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Set Your Mind Alight and Find Your passion

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If you want to change, I mean really want to change, something about your life, I'd like to share what I have learned over the last few months that has made a tremendous difference in my life and hopefully help you change.

Lately I have been infused with a real passion and drive for what I am doing; writing and blogging. It's never really been that way before as I had my mind on so many other ventures. Now the other ventures are out of the way I have the drive and real motivation to get ahead with my blogging, and with my writing. I am not the world's best writer, I know that, and am working on this every day. However, I love it. I love the thought of someone reading my writing and it sparking a light in their mind that set's them off down the road to the change they want. There's no better feeling than that, and it's even better when I get an email from someone to say how much an article has meant to them.

set_your_mind_alightI am jumping out my bed even earlier than normal and can't wait to start writing or interacting with readers. My mind is buzzing with ideas which have to be written down and saved in case I forget them. Admittedly not all the ideas mature into a fully written article but they are saved in case I can come at it from a different angle down the line somewhere.

How I keep my mind alight

The simple way for me is to literally immerse myself in what I want at the end of all this; to become a full time blogger and writer. I study what other bloggers have done before me and read their stories, I read their writing, I read writing in my field of interest which is personal development, I visit sites about writing, I visit job boards to get work as a freelance writer, I write, I write and I write. It's seems to have gone beyond passion and my mind is alight with possibilities, with ideas, it's like the duracell bunny on 10 cups of coffee, the only problem is slowing down.

I am going with the flow just now as words are dripping off the page and I don't want to stop in case the muse disappears on me, but I have ways for dealing with that.

I always had a goal to become a full time blogger, which is why I started the blog in the first place. However my mind wandered into affiliate marketing, internet marketing, making products that I was interested in, becoming a coach, so many things, and the blogging took a back seat. Now I can honestly see myself as a full time blogger, and it's the very first time I have believed that I could actually do it. It's taken me three years to reach this stage but every single change I have gone through to get here has been worth it.

I have managed to secure two long term writing positions with top blogs and am looking for more. This is in the space of a few months of focus and concentration, imagine what it will be like this time next year.

How to set YOUR mind alight to change your life

1. Know what you're aiming for

The example above shows I didn't really know what I was aiming for with regards to my online goals. You really have to know what you're aiming for. It's like an archer firing at a target that he cannot see. Once you've got this clearly in your mind, find out if it sits right with you.

You find this out by visualising yourself doing what you're aiming for, you feel yourself doing it, living it, breathing it. If it sits right with you and that gut feeling is saying 'Go for it, fire that arrow' it's time for the next step.

2. Deep immersion

Totally immerse yourself in your chosen goal. If your goal is to become a football player, you have to watch football, play football, join clubs, read football, go to matches, dream football, always have a ball at your foot. Read about your heroes in your chosen field. David Beckham's old neighbours remarked that they never seen David without a football at his feet when he was younger. This is how we learn to become great, this is how we stand out from the crowd. Other people see your passion, your dedication, and are excited by working with you and helping you in your goals.

This part may last for some time, it could be months it could be years before you start seeing results but you have to keep deeply immersing yourself and never lose the passion.

3. Planning from the middle outwards

Once you've deeply and passionately immersed yourself you will be surrounded by a network of people who will help you to get where you want to go. It's now time for planning how you are going to get there. Some people get there in the deep immersion stage and everything naturally falls into place. However a lot of people will have to start planning after the immersion stage.

Your network of friends, family and new 'network friends' are key to you reaching your goals. The way to get them to help you is to help them as much as you possibly can. If someone asks you for help with something, you are never too big to do it. Always help out when you can. Even with the 'outskirt' people who ask for help, if they are genuine about their goal, then help them. Get a name as someone who is genuine and willing to help someone reach their goal.

From the network you will see a path of people who will help you to reach your goal faster. This is not using people, you are simply using their influence and contact and they will be asking for your help in the future, so they see it as an investment and you see it as an investment; a win- win situation.

4. Maintain the passion

It's easy at this stage to get sidetracked by other things. there are many people who have fallen from grace with the trappings of fame and fortune and forget the people who put them there. To maintain your passion, practice gratitude and remember all the people who have put you where you are today. This is true of everyday life as well. Keep you passion alive and see everything anew everyday. I read a great post the other night from Jonathan Wells which explains this better than I can, read it here

5. Know when to branch out

There will come a time, like in a footballers career where their passion for playing will be turned to passion for teaching others. Once you've reached this stage it might be easy to think that you are over the hill and no longer have the skill you once had. This is not true at all , it simply means you direct your passion, your enthusiasm, your hunger into another part of the goal (no pun intended there). When a footballer plays, he plays for himself and the team, when a coach coaches they are carrying on the legacy they had as a player and reaching and touching the lives of so many more people.


Your thoughts and action determine your success. Keep your mind focused on your target, immerse yourself and help those around you and you will reach your goal.

How are you getting there?

What sets your mind alight? what are your passions? How did you get there? It would be great to hear your stories.

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