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I wanted to mix it up a little this week and have another theme. This weeks theme is going to be about blogging, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro it's always useful to read about other successful bloggers and hear some of their advice. Here are a handful of great blog posts from last week that you might find interesting.

12 Fantastic Posts about Blogging from 18th – 24th October

sunday_siesta5 Plugins To Make Your WordPress Blog Blazing Fast- – This is a great post from Darren Rowse giving a rundown of 5 plugins to make your blog a lot faster. I have not heard of 3 of them so it was a very useful article.

Steal This Trick: The #1
Secret of Confident Bloggers – Sonia Simone @
– This is an article for bloggers who are still trying to figure out what niche to get into and how to stand out from the crowd and there is still some useful stuff in there for seasoned bloggers.

How To Keep Your Blog Running Smoothly When Traffic Spikes- – This is another post talking about plugins, the Wp-Super Cache Plugin to be exact.

Should My Blog Go In the Root of My Company Website? DailyBlogTips– One of my favorite blogger blogs. Daniel Scocco answers an often asked question by bloggers.

The Truth About SEO- – This is a fantastic post by Lee Odden about the importance of SEO, which has been minimized over the last few tears. Some great statistics in here.

5 Out-of-the-Box Keyword List Strategies That Work – – I use keyword strategies when constructing my headlines so this article caught my eye and is pretty useful for bloggers and marketers alike.

The Tarot as a Tool for Writing Your Novel Guest post by Marelisa Fábrega on Write To Done – Not really about blogging but it caught my eye as I used to love doing the tarot, had the Norse Tarot deck. Marelisa speaks about NaNoWriMo and gives a novel idea on constructing a novel.

3 Marketing Strategies For Bloggers With Limited Time – – This is a useful guide for beginners in the blogging world.

How 1 Year of Blogging Change My Life – – A great post for any bloggers out there thinking it is easy. Charles Bohannan sums up his year in blogging and gives a useful guide for nebbish coming into the field.

How better writing boosts your blog's image (5 writing tips) – Guest post by Laura Helen walsh on – Some great tips by Laura on how to write for your blog.

Words For Sale – Blogging Without A Blog – BarbaraSwafford asks the question how much is your blog worth and what knowledge have we gained that we could monetize. My blog is worth $114,000, not bad 🙂

The Power of Giving – David Risley – A very quick 2 minute video on the power of giving. This is a great reminder of why we are in the business we are in.

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