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Following the success of my first getting more traffic from Stumbleupon post "˜Stumbleupon strategy "“ A review a day send traffic your way' I thought I would produce a video on another Stumbleupon trick I use to position myself better in the Stumbleupon rankings.

This tip is all about giving new content for Stumbleupon i.e. nobody has stumbled the post before so you are going to be the first. This is great in a number of ways in that:

  1. You are providing new content for stumblepon
  2. As you are the first to Stumble the post it is your picture which will be seen when people add comments .
  3. When Stumblers start to see you are providing good content they will start to review your SU blog.
  4. The more reviews you have the higher up in ranking you go, so your Stumbles will have more weighting than a newbie.
  5. People will also add you to their friend list in Stumbleupon, the more friends you have the more weighting you will have.
  6. If your Stumble becomes a top pick your profile will be seen by a lot more people.

This is the first video I have produced for the blog and I hope you like it. I welcome any feedback and comments you have.

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