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how to get stumbleupon traffic

I am one of Stumbleupon's biggest fans and it is only recently that I have developed a strategy for my stumbleupon page. I am not going to regurgitate a lot of the information already out there, as you will be able to find these yourselves.

I would like to speak about one specific strategy which I have used effectively and that is reviewing other stumblers page. Currently I have 144 fans on Stumbleupon, not a big number but by no means a small number, and I have had to work hard to get these fans. You will know that the more fans, and reviews you have the better it is when you stumble your own page. Nobody knows the algorithms used for Stumbleupon but rest assured the more fans and the more reviews you have the better.

How to get your page reviewed

If you want to get your stumbleupon page reviewed, you have to review other stumblers pages. Easy enough you might think, but if you are an ethical stumbler you will only give reviews to those who deserve it. The good thing about stumbleupon is that thousands of stumblers deserve a good review.

To find someone deserving of your review is another simple strategy. Simply stumble pages until you find an interesting article, image or video and find out who stumbled it. You will be able to see who stumbled it by looking in your stumble upon toolbar and looking at the stumbler as shown in the picture below:

stumbleuon strategies

You click on the image on the toolbar to find out who has discovered the particular site you like and you then check out the other stumbles that person has made. If you like a few of their stumbles then you have a candidate to write a review on. Check out their profile, their stumbles their likes, their discoveries and their blog, if they have one. If you still like what they are doing, then leave them a review.

What to say in your review

Whatever you like. However if you are looking for a reciprocal review or to be befriended then write something meaningful and interesting. Please please please don't write; "Cool stumbles, Man!"

Ask yourself why you liked their stumbles, ask yourself why you like their blog, and ask yourself why they deserve your review. Incidentally when you do a review use the person's first name and not their stumbleupon user name, personalise it. You will find their name on their main stumbleupon page for example My Main Stumbleupon Page has my details on it. Therefore, if you were writing a review for me you would use my first name.

A sample review could be:

Hi Steve, I came across some of your stumbles and thought you had a great mix of articles. I especially liked the personal development articles and in particular the one by Steven Aitchison on Reverse Engineering. Thanks for the stumbles and the images, I look forward to discovering more great sites through your page. All the best, Lori.

What happens after the review?

The person you have reviewed will get an email advising they have just been reviewed. That person will then check out the review, click on your photo and do one of four things:


  1. Befriend you (great)
  2. Review you back (even better)
  3. Write a message to thank you for the review (great)
  4. Do nothing (not so good, but you have at least found a few good sites).

Your stumbleupon standing will also go up when you write reviews, again I don't know the algorithms for this on stumbleupon but it is better for your SU standing.

5 Minutes a day

All of the above might seem a bit convoluted but it literally only takes 5 minutes or less to do this. If you do this once or twice a day you will start to see results within a few weeks and the next time you go to stumble one of your own articles you will find you get more traffic.

Stumbleupon truly beats every other social media site hands down for it's ease of use, for the social aspect and for the friendly bunch you find there, none of the bitchiness you find at Digg.

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