Statistics For 2009 And Looking Forward To 2010

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As it's coming toward the end of the year I thought I would give a quick update on stats and what's in store for 2010.

First of all I would like to thank every single one of you for being great readers and great members of the CYT community. I really do appreciate your feedback, your support, your comments, your suggestions and mostly for being you and being honest.


The highlight has to be the change of design and cutting out of adwords and annoying adverts.   The new design has made a huge difference and there are more reders, more authors, more comments, more interactivity, more all round.   My determination and productivity levels rose dramatically in August as well after attending Leo Babauta's A-list Bootcamp Course.   I met some fantastic people on that course and some great new writers in the personal development field.

Statistics for 2009

2009 has been a great year for CYT in terms of change and growth.   Here are some figures:

Subscribers grew from 2500, at the start of the year to 6300 (most of this growth occured from August when I made my mind up to get 10,000 subscribers by the end of this year, it jumped from 3,200 in August to 6,300 to date, I didn't reach my target but I tried my best :))

Page Views: 663,978 up from 590,000 last year (12% growth)
Unique Visits: 442,496 up from 397,000 last year (11% growth)
Clicks out: 109,184 up from 78,000 last year (40% growth)

Online Earnings For 2009

Advertising on the site:
TextLinkAds – $826.15
Linkworth – $1,913

Affiliate marketing:
My own product at – $5,326
Promoting affiliate products from clickbank – $8,283

Freelance writing:
from August – date: $2,350
EBooks – $650

Total online earnings = $19,348
Total direct costs (adwords etc) – $8,800

Earnings – cost = $10,548

Average extra monthly income – $879

The online earnings model I have been using is to promote affiliate products using adwords, and I am getting a good rate of return however it's not enough to realise my goal of being a pro blogger.   A better business model looks to be from writing, not necessarily for others but from creating my own products such as ebooks, books etc.   So that is the way I am going to go next year and see where that leads me.

New authors on CYT

2009 saw a lot of new authors and I would like to thank all of them here:

Armen Shirvanian
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Ayo OlaniyanSee All Ayo's CYT Posts Here

Brian WalshSee All Brian's CYT Posts Here

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Dragos Roua
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I loved having the guest authors on CYT as it broadens the readership and the message I am trying to create here.   There are so many fantastic writers out there and I am glad some of them spent time to write for CYT.

Top 10 Articles according to Pageviews:

  1. 5 Eye Exercises To Improve Your Vision –     45,776
  2. 6 Ways To Dramatically Improve Your Eye Contact Skills – 35,332
  3. 22 Of The Best Motivational Videos Online – 34,241
  4. 8 Destructive Thinking Patterns And How To Change Them – 27,370
  5. Top 5 Gym Free Exercises – 23,318
  6. 7 Irrational Thoughts That Disrupt Your Life – 18,743
  7. 100 Ways To Develop Your Mind – 16,018
  8. How To Change Your Life In 60 Seconds – 13,688
  9. 50 Of The Best Personal Development Blogs – 10,139
  10. Life is Shit – 9,720

Looking Ahead To 2010

Two Books

I have just finished one book and am working on another one, in fact I am working on a few.

book100The first one is called 100 Ways to Develop Your Mind and is an extension of the post 100 Ways To Develop Your mind I wrote a few months ago.   Instead of this being available in eBook format I have put it into print using a service called Createspace and it will be available on Amazon in a few weeks time.   I will be sending copies out via pdf to a few people in the next week for review.

The second book will be ready by the end of February 2010 and it's an ebook, with videos, audios and PDF files, it's going to be a major one for me, more about that next year.


I am offering more services such as:

Freelance writing
Life coaching
Blog coaching

As a direct result of the success of CYT I have managed to land 3 regular freelance jobs writing for, and and have written for another 3 people on an ad-hoc basis.   I am loving the writing just now and my productivity levels have risen so much this year, it's hard to believe.

More Writing

I belive the quality of writing has gobe up since last year and I want to keep all the readers interested in coming back so I will be writing the same type of content for 2010 and adding more exciting bloggers to CYT.

I am still toying with the idea of video which I tired briefly, but I need it a little more professional before I attempt it again.

Thank You

There are a few people I would like to thank personally for their support and encouragement and belief in me:

Robin Easton – Has always been supportive of my work and she really is an inspiration to a lot of people including myself.   thank you Robin, you're the 'Angel of the internet'

Jonathan Wells – Another good friend and someone who has listened to my half cocked ideas and still had my back, thank you Jonathan.

Dragos Roua – Dragos has been great this year with his writing and is some I admire and someone who has been behind me in everything I have done.

Ayo Olaniyan – He took on the role of coach in the 'Ask The Coach series and is a great professional

Leo Babauta – Without his course A-List Blogging Club course I wouldn't have rediscovered my passion for writing.

David Peralty – For hiring me and beliving in my writing enough to give me a writers spot at

Jay White – For giving me a little leeway with my writing subjects on DumbLittleMan

The readers of CYT have all been great this year and they have made all the authors feel welcome and encouraged them to speak their minds.   Thank you, thanks you, thank you everyone I hope next year will be just as good.

Your Thoughts

I am always interested in your thoughts for 2010 and would ask what you would like to see on the blog or what would you take away.   Anything at all would be helpful to keep driving the blog forward.

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