not deserve money in their lives and when they get it, they feel guilty. I sometimes still feel guilty about spending money on a new computer, or new clothes, or anything for myself but it is passing.

There is enough for everyone in the world should they want it. You cannot change everybody in the world, so for the moment be content to change yourself and your family and then work on others when you have yourself sorted out. You cannot help and change others beliefs about money unless you have sorted yourself out first.

You deserve everything you want from the world, change your mindset toward money and you will receive it.

This exercise is good fun and exercises your imagination, and helps you to reinforce your money mindset.

Let me know if you have any stories with this and if it works for you.

Happy spending.

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